Senior Project is a form of learning exclusive to International School seniors. During first semester of senior year, students will interview experts in many different fields to choose  topics for their projects. Once their topics are set, each student will choose a project mentor who is an expert in the field to guide them through their project. Before students can begin their projects, they must create detailed plans describing what their projects will entail and their ultimate goals.

Each project must have a learning stretch, community involvement aspect, and an overall project achievement that uses what they have learned. Beginning in January, students are released from school early on certain days to spend time to work on their projects according to their plan. There are weekly status reports (known as PSRs) the student must fill out to stay released. The project ends in late Spring when students will present their project and what they learned to an audience and an expert in the field (known as a “closure”). Following the closure, students have “Senior Board Day,” where they present their project to a panel of judges for a grade.

This page is a product of the senior project of a student in the class of 2017, updated 5/23.