All schools and district facilities are closed Monday, January 18, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. School will resume on Tuesday, January 19.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Student

Our number one concern is the safety of your children. Please note that you are not allowed to drive in the bus lane.  The district’s agreement with Metro is that they have a clear bus lane, they need to get in and out of our parking lot in a timely manner.  DO NOT cut through the parking lot as a means to drop off your students, this is unsafe and blocks the parking lot for those who need to park.


Parking is very limited at the International School.  Please only park in the visitor spots located directly in front of the school.  All other spots are assigned to staff and students.  Please do not park in any assigned spots before and during school hours, even if you plan on just being a minute in the school.  If there are not spots you will need to find a legal spot to park on the street.  The streets closest to the school are permit parking only.  For major events at the school in the evenings we have arranged for shuttle buses to run from one of our district buildings back to the school.  Information will be posted before these events.

Taking the Bus to School

International School uses Metro Transit services for student transportation to and from school. The initial issuing of new cards will be at our Back to Business Day in August. During the school year, an ORCA Card administrator visits each school once a week to issue cards. Students will be issued their first ORCA Card each year at no cost.