A student or student’s family may request credit and the grade earned for high school courses taken prior to high school and prior to the 2019-20 school year be posted to the high school transcript at any time up to the point a student graduates from high school, although it is strongly recommended this request be made prior to the end of a student’s junior year. Requests to post individual semester grades will not be granted. Please note that once the grades are recorded on the high school transcript, the grade cannot be removed and are included in the calculation of the student’s grade point average. Students or the student’s family must complete the Grade for High School Course Request Form (Procedure 2410P Exhibit F). High school is defined as grades 9-12.

Procedure 2410P Exhibit F

For students who complete high school courses prior to high school, beginning with the 2019-20 school year, all credit-bearing courses with a passing grade will automatically be given high school credit and a grade that will be applied to fulfilling high school graduation requirements, unless requested otherwise by the student and/or the student’s parent or guardian.

  • A student and/or a parent or guardian, may request that high school credit earned before high school be assigned a non-numerical grade. A non-numerical grade will be reported as “Credit” and will not be included in the students grade point average calculation.
  • A student and/or parent or guardian may also request that the course and credit earned before high school to be completely removed from the transcript.
  • If student and/or parent or guardian does not want credit for the course(s) taken before attending high school or wants to request that credit be transcribed with a non-numerical grade, they must make their request to the school before completion of the 11th grade year.

Student and/or a parent or guardian must complete the Request to Remove Credit and/or Grade form (Procedure 2410P Exhibit J) to request a non-numerical grade or credit to be removed from the transcript.

Students who completed high school courses taken prior to high school, prior 2019-20, in a school districts other than BSD, are required to submit a transcript from that district.

Procedure 2410P Exhibit J