Dear Phoenix Parents,

As a working mom of two kids under the age of 6, I understand that reading newsletters from school can become a burden. Whether it’s through reading my newsletter or talking to fellow parents, please find a way to stay informed about school happenings so that your child can get the most out of the Jing Mei experience.   Every three weeks I will upload the Phoenix Family Flyer on our school website. If you miss an email or need to look back for archived information, you can always find them here.

In case I don’t say it enough, being with your kids every day is a true joy. As a Bellevue resident and parent I feel proud to serve as your principal and look forward to each day that we have together.




Mrs. B 应校长

Curriculum Night Follow Up

Thank you for coming to our Curriculum Night.   Despite the rain and traffic, you came to school to meet with us. Your dedication is very much appreciated!   Many important documents regarding our curriculum are posted online.  Please feel free to reach out with your questions anytime. The success of your children’s experience at Jing Mei requires our collaboration so it’s important that we hear from you.



谢谢大家参加景美的课程之夜。 关于学校的课程和各种服务的详细解释请参考以上的网站。

October Principal Tea: Emergency Preparedness

Please join me and the Jing Mei Emergency Preparedness Team to learn about our responses to incidences. Our District Security Specialist team will also be present to give an overview of our district plan to emergency responses.

When: Wednesday, October 4th, 9:00am-10:00am

Where: School Library


Parent Volunteers

Next Training:   October 4th @ 10:00 after the Principal Tea

Interested in helping at lunch, recess, and the classroom?   Please fill out an application:

You must also attend a training with me. If you already have an application in our file and you’ve attended training before, you are good to go!

On Parent Square, there is a sign-up system for volunteering in the lunchroom and playground. Once you’re trained and cleared by Ms. Vicky, we welcome you to volunteer whenever you can. Thank you!


After School Plans

While we understand that your pick up plans sometimes change, we ask that you notify the Main Office as well as your child’s After School Care teachers of such changes. As explained in our Community Handbook in the “After School Plans” section, we need to be notified by 2:00pm of any changes in order to guarantee that we are able to accommodate your changes. Teachers do not always check their email during the school day. Sending us an email or leaving a phone message after 2:00 may result in us not receiving the message, in which case we will send your child home based on your normal plan.

Please do not change your plans often as it is extremely confusing for the students and staff. Thank you for your understanding.


Extended Vacations

We discourage children from missing school.   Period.

At Jing Mei, we have a high number or students who take extended vacations abroad as well as those who take vacation based on parents’ work schedule. While I tend to approve your requests, please note that frequent absences will lead to learning gaps, regardless of your child’s achievement level at present.   Help them understand that going to school is important by planning your vacation according to our school calendar. Otherwise, the middle and high school years will be difficult for you!

请避免在学年中请假。 孩子们对上学的态度是从小学培养的好机会。如果您必须请长假请提交Prearranged Absence Form。

Gifted Program Winter Testing Application Deadline: 10/31

There have been some changes in how BSD will screen and identify gifted students. Please visit their website and contact them for more information. If your child has already qualified for Gifted Services at Jing Mei, your classroom teacher will contact you soon to update your child’s G-IEP.

关于BSD的一到五年级有天赋班服务请联络GIFTED OFFICE。2017年的冬季申请期间由十月三十一日以前。


We have a new Student Information System and Grade Book called Edupoint Synergy.   We are excited to share the new way for families to access your grades, attendance and other school-related information called Edupoint Synergy ParentVUE.  We are launching this functionality elementary school families by Monday, 9/25.  Please look for information how to activate your account.

You can access information about ParentVUE and StudentVUE Grades & Attendance  Our Curriculum & Instruction and Technology Departments will be hosting several BSD Family Technology Meetings that will focus on Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE as well as OneNote.

  • Tuesday, October 3rd in the Highland Library from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Wednesday, October 4th in the Chinook Library from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Thursday, October 5th in the Sammamish Library from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

我们现在有一个新的学生信息成绩单系统。这个系统叫Edupoint Synergy。我们很高兴可以用这个新系统有一个平台可以让家长看到学生的成绩,出勤情况和其他与学校相关的信息。这个系统的的平台叫做:Edupoint Synergy ParentVUE。我们将会在九月二十五号星期一开始启动这个系统。敬请留意我们发过来的相关登录的信息。

您可以在Parent VUE和Student VUE 获取成绩信息&出勤记录 。学区将会举办一些家庭电子技术讲座,重点讲解Synergy ParentVUE ,Student VUE h和 One Note.

Bullying Prevention Unit

October is traditionally a difficult month for friendships. The freshness of September wears off, the weather changes, there are no vacations, and kids are starting to establish territorial rights on all things including friendships. Every conflict is an opportunity to learn. Our Counselor, Ms. Maggie, and I are looking forward to all of the restorative conferences we will have in the coming months. We are also taking preemptive measures by teaching a Bullying Prevention Unit in each classroom, starting in 5th grade. It’s a scripted lesson from our SEL curriculum that defines bullying, bystander, upstander, and how to spread kindness. We will send our bullying pamphlet home so that you can use the same language at home.

Counselor’s Welcome 2017 2018

从十月开始我和学校辅导老师Ms. Maggie会教学生们这么样避免成为欺负着或被他人欺负。我们非常注重学生之间的友情。如果您需要我们的支持请更我们联络。谢谢。