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Earn Bellevue College credit while attending International by signing up to take the Microsoft Office exams and pass, or by taking AP Computer Science and earn a “B” grade or higher 

The cost is $46.00 a school year to collect as many credits as you can. Students can study on their own and test when ready. 

Click this link for more information: 

  1. Signup for Certiport for testing 
    • Using Internet Explorer, go to 
    • Click Register in the upper right-hand corner 
    • Follow the steps to create an account. Use your school e-mail address, but your personal information for the rest.  
    • Line 1: 445 128th Ave SE  
    • Bellevue WA 98005 
    • 425-456-6500 
  2. Email Tara Jones for access to the Microsoft Certification OneNote for Study Guides 
  3. Complete the emailed Microsoft Form to help with setting up testing throughout the year 

Questions? Please Contact Tara Jones at