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College Visits @ International School

International School juniors and seniors are invited to attend visits by college and university admissions representatives.  Registration through Naviance is required.

If you are an admissions representative, please login or create a free account at   We look forward to your visit!

Questions?  Please email Jill Follett, Counseling Secretary, at


September 20, 2023
Scheduled College Visits
College Representative Location Date
Western Washington University Jacob Joens-Poulton Library 9/21/23 10:15 AM
Claremont McKenna College Alan Hernandez Library 9/21/23 12:10 PM
Hofstra University Sara Schonmann Conference Room 9/21/23 2:30 PM
U.S. Air Force Veronica Lennert Conference Room 9/25/23 10:15 AM
Smith College Maureen Pine 9/25/23 12:10 PM
Hampshire College Bernadette Burke 9/25/23 2:30 PM
Central Washington University Jacob Crowell Conference Room 9/26/23 8:30 AM
University of Puget Sound Heidi Huckins Conference Room 9/26/23 10:15 AM
The George Washington University Joseph Licari III 9/26/23 2:30 PM
Northeastern University Jennifer Cortez Library 9/28/23 10:15 AM
Gonzaga University Becky Stockton Conference Room 9/28/23 12:10 PM
University of Southern California Isaiah Sneed Library 9/28/23 2:30 PM
Purdue University-Main Campus Susie Saberniak Library 10/2/23 10:15 AM
University of Mississippi Alison Sharp 10/2/23 12:10 PM
Willamette University Allie Kvidera Conference Room 10/2/23 2:30 PM
Boston University Carly Leonard Library 10/3/23 8:30 AM
Santa Clara University Derrick Hwa Library 10/3/23 10:15 AM
St Olaf College David Wagner Conference Room 10/3/23 12:10 PM
Carnegie Mellon University Ben Carpenter 10/3/23 2:30 PM
Stevens Institute of Technology Nicole Giammarino 10/4/23 12:55 PM
University of Stirling Lauren Ness 10/5/23 10:15 AM
Academy of Interactive Entertainment Danny Miranda Conference Room 10/5/23 12:10 PM
Stony Brook University Evelisse Colon 10/9/23 10:15 AM
Baylor University Jordan Santos 10/9/23 12:10 PM
University of Oregon Richard Cleare Conference Room 10/9/23 2:30 PM
Seattle University Sean Suver 10/10/23 8:30 AM
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ryan Bottimore Library 10/12/23 12:10 PM
Duke University Jasmin Estrada Library 10/16/23 10:15 AM
Bryn Mawr College Caitlin Brown Conference Room 10/17/23 8:30 AM
Pitzer College David Girvan Library 10/17/23 10:15 AM
Case Western Reserve University Dominica Rollins Conference Room 10/17/23 2:30 PM
University of Chicago Allison White Library 10/19/23 10:15 AM
University of Toronto Jonathan Blaize Conference Room 10/19/23 2:30 PM
Whitman College Daniel Bloor 10/23/23 10:15 AM
University of San Francisco Alejandro Wences Conference Room 10/23/23 2:30 PM
Pepperdine University Gianna Mack Library 10/24/23 8:30 AM
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Elena Morganelli 10/24/23 10:15 AM
Denison University Drew Riley 10/24/23 12:10 PM
Washington University in St Louis Julie Yehling Conference Room 10/24/23 2:30 PM
Oregon State University Jarrod Larse Conference Room 10/26/23 10:15 AM
Landmark College Sharon Farrell 10/26/23 12:10 PM
Loyola Marymount University Nathan Faust Conference Room 10/26/23 2:30 PM
University of Portland Ethan Loveless Conference Room 10/30/23 10:15 AM
Menlo College Paolo Nogoy 11/2/23 12:10 PM
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