Dear Parents,

Welcome back from Mid-Winter Break! If you are still travelling home I wish you a safe journey.

This newsletter is lengthy but contain important information. Please take time to read it.  By the way, our website now has a Translator button added to the bottom right hand corner of the page.  Select from a variety of languages for instant translation!  I will continue to provide videos of myself reporting the content of the newsletter.

In this newsletter you will reading about: Traffic Reminder, Sherwood Forest Load Zone, Lunar New Year Assembly Recap, Principal Tea (March), 5th Grade FLASH curriculum, Reading, Active Shooter Drill, Equity Talk, and Counselor’s Corner.


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Traffic Reminder:   Please Drive Safely!

In the past few weeks we have been finding ways to improve our traffic flow during drop-off and pick up times. Thank you for cooperating with us and doing the following:

  1. Staying off the main road (SE 56th) and veering to the right when approaching school
  2. When exiting the parking lot only turn right
  3. Put your cell phone away when you are near or on our campus.
  4. Do not let kids out the car on the open road.
  5. Please use the loading platform. Do not let you kids out of the car in the parking lot and run between cars.

We are all terrified of active shooters at school but from where I stand I’m more terrified of our students’ safety around distracted drivers on our campus. Please do not take this reminder lightly.

Sherwood Forest Load Zone

Please respect the parking and idling rules at Sherwood Forest Elementary School. When using their load zone please do not linger and block their traffic.   Please consider dropping off your child and leaving campus immediately. Their principal asks that our parents be mindful of double-parking and idling in thru traffic corridors.

Lunar New Year Assembly Recap

Thank you for taking time to join us for our annual assembly. Much planning and preparation were put in place by teachers and parent volunteers to make this year’s assembly a success. Celebrating the new year in song, dance and skit is one of the most meaningful ways for our dual language students to demonstrate their cross-cultural competency. Most importantly, we want our students to develop stage presence that helps them become successful public speakers in the future. It is my hope that we transfer more responsibilities to students in future assemblies. We are counting on your support!

Check out the Facebook banner on the BSD page:

By the way, there is another opportunity for your child to share his/her talent on stage. Please consider entering the first annual Jing Mei Variety Show in March. Saturday, 3/24: “JING MEI’S GOT TALENT” Variety Show at Sammamish High School Performing Arts Center (PAC),100 140th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98005.  Doors open at 5:00pm.  Acts arrive by 5:30pm.  Show starts at 6:30pm. For more information please contact Arnie Pelluer. call or text 206-683-1033

Principal Tea:   Discipline

Wednesday, March 14*, 9:00-10:00, Library

Have you ever received a call or email from me or Ms. Maggie regarding behavior concerns? If yes, this is normal. If no, your call might be coming. We are approaching spring and we tend to see a peak in behavior incidences around this time because kids have completely settled into their groups and are starting to take more risks in finding ways to get what they want.   Although the PBIS team continues to promote our core value education and educate staff on proactive and positive approaches to disciplining students, we always need your help.

Every behavior incident is an opportunity to learn.   When an incident takes place at school, we report it to you right away so that you can find time to process it with your child at home. We often send emails because that’s the surest way for us to reach both parents and to ensure that both parents receive the same information. At times we will call you if the incident is complicated or lengthy to explain. We count on our partnership with you to correct behaviors in a timely manner.

If your child tells you that they were wronged by another student, please report it to us for a resolution. We will speak to that child and his/her parents on your behalf. Please do not reprimand other people’s children yourself. This causes confusion and fear in kids because they don’t have a relationship with you. Thank you for your sensitivity on this matter.

At this parent tea Ms. Maggie and I will share with you the types of incidences that we see at Jing Mei and our approach to educating students in the aftermath. We will also share with you the various ways that we proactively helps students with friendships.

*Date change from March 7th.

5th Grade FLASH:   Family Life And Sexual Health

Elementary FLASH parent information meetings will be held in the Rainier Room at WISC on Tues., 3/27 (6-7:30pm) and Sat., 3/31 (10-11:30am). This is the time to ask questions and learn about the FLASH curriculum that’s presented to 5th grade students. You will have the option of opting out from the whole curriculum or parts of it.   For your reference:

Reading:   Learning Read vs. Reading to Learn

Just a quick reminder to read with your child every evening. There are many ways to read with your child but first you must understand if your child is learning to read or reading to learn. Learning to read means that your child needs to tackle words using phonemic awareness and make meaning of the words they decode. Reading to learn means that your child is able to decode independently and is ready to ready for information. You can alternate between the two if you have an emergent reader who needs support when independently reading.

Finding the right books. English phonics readers and stories from iChinesereader can be boring. They are good fluency readers because they have predictable sentence patterns and utilizes high frequency sight words. Mix these up with some fun books! To learn about fun books that are age-appropriate please contact our Librarian, Mrs. Lee (, who knows a lot about quality books.

Do you have a reluctant reader? Don’t push it too much. Find an engaging story (Harry Potter, Charlotte’s Web, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, etc.) and read it to your child each night. Read in English or Mandarin. Eventually, alternate the read aloud with your child doing some independent reading for fluency practice.

February Safety Drill: Active Shooter/Lockdown

This week we will be practicing our Active Shooter/Lockdown drill. We practice this drill three times each school year. During this drill staff lead students to prepare for lockdown by shutting off lights, locking doors and gathering near a back exit in preparation for evacuation. During this time students must remain silent and quiet so they can listen for intruder presence. Staff members are trained to disarm intruders should they enter the classroom and lead students to safety through back doors. If an intruder does not enter the classroom they are to remain in lockdown until announcements are made. We do not use the term “Active Shooter” though many of our students know that this drill involves a “bad person” with intent to do harm. At home we ask that you teach your child how to keep calm and follow the teacher’s directions during times of emergency.

BSD Equity Talk Series

The Parent Alliance for Black Scholars (PABS) and Bellevue School District, Department of Equity presents “KIDS & RACE: Conversations featuring Jasen Frelot”

“How to Talk to your Kids about Race”… Race still matters in America, today. How can parents prepare to seize the teachable moments that arise when we least expect them?

WISC Building

[Wilburton Instructional Service Center] – Rainier Room, 12241 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005

Saturday, March 24, 2018, 11:00AM — 1:00PM

FREE Admission

* Child-care is available during the event

* Please print your ticket(s) or have a mobile image for admission. Thanks!

Please RSVP at

Counselor’s Corner/辅导员角落:

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  2. Florida School Tragedy resources: Tip Sheets

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