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Dear Bellevue Learning Community,


Thank you to you, our families and students, and to our educators and all staff, for your patience, feedback, collaboration, and thoughtfulness this week.  Working together, we have refined our plans to serve students during this closure.  Our primary goal in this time is to ensure that we are providing learning opportunities while figuring out ways of addressing concerns of equity and not widening gaps for our students. 

Students will have the opportunity for several hours of engagement with learning each day, which they can adjust to the pace and schedule that works best for them.  Guidance on timing provides a sample structure for students to know when they might choose to access materials and/or look for any updates, but students and families can adjust times to work best for them. These opportunities will bring enrichment, but nothing provided will leave students further behind their peers if they are unable to access them. 


For the week of March 23rd

  • Each day by 8 am, students and families will receive information from their child’s teacher (such as via email, OneNote, or Teams) that will describe the learning opportunities for that day. 
  • Students may do these activities at any time during the day that works for your family. 
  • No student will be penalized if they are unable to complete the activities. 
  • The tables below show a sample of the types of activities that will be provided each day and a sample timeframe for students to engage with the activities. 
  • Some teachers may pilot additional optional activities that they will communicate to students and families.


Potential Times for Students to Engage with Learning 

  • The times and content listed here are meant as a suggestion for when students might choose to engage with learning opportunities for those families seeking to provide some regular structure for themselves and for students.
  • Items below do not necessarily need to be accessed in the given order or times in order for students to enjoy them.

Sample Secondary Student Outline






9:00 – 10:00am

1st Period Resources

 3rd Period Resources

Look for any additional Resources from Periods 1-4

5th Period Resources

 7th Period Resources

10:00 – 11:00am

2nd Period


4th Period Resources

Look for any additional Resources from Periods 5-0

6th Period Resources

0 Period Resources

Additional Details

  • District specialists in both English language learning and special education have been consulting with teachers during resource development. 
  • Special needs providers who work directly with students will also be reaching out to those students with additional information and supports for their learning. 
  • On Monday, students learning English and students with specialized educational plans will receive additional information. 
  • Optional activities, such as any trial live interactions through Teams functions, will generally happen according to the timing in the Student Outline above.
  • Educators experimenting with new technology will generally use those platforms approved by the district in order to protect the privacy and rights of both students and educators.
  • If teachers provide middle or high school students with additional updates during the week, they will be communicated by the times listed in the Student Outline above to avoid competing for time with other courses and to have a stable time for students to access them.
  • Our educators will leverage the materials available from our Teaching and Learning Department and will be creative in considering what our students might find engaging. 
  • These learning opportunities are experiences that are not meant to replace traditional learning that would have taken place in the classroom.
  • No new materials provided to students will count towards grades at this time.
  • Materials and assignments provided prior to school closure on March 12th can be accepted and applied towards grades according to individual educator practices.
  • This phase will be a time for collecting information about the challenges we face in reaching all our students.
  • Our educators will be checking in with each other regularly to reconnect with one another, share updates on our successes and challenges, and to discuss the following questions:
    • How will we know if students are accessing learning experiences?
    • How might we touch base with students we have not connected to?
    • How do we best ensure every student has what they need?
  • Any help that you can provide to make sure your student is connecting in some way with educators is greatly appreciated, even if they are not able to complete work at this time
  • If you need additional services from the district, including meals, childcare, or technology support, please consult our COVID-19 (coronavirus) webpage.


What this looks like for all of us:

  • We will be learning and growing in these brand-new circumstances.
  • We will do our best to celebrate and share successes that we find along the way.
  • We will do our best to be supportive, gracious, and understanding as we work out challenges.
  • We will provide the most equitable learning experience possible for all of our students.