Dear Parents,

With Thanksgiving being just around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to you for your continued support of our school.  Jing Mei is in its eighth year and our community continues to grow and flourish because of our partnership with you.  Whether you volunteer during school hours, at family events, for enrichment programs, or on fieldtrips, we are thankful for your time and energy each and every day.

For me and Mrs. Yung, the Mandarin Dual Language program is dear to our hearts because we believe in the power of multilingualism in shaping character and developing multiple perspectives.  For us the work is also personal as Mandarin is our native language.  Each school year we look forward to implementing new ideas that will propel our program and prepare our students for middle school and beyond.  Please take a moment to read the newsletter below to find out what we’re doing this year!


随着感恩节的到来,我想借此机会感谢您们对我们学校的持续支持。景美已迈入第八年, 由于与您们的合作,我们的社区持续的发展及壮大。无论您是担任课堂时间,亲子活动或户外教学志愿者,我们都很感谢您每天的时间及付出。

对于我和陈副校长来说,中文双语教学课程是非常宝贵, 因为我们相信在多种语言的环境下,能进一步提升品格塑造及发展多元视野。对我们老师及工作人员来说,也是一样重要,因为中文是我们的母语。 每个学年我们都期待实施新的想法,推动我们的计划并为中学及未来的学生做好准备。请花点时间阅读下面的实事通讯,并进一步了解我们今年工作的情况!


Mrs. B and Mrs. Yung


School Initiatives and Leadership Teams

We are always improving our instructional approach at Jing Mei.  We believe in educating the whole child and finding innovative ways to engage students in academic and SEL learning.

The School Culture Team supports SEL through the monthly virtue education program and assembly planning.  This year we continue to promote our virtues, bullying prevention, and CASEL competencies. This team is led by Mrs. Yung.  Members are Ms. Lin, Y, Ms. Lin, C, Ms. Ma, Ms. Jarvis, Ms. Sun, Ms. Guadiz, Ms. Hanson, Ms. Pederson, and Mrs. B.

The Equitable Instruction Team supports our instruction and curriculum development.  This year we are focused on vertically aligning our writing instruction between the two languages.  This team is led by Mrs. B. Team members are Ms. Hu, D, Ms. Wei, Ms. Zhang, Ms. Hsiung, Ms. Jan, Ms. Geng, Ms. Chan, and Ms. Tan.

The Wellness Team supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of our staff and student communities.  The two subteams are the Social Committee (Ms. Liu, Ms. Chen, Ms. Shan) and the Emergency Preparedness Team (Ms. Hanson, Ms. Jarvis, Mrs. B, and Mrs. Yung).


学校的文化小组通过每个月的美德教育计划和早会规划来支持社交情感学习。今年,我们继续推广学校美德,欺凌预防和CASEL能力。该小组是由Yung副校长领导。成员包括林老师, 林老师,马老师,Jarvis老师, Guadiz老师,Hanson老师,Pederson老师和Mrs. B校长。

公平公正教学小组支持学校的教学和课程开发。今年,我们专注于在两种语言之间垂直调整我们的写作指导。该小组是由Mrs. B校长领导。成员包括胡老师,魏老师,张老师,熊老师,简老师,耿老师,陈老师和谭老师。

健康组支持学校员工和学生的身心健康。里面的两个小组包括社会委员会(成员包括刘老师,陈老师,单老师) ,应急准备小组 (成员包括Hanson老师,Jarvis老师,Mrs. B校长和Yung副校长。

Emergency Preparedness at Jing Mei

In October we practiced the Lockdown/Active Shooter drill. During this drill kids will be asked to keep quiet, keep their eyes on the teacher, and following directions.  Some Pods will evacuate while others will stay locked down and in ready position to evacuate.  In a real situation, we ask teachers to bring kids to the closest exit while concealing them and wait.  If the intruder enter the pod, we will evacuate through back or side doors.  If not, we stay locked down.  At home, just remind kids that they will be safe as long as they keep calm and follow directions.   The teachers are trained to react to every situation with the children’s safety as top priority.

In November we will practice the Earthquake drill.  We teach kids and staff to Drop-Cover-Hold.  Here are the guidelines:

这次演习中,孩子们会被要求保持安静,注意老师,并遵循指示。有些 Pod 会演练撤离,而另一些 Pod 会暂时原地不动待命撤离。在真实的情况下,我们要求老师把孩子带到最近的出口附近暂时隐蔽。如果入侵者进入Pod,我们将通过后门或侧门疏散。如果没有,我们保持暂时隐蔽。在家里,希望提醒孩子们,只要保持冷静,遵循指示,他们就会安然无恙。培训老师会对所有情况反复演练,孩子的安全是我们最重要的责任。


Emergency Reunification

In the event of an emergency such as earthquake or fire and we need to evacuate to our field, we will do our best to notify you quickly.  If you do not hear from us it is because we are off line and unable to get connected.  Please do not panic and rush to the field to find your child.  This will cause further confusion and chaos.  The Emergency Preparedness Team has established this Reunification Procedure:

  1. Do not park in the parking lot.  We need to keep it clear for paramedics, fire engines, police, etc.
  2. Go to our “Check-In Area.”  This area will vary as it depends on which part of the campus is accessible.
  3. Show your ID and fill out a checkout form with your child’s name, teacher name, and your name.  If your name is not on the emergency contact list, we will not release your child.  Be sure to add your nanny, grandparents, etc. to that list.
  4. Go to the “Exit Gate” to pick up your child.  This gate will vary as it depends on the emergency situation.  We will guide you.

Staff members will take care of the children and help keep order in this process.  Please respect and follow all staff members’ instructions.

Safety Resources for Jing Mei Families

如发生地震或火灾等紧急情况, 我们需要疏散到我们的场地, 我们会尽力通知您。 如果你没有收到我们的来信, 那是因为我们的线路不接, 无法接通。 请不要惊慌而赶紧到超场去找你的孩子。 这将导致进一步的混乱。 学校的应急准备组制定了这统一程序:

1) 不要在停车场停车。 我们需要留位子给医护人员、消防车、警察等。

2) 请到我们的  “Check In 区” 登记. 。

3) 显示您的 ID, 并填写一个Check Out 表单与您的孩子的名字, 老师的名字, 和您的名字。 如果您的姓名不在紧急联系人名单上, 我们将不释放您的孩子。 一定要添加您的保姆, 祖父母等到该名单。

4) 到 “Exit Gate 出口门 ” 去接你的孩子。

工作人员将照顾孩子, 并帮助保持在这个过程中的秩序。 请尊重并遵守所有员工的指示。

November Virtue and Veteran’s Day Assembly

We celebrated Veteran’s Day during our Monthly Virtue Assembly.  This month we focus on Compassion.  Thanks to the Cub Scouts, we were able to honor our flag and veterans through a flag ceremony and tribute songs taught by Mr. Lindfors.

On the first Friday of each month, our School Culture Team hosts a Virtue Assembly in the morning.  This is a time for us to rally the students around our monthly SEL focus and celebrating student successes.  Each month a different grade level to take the responsibility of teaching the virtue to the school through skits, songs, etc.  We also practice our school song together!

我们这个月在每月举行的美德早会上庆祝退伍军人节。 11月我们在学习同情心。感谢Cub Scouts, 我们能够透过旗帜仪式和Mr. Lindfors所教导的致敬歌曲来纪念我们的旗帜和退伍军人。在每个月的第一个星期五,我们学校的文化团队会在早上举办美德早会。在这个时候我们都会介绍每月SEL重点并庆祝学生成功。 每个月都会由一个不同年级,通过小品,歌曲等表演方式传授给全体学校。 除此之外,我们还一起练习校歌!

December Principal Tea:  Wednesday 12/5 @ 9:00

The next Principal Tea will be on 12/5 and it will be hosted by our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Yung, who will give an update on our School Culture initiatives including SEL curriculum, the Check-In-Check-Out program, Behavior Incidents and Reporting, Restorative Practices, and other Tier 3 interventions to support students’ social-emotional needs.  The Phoenix Queen and Virtue Unicorn are our partners in celebrating student successes in SEL.  We can’t do this work without them.

下一次的校长茶会将会在12月05日举行,会由我们的陈副校长主持,她将会介绍我们的学校文化活动,其中包括SEL课程,学生Check-In-Check-Out计划,学生行为事件报告(Behavior Incidents and Reporting),学生和平修复练习(Restorative Practices),及其他三阶段介入性帮助学生情感的需求(Other tier 3 interventions)。凤凰皇后和美德马是我们的伙伴。我们非常感谢有她们的支持。

Hour of Code

It’s back!  We will be promoting Hour of Code activities during 12/3-12/7 in the classrooms.  Your teacher will notify you of coding activities and how parents can get involved.  This HoC website has translation capabilities; scroll down to the very bottom of the page and choose from a huge selection of world languages.  Below is a letter in English and Chinese that tells you more.

这个星期 (12/3-12/9),我们学校参加了电脑科学周的 “编程一小时” 活动。请您在家里跟您的孩子一起讨论电脑编程的活动和他们在编程课是如何解决难题的。

12/4-12/8 我们学校会参加电脑科学周的“编程一小时。”您的老师将通知您关于如何家长可以参与。 本网站有翻译能力;向下滚动到页面的最底端, 然后从大量的世界语言中选择。 在此有更多信息:

Hour of Code_Eng_Chinese

STAR Assessment

At Parent-Teacher conference, you may have received a STAR Reading and Math report for your 2nd-5th grader.  The STAR Assessment measures your child’s progress.  The STAR Reading Assessment covers a wide range of foundational skills such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and word usage.  It is a multiple choice assessment.  In order to get a consistent and accurate reading on your child’s actual skills, we need to have 3-6 data points.  Please keep this in mind when weighing the importance of your child’s single report.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or your teacher.

在家长教师会议上,您可能已经收到了二年级至五年级学生的STAR阅读和数学报告。 STAR评估测量你的孩子的阅读和数学技能。 STAR阅读评估涵盖了广泛的技能,如阅读理解,词汇,语法和单词使用。这是一个多选择评估。为了让你的孩子的实际技能得到一致和准确的阅读,我们需要有3-6个数据点。在权衡孩子单一报告的重要性时,请记住这一点。如果您有任何问题,请不要犹豫与我或您的老师联系。

What’s Happening in PE

Click here to read about our PE program: The Lombardo Letter November 2018

Mr. Lombardo (M, Tu, W):

Ms. Denis (F):


From the Counselor’s Office

Here’s a message from our wonderful Counselor Ms. Hanson:

Counselors-Corner-November 2018

Ms. Hanson can be contacted at