Russell White


[email protected]

Irina Kourilenko

Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Colleen Courtney

High School Counselor

[email protected]

Arty Christianto

Middle School Counselor/ASB Advisor

[email protected]

Prabina Dahal

School Nurse

[email protected]

Support Staff

Mary Pyrah
Office Manager
[email protected]

Ellen Stone
School Secretary
[email protected]

Katherine Parkin
[email protected]

Merin Julien
Attendance Specialist
[email protected]

Jill Follett
Counseling Secretary
[email protected]

International School Staff

NamePositionEmail address
Bennett, DavidMath[email protected]
Bhattacharyya, Arpita Para/ Special Education[email protected]
Carlson, KylaGeneral School Assistant[email protected]
Carlos, KatherineSLP [email protected]
Casanova, CécileFrench[email protected]
Chaturvedi, NidhiPara/ Special Education[email protected]
Chodnowsky, AdrienneMath[email protected]
Christensen, AlisonMHAT Counselor[email protected]
Christianto, ArtyMS Counselor[email protected]
Chu, MaryPara/ Special Education[email protected]
Combs, BryonPE [email protected]
Courtney, Colleen Counselor High School[email protected]
Dahal, PrabinaNurse[email protected]
Dang, MicheleLibrary Specialist[email protected]
Dekate, MeghanaPara-Educator[email protected]
Deng, KaiChief Evening Custodian[email protected]
Digges, LorenHumanities[email protected]
Dong, YinghuaPara/ Special Education[email protected]
Fitting, IndiaFrench[email protected]
Follett, JillCounseling Secretary/Yearbook[email protected]
Gath, KarenDrama Coordinator[email protected]
Geslin, GwenFrench[email protected]
Gingras, AndréannePara/Special Education [email protected]
Hallberg, ChariseHumanities[email protected]
Harvey, WillEntry Band[email protected]
Hazen, MattPE[email protected]
Hollon, BonnieMath[email protected]
Holt, LeeScience[email protected]
Holzer, ErinHumanities[email protected]
Hong, MattCTE[email protected]
Horsfall, AbigailITCL[email protected]
Hung, WesScience[email protected]
Johnson, JoScience[email protected]
Julien, MerinAttendance/ASB Acct[email protected]
Kak, SurbhiHumanities[email protected]
Kerstetter, RebeccaSpecial Education[email protected]
Kheriaty, JoeFrench[email protected]
Kim, TracyKitchen[email protected]
Kroner, RyanMath[email protected]
Kunst, StacyScience[email protected]
Kourilenko, Irina Assistant Principal[email protected]
Legros, Katherine Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Lee, FrancescaArt[email protected]
Lydon, Patty Kitchen Manager[email protected]
Lyon, MattSpec Education/IS[email protected]
McClure, CherylScience[email protected]
Merisko, HannahPE[email protected]
Miller, StephenIS[email protected]
Muthukumar, Shiva MadhuriMLL Facilitator[email protected]
Nanayakkara, GamageLead Custodian[email protected]
Odegaard, MelissaMHAT Counselor[email protected]
Parkin, KatherineRegistrar[email protected]
Prosek, DonPsychologist[email protected]
Pyrah, MaryOffice Manager[email protected]
Reeder, Julie Math[email protected]
Rubesch, AndyBand[email protected]
Scott, JessiIS[email protected]
Shepard, StellaPara[email protected]
Silarski, AnnaOrchestra[email protected]
Sorenson, JenHumanities[email protected]
Stauffer, TrentJubilee Reach[email protected]
Stone, EllenSchool Secretary[email protected]
Towne, Janet IS[email protected]
Truax, TamaraIS[email protected]
Whang, JoanneChoir[email protected]
White, RussellPrincipal[email protected]
Wietfeldt, TamiFrench[email protected]
Yi, Elise Orchestra[email protected]
TBCTech Specialist
YES Counselor

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.