IB Diploma Students (aka “full diploma”)

Mrs. Bennett and Mr. O’Byrne will visit to your classes the week of 16 October to do IB Diploma planning and prepare you for IB assessment registration.  All second-year students will meet during their Theory of Knowledge (ToK) classes.  First-year students will meet in physics classes or will have one-on-one appointments.

Note that not all first-year students will register for the May 2024 IB assessments.  Registration is based on your IB Diploma plan.  Many students complete all 6 IB assessments in the second year of their IB Diplomas and therefore do not register in year one.

IB assessment registration for full IB Diploma student must be complete in ManageBac by Friday 03 November.

IB Course Students (one or more subject)

Students can sign up for one or more IB subject assessments using the form IB Course Exam Registration

These students are encouraged to come talk to Mrs. Bennett during lunch or after school to talk about their subject choices, and balance their IB assessments with any AP tests they also plan to take in May 2024.

Assessment Costs

IB assessments include the May exams as well as other assessed student work like the English HL Essay, the Mathematics Independent Investigation etc.

The single subject fee is $119. A $38 late fee is added to the subject fee for registrations after 15 November but before 29 January (total $157). After 29 January a $150 late fee per subject is added (total $269).  The fees for IB registration will be added to students BSD accounts as fines.

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