Dear Parents,

We recognize that you receive many emails so we will keep our mass communication short and concise.  If you have questions or need additional clarification on any information presented here please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always happy to hear from you!

In this newsletter:  School Procedure FAQs, Jing Mei on Social Media, Birthday Celebrations with the Principals, Campus Traffic Safety, Family Connection Center, Free/Reduced Lunch Plan, Principal Tea and Volunteer Training, Curriculum Night, Turf and Rebuild, Counselor’s Corner, and International Day of Peace.



Previous Principal Newsletters are archived here:



Mrs. B and Mrs. Yung



Everything you want to know about your child’s day at Jing Mei

Snacks, Volunteering, Dismissal Time…these topics and more are explained in our Community Handbook。

Note:  The Handbook is 46 pages long but the relevant information is only up to page 26. This handbook is always updated.


Facebook, BMDL-PTSA, School Website, Parent Square

There are four channels of communication from the Jing Mei community.

Parent Square: Internal Jing Mei and Tillicum parent staff communication.  Newsletters, pictures, volunteer sign up, event posting, fieldtrip chaperone, etc.

Bellevue Mandarin Dual Language (BMDL) PTSA:  PTSA communication about family events, fundraisers, volunteering, getting involved.

Jing Mei School Website:  Direct communication from school regarding school policies and BSD information.

Facebook (BMDLPTSA closed group):  Informal parent for parents.  Posting events, finding parenting and home-support resources, starting discussion strands, etc. This is a closed group so you’ll need to submit a request.


Parent Square: 景美,Tillicum校方和家长的内部沟通渠道。通讯,图片,志愿者注册, 学校活动信息发放等等。

贝尔维尤中英双语家长会官方网站: 家长会会发放关系家庭活动,筹款,志愿服务和其他信息。


Facebook (家长会私立小群): 家长与家长之间的沟通渠道,发布信息,寻找孩子和家庭支持资源,讨论区等。这是一个私立小群,


Bus 57

Starting on Monday, 9/17, Bus 57 will be operating on a new schedule that will ensure an on time arrival at Jing Mei.  Please see flyer below.

The new schedule will be updated online shortly. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Bus 57 Time Change Flyer

Birthday Celebration with Mrs. B and Ms. Yung 

Ms. Yung and I will be celebrating birthdays with kids on the last Friday of each month.  We will do so with treats in the office conference room

and most likely they will be non-edible treats.  If we give out edible treats we will email you in advance.  This is our way of building relationships

with each and every student at school.  For summer birthdays we will find a way to celebrate together in June!



如果我们提供食用食品,我们将提前通过电子邮件通知您。这是我们与学校每个学生建立关系的方式。 我们将有时间庆祝夏天的生日。

Parking, Foot Traffic, and Student Safety

Please help us keep our campus safe by doing the following:

  • Use the parking area directly in front of the school on the street.  The lower parking lot reserved for staff; parents and visitors can continue to use the upper overflow parking lot.
  • DO NOT use the bus loading zone as a drop-off or pick-up spot.
  • When you see the signs that indicate adults should stay off campus please respect the sign and know that this is our way of ensuring student safety.  Due to our open campus, we need to have a good visual of the kids and that means keeping adults out of hallways.

It takes all of us to create a safe campus!

停车, 步行交通及学生安全


  • 请使用学校前面的街道停车。 下层停车场为员工所使用,家长及访客可使用额外上层停车场。
  • 请勿将校车停放区作为学生下车或接送点。
  • 当你看到标志着成年人应该在校外的标志时,请尊重标志并知道这是我们确保学生安全的方法。 由于我们的校园是开放校园,我们需要清楚的视野,这意味着成年人需避开走廊。
  • 校园的安全需要我们共同的努力!


Family Connection Center (FCC) 

The FCC supports families who need community resources such as translation, supplemental food for kids, school supplies, baby corner, etc.  Our FCC Specialist is Ms. Grace Kuan.  Below is a message from her:

Greetings, I am the family services specialist for the Family Connections Center that provide you with BSD and city of Bellevue related information and services. Besides Jing Mei, I also serve Sherwood Forest Elementary and Bennett Elementary. My office is located in Sherwood Forest. The office hour is 7:30am-2:00pm. You are welcome to call Grace Kuan: 425-456-5734 for services. Thanks.

Here are several updates:

  1. Backpack/school supplies distribution-you should have all items distributed by mid of next week. I understand this is a “huge” project and there may be some issues here and there. The organization and the coordinators will try their best to solve the problems and we will make sure all needy students served. 背包/学校用品分发- 预计下周中会分发完毕。我知道这是一个“巨大”的项目过程中可能会遇上一些问题。我们协调人员会尽全力解决问题并确保有需要的学生都能得到帮助及服务。
  2. Weekend food bags-This program will start from Sept 20th. I have attached the application forms for you. Please make sure all students have access to the program. 周末食物袋-这个项目将于09月20号开始实施。我已附上申请表,请确保所有学生能够参与此项目。
  3. Baby corner orders-Please let me know if any of your students need the service. Due to the new web order requirements, I need the full name, gender, age, weight, height, clothes size, and shoe size for each applicant. It may take 10-14 days until the family receive the order. Families have to pick up from Sherwood. For those who don’t have transportation I will mail the bag via district mail.    Baby Corner 订单:请告诉我您的学生是否需要此服务。根据网上订购的新规定,我需要每个学生的全名,年龄,体重,身高,衣服尺寸及鞋码。需要10-14个工作天收到订单。所有家庭需要到Sherwood领取。对于那些没有交通工具的人,我会透过学区邮递包裹。
  4. Bellevue LifeSpring food program-The application forms will be sent by the agency later this month. I will forward to you as soon as I receive it. Bellevue LifeSpring food program-申请表将于本月下旬由该机构发送。 收到后我会立即转发给您。

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My working schedule is daily 7:30am-2:00pm. Thanks.

Weekend food bag application for Bennett and Jing Mei


除景美小學外,本中心主要服務Sherwood Forest 小學及Bennett小學.我的辦公室位於Sherwood Forest 小學.辦公時間為上午七點半至下午兩點服務電話 Grace Kuan:425-456-5734. 歡迎來電

Grace can be contacted via phone or email.  (425) 456-5734.

Lunch Plan Rollover

If you qualified for Free/Reduced Lunch last year, you will have to resubmit an application for this school year.

Students retain their eligibility for free or reduced priced meals for the first 30 days of the current school year.  On the 31st day (October 12th), if a family has not completed an application for the 2018-19 school year, the student’s status will change to paid.  Families may still complete an application after October 12th but they are financially responsible for the cost of meals provided to their student until a new application is received and processed to reestablish eligibility for free or reduced priced meals.

For more information please contact the Office or Ms. Wendy Weyer in Nutrition Services. (425) 456-4578.

学校午餐:  如果您学生去年有资格获得免费或优惠午餐,您必须在10月12日前重新提交本学年的申请表格。去年获得的资格会在10月12日后被取消。家庭仍可在10月12日后完成申请,但在收到新申请并进行重新建立免费或优惠午餐的资格之前, 家庭需要负责学生的全午餐费用。更详细内容请联络Wendy Weyer女士, (425) 456-4578

Rollover Flyer

Principal Tea and Volunteer Training:  10/3

Please join us for Principal Tea at 9:00 and Volunteer Training from 10:00-10:30.

If you plan to join the Volunteer Training, please sign up here:  (insert forms)

In order to volunteer at Jing Mei you will also need to submit an application.  Download or pick up at the office.


请于9:00加入我们的Principal Tea,并于10:00-10:30参加志愿者培训。


为了在Jing Mei做志愿者,您还需要提交申请。下载或在办公室领取。


Curriculum Night 

Curriculum Night is on Thursday 9/20.  During classroom time you will hear from your child’s teacher about our yearlong curriculum topics, pacing, special projects, daily schedule, class routines, and homework policy.  You will have a chance to ask questions regarding these topics.  During whole group time, Mrs. Yung and I will briefly present data, academic, and school culture initiatives as they apply to K-5 grades.  Due to limited time, we will start promptly at 7:05.

6:30 – 7:00  Classroom Presentation in grades K-2

7:05 – 7:25 Whole Group Presentation for all families in the Gym

7:30 – 8:00 Classroom presentations in grades 3rd-5th


6:30  –  7:00 课堂介绍,K-2年级

7:05  –  7:25 体育馆所有家庭的全体报告

7:30  –  8:00 课堂演讲,3-5年级

Turf and Possible Rebuild 

Is Jing Mei getting a new building?  Why aren’t we getting turf like the other campuses?  Read on.

The BSD Growth and Planning Advisory Group will review district facility needs and draft a proposed bond package for the Board of Directors to consider.   This proposal will be presented to the Board of Education next fall in anticipation of participating in an election in February 2020.  Jing Mei is being discussed as part of this process.

Basically, all rebuilds go through the bond process. With Jing Mei being the last school to be rebuilt (and was too new as a standalone school to be included in the last bond measure), it makes sense that Jing Mei be on the next bond measure. And because it’s being considered for a complete rebuild, a turf field is part of that rebuild conversation.





School Counselor

The role of a School Counselor is to support students’ social emotional health and learning.  Our fantastic new Counselor, Ms. Andrea Hanson, has attached an introduction letter explaining her service to our students.  Ms. Hanson has begun to work with our students and will be working with staff and parents to provide proactive teaching strategies.  There are times when your child might confide in you a friendship situation that bothers them at school or maybe you know that your child could benefit from talking to an adult at school who has the training to guide students through a rough patch (i.e. divorce, new baby, a recent move, etc.).  Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Hanson at


学校辅导员的作用是支持学生的社交情绪健康和学习。我们出色的新顾问Andrea Hanson女士附上了一封介绍信,向我们的学生解释了她的服务。 Ms. Hanson已经开始与我们的学生合作,并将与员工和家长一起提供积极的教学策略。有些时候,您的孩子可能会向您倾诉在学校困扰他们的友谊状况,或者您可能知道您的孩子可以从在学校老师的谈话中受益,这些老师可以指导学生度过难关(像离婚,家里有新的宝宝,最近搬家等)。请随时通过 与Ms.Hanson联系。

JM Letter to Families 2018

Counselors Corner September_How to Build Confidence in Children

International Day of Peace 

September 21, 6:30-8:30, Candlelight Celebration at Bellevue Downtown Park.  Read about it here.

9月21日,6:30-8:30,Bellevue 市主办和平烛光庆典在市中心公园。