ASB (Associated Student Body) is a body of students elected each year by their peers to lead and serve school community. ASB is responsible for the planning, implementing, and the monies associated with all socials, dances, assemblies, and spirit activities. ASB meets weekly on Mondays during lunch time and on Wednesdays during community. Additionally, ASB sponsors many of International School’s clubs.


Any student that has purchased an ASB card may run for class office. Fee waivers are available for those students who may not be able to afford an ASB card. Any student, regardless of ASB membership or not, may participate in voting during ASB Elections.


ASB Advisor: Arty Christianto –

ASB Accountant: Andrea Olsen –


ASB Executive Team 2018-2019

President – Jason Hainze

Vice President – Mike Bae

Secretary – Jackie Doud

Treasurer – Phillip Wang


ASB Upcoming Events:

Sprit Week: Monday October 22 – Friday October 26, 2018

Homecoming: Saturday October 27, 2018 at 8:00pm – 10:30pm


Link to Spirit Week and Homecoming 2018

Link to High School Guest Pass Form