Dear Parents,

We have reached the halfway mark of  the 2017-2018 school year.  How are you feeling?  We are feeling so proud of our students’ growth and we attribute their success to your support at home.  The immersion experience is life-changing for both the children and the parents because each day we must find new ways to help our children make sense of the world through their multilingual and multicultural lens.  Here is an article about language immersion programs and global citizenship:

我们已经达到了2017-2018 学年的一半大关。 你感觉怎么样? 我们为学生的成长感到骄傲, 我们把他们的成功归功于你在家里的支持。 沉浸式体验对孩子和父母都是一种改变生命的方式, 因为每天我们必须找到新的方法来帮助我们的孩子通过多语种和多文化的镜头来理解世界。 这里有一篇关于语言沉浸计划和全球公民身份的文章:

“How Language Immersion Programs Prepare Students to Be Global Citizens”

Click here for the Mandarin video version of this newsletter.  校长报告视频中文版在此


Mrs. B


Traffic Update/交通更新

It has been brought to my attention that we are blocking the thru traffic lane during our drop-off and pick-up times.  In order to respect neighborhood drivers’ rights to the road and prevent ourselves from getting ticketed please follow this new guideline:  When you are waiting to enter the school parking lot, stay to the right of the lane boundary (white line) as much as possible so that thru traffic doesn’t get blocked. If you are parking in the visitor’s parking lot, pull up as close to the parking bumper as possible as to leave enough space for the pick up/drop off lane.  Please take a look at this diagram.  Call the office or email me if you have any questions.  Thank you very much for helping us solve this problem.

我注意到在上学放学接送孩子时有车道堵塞的情况。为了尊重社区行车者的路权及防止我们自己拿到罚款单, 请遵循新的规则:当您在等待进入学校停车场时, 请尽可能行驶靠交通线(白色)右侧,以避免行车道堵塞。 请看以下示意图。 如果有任何疑问,请致电办公室或电邮我。 谢谢您的合作帮我们解决这个问题。

Lunar New Year Assembly/农历新年庆祝会

The Lunar New Year Assembly is our biggest celebration each year.  Teachers and students are working hard to showcase their communal talent and teamwork.  We hope you can join us!  Seats will be limited so we ask that you invite only immediate family members.  We will do our best to record the performance and share with families.  The field will be open for parking.  Doors to the gym will open at 9:00.  Fifth grade students will be selling refreshments so please have cash ready.

我们诚意邀请各位家长一起参加我们狗年农历新年的庆祝会。跟往年一样,由于参加观礼的家长人数居多,我们将会把庆祝表演分成两天。请您按照以下的安排,参加您的孩子表演当天的庆祝会。由于位置的限制,这一次我们的邀请仅发给父母或者监护人.  五年级的学生们会买一些简单的点心和饮料。请他家支持,带现金。 谢谢!

Tuesday, 2/13, 9:30-10:30

Performers:  ELP, 1st, Jan/Geng (3rd/4th), Hsiung/Jarvis (3rd)

Audience:  K, 2nd , Sakaue (5th)/Huang (4th)



Wednesday, 2/14, 9:30-10:30

Performers:  K, 2nd , Sakaue (5th)/Huang (4th)

Audience:  1st, Jan/Geng (3rd/4th), Hsiung/Jarvis (3rd)


First Ever!  Phoenix Talent Showcase/景美的第一次!凤凰才艺表演会

The “JING MEI’S GOT TALENT” Variety Show will be a fun-filled way to showcase our students’ talents, build their confidence, and bring our community together.

Saturday, 3/24: “JING MEI’S GOT TALENT” Variety Show at Sammamish High School Performing Arts Center (PAC), 100 140th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98005.  Doors open at 5:00pm.  Acts arrive by 5:30pm.  Show starts at 6:30pm.

We’re counting on you to supply the “Variety” by encouraging your kids to sign up to sing, dance, act, play instruments, recite poetry, tell jokes, or do gymnastics, storytelling, juggling, a science experiment, puppetry, magic, martial arts and more!  2-minute time limit. Group acts are encouraged

Student sign-up deadline is Wednesday , February 7.

Sign Up Form

Mandatory rehearsal times to be determined.


“JING MEI’S GOT TALENT” 才艺表演会将是一个展示我们学生才艺,建立学生信心,并把我们社区融合在一起的联欢会。

3月24日,星期六 “JING MEI’S GOT TALENT” 才艺表演会在Sammamish高中的表演艺术中心 (Sammamish High School Performing Arts Center) 举行。 地址是100 140th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98005。晚上5点开门。表演会6点半开始。

我们希望您会鼓励您学生参加才艺表演。才艺包括: 唱歌,跳舞,演戏,演奏乐器,背诵诗歌,讲笑话,表演体操,讲故事,玩杂耍,做科学实验,表演木偶戏,玩魔术,表演武术和更多更多!两分钟的时间限制。欢迎集体表演。


注册表格:Sign Up Form


After School Care Enrollment/课后班报名

Need after school care for the 2018-2019 school year?  Jing Mei offers two options.

Bellevue School District:  New student registrations for Preschool and School Age starts on Feb 12th.  Returning student registrations starts on Feb 9th.

Boys and Girls Club: Pre-registration for Project Learn 2018-19 will be open on April 23, regular registration will be open on April 30.

Summer program registration will be open on March 26



BSD: 幼儿园新学生将于2月12号开始接受报名。 在校生将于2月9号开始接受报名。

Boys and Girls Club: Project Learn ( 项目参与)预先报名将于4月23号开始,正式报名4月30号开始。夏季课程将于3月26号接受报名。


Jing Mei is currently hosting biliterate (Chinese/English) UW Teacher Candidates.  TCs have expressed interested in tutoring our students.  If you are interested in hiring a Chinese tutor for your child please contact our UW TC Coordinator, Ms. Lin (  Please note that tutoring cannot take place on campus and we will not determine rates and location of service.

景美的华大中英双语实习老师有兴趣为我们的学生补习。如您有兴趣为您孩子聘请一位中文补习老师,请联络林老师 ( 。请注意,补习不能在学校进行,学校也不会决定费率和补习地点。

Counselor’s Corner/辅导员角落

Please click below to read Ms. Maggie’s newsletter.  请点击阅读Maggie老师的报道。

C Corner Overfunctioning parent Jan. 2018

 BSD Levy Update:   Vote by February 13!/贝尔维尤征税更新:2月13日投票

On January 26th, the 2018 Special Election ballots will be mailed to all Washington residents. For Bellevue residents, these ballots will include three funding levies for the Bellevue School District (BSD): an Educational & Operations Levy, a Technology & Capital Projects Levy, and a School Bus Levy. Fifteen other school districts in King County will also have levy questions on their Special Election ballots.

More on this levy vote:

We remind our school communities to set a good example for your students, take part in our democracy, and return your ballots before the February 13th deadline.



 BSF Event: Lunch & Learn: Technology in the Classroom. 

Come join us (Bellevue Schools Foundation) for lunch and to learn more about the District’s approach to technology at elementary, middle and high school and how it is incorporated differently at each level. Gain a deeper understanding of what the technology levy funds in our schools. Several of the Technology Curriculum experts will be presenting – bring your questions!

When: Monday, Feb. 5, from 12-1 p.m.

Where: Wilburton Instructional Service Center, Rainier Room

A light lunch will be provided;  Please register here. The event is free and open to the public.

Co-hosted by Bellevue Schools Foundation and Bellevue Quality Schools


BSF 活动


诚意邀请您来参加我们的一个午餐活动,在这个活动里,您可以了解到我们学区在高中、初中和小学电脑技能的教学方向,还有认识每一个阶段学生在电脑技能 的要求有什么不一样。另外,在更深的层面上认识技术基金对于我们所有学校的影响。我们邀请了学区里面的一些电脑课程的专家过来给我们演讲。如果您有任何问题,届时欢迎您把问题提出来!

时间:2018年2月5日 12点到1点

地点:Wilburton Instructional Service Center, 房间名字Rainier Room


举办单位:Bellevue Schools Foundation and Bellevue Quality Schools