Dear International Families,

It was so great to see everyone who was able to join us for Back to Business Day yesterday. I enjoyed seeing everyone again (for those returning) and to meet new Titan students and family members. I am glad that we were able to have this opportunity to begin the process of reconnection and to mentally prepare for the new year. I am convinced it will be a great year.

We have recently added one new teacher to our staff. Please welcome Mr. Ryan Kroner who will be teaching Algebra 1 in the afternoons. Mr. Kroner will be splitting his days between us and Highland Middle School.

With less than a week before the start of school, this is meant to provide some updates and some essential information.

Russell White




First Days of School

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 5. Classes begin at 8:15. We will be operating on a special schedule with ALL 7 classes meeting on this day (50-minute classes) rather than our usual Odd/Even schedule.

On the second day of school, we will also have a unique schedule and students will be with their Community groups all day. No classes will be held on this Wednesday. Classes will resume with the normal schedule on Thursday.



Bus routes that serve International School have been posted on the district Transportation website. We currently have 4 routes: 50, 51, 52, and 53. We are aware that these are fewer routes than the past and that a large portion of the district is currently not served. The issue that is driving this is a lack of drivers for all of the necessary routes. We will let you know if anything is able to change.

Families of students who ride a district bus are encouraged to utilize the Edulog Parent Bus Tracking Program to notify parents and students if there are bus delays.

Students are eligible for free ORCA cards. Students may stop by the office after the start of school if one is needed.


Student Drop Off

We STRONGLY encourage families to take advantage of bus options or carpool to and from school. For families who were with us last year, you know how long the backup can be. If you absolutely need to drive your student to and from school, it is essential to following the following guidelines:

  • Familiarize yourself with our guidelines. A presentation with information is HERE.
  • In the drop-off loop, stay to the inside (left) as tight as possible to the curb to let buses use the outside. They have the priority.
  • Doors open at 7:30. We encourage families to come early. If you try to arrive at 8:00, it is likely that your student will be late to class.
  • Pull forward as far as possible to limit backups. Pull up to the middle doors if there is open space in front of you. Stopping right in front of the Main Entrance slows down the line for everyone and makes the problem worse.
  • TURN RIGHT ONLY when leaving the property. If you need to head north, it is possible to circle around by Kelsey Creek Park. Cars that turn left slow down the line and cause backups on the neighborhood streets.
  • DO NOT use the back lot for student drop off. This was not designed for this purpose and causes risk situations.
  • DO NOT use neighborhood cul-de-sacs and streets for student drop-off and pick-up.
  • If your student takes a Metro bus, talk to them about the importance of using the crosswalks when crossing the streets and not darting straight across between cars.



Tutorial Start Date

There is no scheduled Tutorial for the first two weeks of school. The first date of Tutorial is Monday, September 18.


High School Retreat

As a reminder, our annual High School Retreat is September 12 – 13 at Warm Beach Camp.

  • If you have not yet paid the $125 fee, please do so online.
  • Parent chaperones are still needed. Please contact Abi Horsfall if you are interested.
  • If your student is unable to attend, please contact Abi Horsfall as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly.


Final Forms Completion Reminder

FinalForms is used to provide permission for students to participate in clubs, activities, trips, and even PE at International (permission for off-campus runs). This is essential for the High School Retreat in September. This is required for everyone to complete and so far only 55% of student forms have been successfully completed. Please complete this prior to the start of school.



Lockers are made available for students in grades 6 – 8. Locker information and combination is available on student schedules. Lockers are not required for any student to use, but are provided as a convenience.

  • If you have problems with your locker, please stop by the Main Office. For example, some students have trouble reaching the higher lockers and we can look for opportunities to switch if needed.
  • If a student in grades 9 – 12 would like to request a locker, they may do so in the Main Office.


BSD Official Notices to Families

The 2023 – 24 Official Notices are now available on the district website in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese version. These notices include:

  • Student Education Records (FERPA & Directory Information)
  • Notice of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
  • Notice of Students and Staff Rights and Responsibilities
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
  • Notice of Child Find
  • Notice of Complaint Resolution
  • Notice of Pesticide, Asbestos and Lead
  • Weapons
  • Truancy
  • Office of the Education Ombuds services


Free Interpretation and Translation Services

Bellevue School District is committed to improving meaningful, two-way communication with families. If you or members of your family speak a language other than English, the district offers services to provide language support. We’re committed to help you connect with school and district events, programs, and services — all for free! For translation or interpretation services, please contact your student’s school. For more information and to know your rights, please visit the district’s language access webpage.


Attend the BSD Health Fair

In partnership with state and local partners, BSD will hold health fairs on Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday, August 31. The health fairs will offer immunization clinics to students in preparation for the start of the 2023-2024 school year, as well as information about community agencies, overdose awareness (watch a video shared by Superintendent Aramaki in July about this topic.), internet safety and resources from physical and mental health providers. The fairs are free and open to the public. Immunization appointments are required. Please note, COVID and flu vaccines are not currently available.

BSD nurses, athletics and activities, and technology departments will be on-hand to support families, answer questions and provide resources. Partner organizations will also be in attendance, including: Washington State Department of Health, Youth Eastside Services, International Community Health Services, and Safeway Pharmacies.


Upcoming Dates

  • First Day of School – special schedule with all 7 classes (September 5)
  • Drama auditions for fall play (September 7, 4:00 – 7:00 PM)
  • 6th Grade Retreat (September 8)
  • High School Retreat (September 12 – 13, all school day and overnight)
  • 12th Grade Parent Night (September 21, 6:30 PM IS Library)
  • Middle School Social (September 22, 7:00 – 8:30 PM)
  • Picture Retakes (September 27)
  • Curriculum Night (September 28, 6:30 – 8:30)
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.