High School Sports

High school students may play sports on teams for their home schools. Students are responsible to ensure that they satisfy academic and physical requirements for sports eligibility, and to provide transportation to and from practices and games.

Middle School Sports

All middle school students can participate in any one or even all of the activities in our intramural program. Activities include badminton, ultimate frisbee, track, and volleyball.  Activities are offered throughout the year beginning at 3:45 (after tutorial). Check with your PE teacher for details. Club Jubilee sponsors many of our after school activities free for all students and all skills levels welcome.  Please visit their website for more information and to register your student for an activity.

Middle School Athletic Seasons:

Season Sport MS Beginning Date End Date # of Weeks Notes Break During Season
Fall Boys/Girls Ultimate Frisbee MS 9 weeks
Fall / Winter Boys/Girls Badminton MS 9 weeks Winter break (2 wks)
Winter Boys/Girls Volleyball MS 9 weeks Mid Winter (1 wk)
Spring Boys/Girls Track MS 4/11/2016 6/10/2016 9 weeks

Club Jubilee Reach Athletic Seasons:

Season Sport Jubliee Beginning Date End Date # of Weeks Notes Break During Season
Spring Flag Football Jubliee Dec. 5th March 8th 13 weeks

Jan. 4th-1st Game

March 1st-Last Game of the regular season

March 8th-Playoffs

March 15th-Championship

Spring Break (1wk)



Jubliee  March 21st  June 7th 12 weeks

 April 5th-1st Game

May 24th-Last Game of the regular season

May 31st-Playoffs

June 7th-Championship

 Spring Break (1wk)
Spring Boys/Girls Soccer Jubilee March 21st  June 7th 12 weeks

 April 5th-1st game

May 24th-Last game of the regular season

May 31st-Playoffs

June 7th-Championship

Spring break (2 wks)
Spring Girls Golf Jubilee  April 18th  May 16th 5 weeks Every Tuesday 3:45-5pm practices at Crossroads Golf Course. Transportation provided from IS to Golf Course with parent pickup at Golf Course. Spring Break(1 wk)





Club Jubilee Advisor:
Sterling Brown brownste@bsd405.org

Brock Hay hayb@bsd405.org

Club Jubilee Reach Registration: