Dear International Families,

I wanted to take a moment to follow up on some communications that were sent by the district earlier this week to ensure that everyone has a chance to read and respond to them. I also want to see if I can put a slight “International School” spin on them based on some questions that I have been receiving.

First, the district sent an “Update Fall Return to School” communication on Monday. This included information on what a proposed sample schedule could look like for the fall—both for the Hybrid schedule (that begins with a Temporary Online Learning format) as well as the BSD Virtual schedule for those families who are choosing to be fully online (either for the semester or the full year).

Second, the district sent out a survey to families to confirm their Intent to Enroll. This survey needs to be completed by 6:00 pm on Sunday, August 2.

Now for a short “International spin” on this schedule based on some questions that have come up from families:

  • International School is committed to the curriculum and program that makes this school unique and special—and the reason why you likely have chosen this school over your neighborhood school. For the Hybrid/Temporary Online Learning model, students will be working with their International teachers following their curriculum. While adjustments obviously will be made, we will work to maintain levels of rigor (AP classes will still be preparing students for AP exams) while infusing the lens at which we traditionally examine content (such as International Studies and the Humanities courses). At this time, we are still anticipating the Senior Project and will work to see what this looks like if safety conditions necessitate any adjustments from the prior format.
  • For families who are choosing the BSD Virtual Model, we are working with the district to identify the areas in the curriculum and the specific courses that are unique to International so that we can maintain these experiences for students. The goal is to keep International students grouped together as much as possible to maintain a sense of community. This is because we do anticipate these students rejoining International at some point. At this point, I cannot say how many of these classes will be taught by IS teachers.
  • At this time, the plan is for all schools to utilize the common schedule that was developed rather than using individual schedules that schools may have developed—such as International’s block schedule. At this time, I cannot speak to the feasibility or possibility of IS utilizing a different schedule—nor the impact of what that would look like.

The proposed schedule that was sent out is an attempt to provide families with an idea of the direction the district is looking toward for the fall in order to help make the decision. I do want to note that these are not necessarily finalized schedules as there are some final approval processes that need to take place. I also want to recognize the difficulty of this decision without having everything finalized, but some of the final decisions will depend on the information that is received from both families and staff about the preferred model for their individual circumstance.

Moving forward, we are collecting all of the questions that have been forwarded to us. The intention is to keep you updated on the plans from an International School perspective.

Thank you for your continued support during this time. One theme that I keep hearing from families is the appreciation of the “International community.” This is a time to lean into the strength of this community as we support each other.



Russell White

Principal, International School