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Dear Parents,


Happy Lunar New Year!

We hope you have plans to celebrate next weekend with family and friends to bring in the year of the Rat.

January is an exciting time of the year for us because we’re almost at the half-way mark of the school year.  On February 7th you will receive your child’s first semester progress report and we hope that you will find ways to celebrate their progress, big or small, to encourage and motivate them.  If you see no progress or if you’re not pleased with the progress reporting, please still find ways to celebrate other areas that are not measured by school.  We need to recognize the whole child and remember that learning is not linear.  They go through learning spurts just like growth spurts and we must not pressure them based on our own expectations.  We will be following this advice as we work with our own children who have their unique challenges at school.

We look forward to seeing you at our February 4th assembly!


Mrs. B and Mrs. Yung

Bellevue School District Capital Bond:  Vote on February 11th!

Jing Mei is up for rebuilding!  We need your help to spread the word and encourage your neighbors to vote on February 11th.

For information regarding the Bellevue Quality Schools bond, please visit the bond website.  In addition here are two other resources to help you understand how this bond will support our district and Jing Mei.

Enrollment for 2019-2020

Siblings need to apply!  Admission is not automatic or guaranteed.  You will be notified if a sibling lottery is necessary.  There are 36 seats saved for siblings, 18 for non-Mandarin proficient and 18 for Mandarin proficient incoming kindergarteners.

Application period:  Now through January 31, 4:30

Once you are admitted via lottery, you will be notified to submit a registration packet and other supporting documents:

Lunar New Year Assembly:  Tuesday, February 4th

We are happy to announce that there will be an assembly added on Tuesday, February 4th, from 2:30-3:15 for family and community members.  We understand that this assembly is culturally meaningful and highly-anticipated by the students and families so we want to provide multiple opportunities for the students to showcase their performance.  Please note that the 2/4 assembly is for families and community members ONLY and students will not be in the audience.  They will perform then return to class in order to have a lesser impact on instruction.  With this second assembly added we would like to ask families to refrain from coming to the student-only 1/30 assembly to avoid crowd-control issues.  Both sessions will be live broadcasted and recorded.

The 5th grade graduation committee will be selling hot drinks and snacks for their graduation party fundraiser.  Please bring cash and support their efforts.  Thank you!

BSF Grant, Sense of Belonging Artwork, and Parent Participation

Thanks to the Bellevue Schools Foundation (BSF), we were approved for an Arts, Enrichment, and Innovation grant to use art to express their sense of belonging and our students’ cultural, ethnic, and/or linguistic identities. Students have completed their drafts of their artwork with Jing Mei Art Teacher Ms. D’Antonio.

–We would appreciate your involvement to take a look at your students’ artwork and provide any feed21back based on your students’ expression of their cultural, linguistic, and/or their individual expressions of their personal identities. After students’ work with families, they will start to put their completed final draft onto individual tiles. Those completed tiles will form a mosaic that will be framed and hung in grade level pods.

–Your students’ artwork and a 1-page explanation of the BSF grant/Sense of Belonging project will be sent home to families when we return from our holiday break on January 10th. Please offer feedback based on your families’ heritage and/or cultural roots and return the completed final drafts with your students by January 31st (With snow days, we are extending this from the original date of January 21st) .

Principal Tea:  Wednesday, February 5th, 9:00-10:00

In January we discussed Digital Citizenship.  Here’s the recording of that session:  January 8th Principal Tea on “Digital Citizenship”

In February we will look at examples of the 3rd-5th grade class OneNote notebooks together and understand the applications that are available to students on the school laptops.  If you cannot join, the session will be recorded and shared in the next newsletter.

Where:  School Library or online via Zoom (

Attention 5th grade parents:  International School Information

If you missed the International School presentation last week, please take a look at the presentation here: MS Transition Info Night – January 2020

Arty Christianto is the International School Counselor and a Jing Mei parent.  If you have any questions about International School please feel free to contact her.  She has a wealth of knowledge about IS and how to prepare students for the transition.  She can be reached at

SEL Standards and Progress Reports:

Washington State now has State Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards, Benchmarks and Indicators. During the 2019-2020 school year, we will be making some changes to the SEL section of the elementary progress report that will come out in February.

Due to this change, there are some changes to the SEL section of the elementary progress report. When you receive your student’s progress report for the first semester in early February, you will see the six state SEL standards: self-awareness, self-efficacy, social awareness, social management and social engagement. In addition to these new standards, Student Well-Being is a priority in the Bellevue School District’s strategic plan, and we want to ensure that we are communicating with you about your child’s social emotional development. BSD is following the recommendations from the state to not grade SEL. Therefore, students will not be receiving the previous indicators of 4,3,2,1 scale. Rather, instructors will communicate students’ ability to meet the SEL standards through “strength (S) or goal area (G)”. We all have social emotional strengths and goals, which vary throughout our life. OSPI has created some resources that we encourage you to review to learn more about the new Washington State Social Emotional Learning Standards.

Links and resources to learn more:

Washington SEL Implementation Brief: Parents & Families

Washington State SEL Standards, Benchmarks & Indicators

Teaching about Social-emotional learning:

At Jing Mei, we utilize the SEL standards to proactively teach our students about management of their emotions and self-manage big or small feelings as well as utilize specific skills and tools in order to be able to manage how they interact with others. We would love to know what ways you motivate your students to develop self-management and social management skills.

To learn more, please see Understanding Yourself and Others in “knowing yourself, taking care of yourself, respect and understanding others, working together, and making good decisions.”

As shared during November’s Principal Tea, please read  this document  to learn more and find strategies you and the family use to develop social-emotional learning as a family.

Counselor’s Corner

Please click here to read Ms. Hanson’s January newsletter:  January Counselor Corner 2020

Shelter in Place Drill

For your student’s safety and the safety of the school community, we conduct monthly drills. We conducted a lockdown drill on Thursday that focused on preparing our students to respond in the event of an active threat on our campus.

Each school in the District is required to conduct at least one safety related drill per month. All drills must be properly recorded by administration upon their completion. The required drills are as follows: 3 fire evacuation drills per school year (1 must be completed in the first 10 days) 3 lockdown drills per school year (1 may be a lockout drill) 2 earthquake drills 1 shelter-in-place drill per school year 1 drill using the school mapping system (Rapid Responder).

Purpose of the Shelter in Place Drill: The purpose of the Shelter in Place drill is to practice actions needed in the event of a hazardous release of materials release in the area that does not allow sufficient time for evacuation of a facility. ‘

  • An example–a chlorine gas release on a nearby road which causes the need for either evacuation from the school and/or the need to usher students inside from outside spaces and/or the need to seal all windows or doors from outside air.
  • Shelter-in-place is used when the air is hazardous outside and it is safer to stay in one area inside and seal all the doors and window to help prevent outside air from entering.
  • During the drill, students are asked to not panic, and classroom instructors /staff are instructed to usher all students inside ASAP, seal off any windows, doors, or vents, and wait for a “All-clear” message.

Please read this article to prepare your family during shelter-in-place drills.