Dear Incoming New Families,

We welcome you to our very special school!  The Jing Mei families and staff take pride in being a part of this special community and we hope that you will have a pleasant transition this summer.

To our returning families with older siblings the information below is likely already known to you so please feel free to reach out if you have additional questions not addressed here.  Fall 2020 remains undecided with regards to what instruction will look like.  I think flexibility is the key word and we should prepare for all outcomes.

  1. Class Placement Survey:  We will have three classes per grade level and we aim to create balanced classrooms based on Mandarin proficiency, boy/girl ratio, and your feedback about students’ strengths and needs.   At the end of August you will receive an email from your child’s teacher to welcome you to her class.  At that time you will know your placement, not sooner.  Thank you for submitting your feedback by June 9.   Incoming K Classroom Placement Parent Feedback Survey

    2020-2021 1st-5th Grade Class Placement Survey 一到五年级分班调查

  2. Bus:  BSD Transportation plans to send out letters in August with each student’s bus stop assignment, bus stop change request form and bus bracelets. However, given the uncertainties with COVID-19, we don’t know what school will look like in the fall and things may change. There are four buses that come to Jing Mei.  To see these routes please visit this site:
  3. Lunch:  Well, with Covid-19 there will be significant changes to how we serve food at schools.  Please look for changes from BSD communication and/or from Jing Mei.  Students are able to receive Free/Reduced lunch prices if families qualify.  You must submit an application.  Otherwise please see here for how to pay for school lunch.
  4. Curriculum:  You can visit this page to see our curriculum overview for Kindergarten.  We do not teach pinyin until 2nd grade so the primary goal in kindergarten is to teach the stroke orders as well as basic vocabular and sentence patterns.  Typically, students will be able to speak and write in simple sentences by the end of the school year.  Please note that our Mandarin Curriculum largely follows the sequence and pacing of the Science and Math topics as well as the Better Chinese “My First Chinese Words” curriculum.  There is no need to purchase the Better Chinese curriculum but you are welcome to if you want to have a reference set at home.  We will provide all necessary learning tasks and online support resources.  All instruction will be in Mandarin with 120 minutes/week devoted to English Language Development.  Of course, our pacing is subject to change per developments with the Covid-19 situation.
  5. Before/After School Care:  We have two providers at Jing Mei, BSD ( and Boys and Girls Club (  Please contact BSD and B/G Club directly regarding registration.  Note:  B/G club only provides afterschool care.


Thank you and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.



Mrs. B (Principal) and Ms. Vicky (Office Manager)






  1. 班级分组调查卷:我们将在每一年级开设三个班,我们的目标是根据普通话水平,男女比例以及您对学生的长处和需求的反馈和意见,创建均衡的教室。8月底,您会收到您孩子幼儿园老师的欢迎信。那个时候您就会知道孩子的老师安排。感谢您在6月9日之前提交反馈。幼儿班级分组调查卷       一到五年级分班调查
  2. 校车:BSD学区交通部计划在8月给家庭发送一封信,其中包括学生的车站分配,车站更改表和校车手镯。但是,鉴于Covid-19的不确定性,我们不知道学期的情况会是怎样,情况可能会有所改变。景美有4辆公车,路线可以在景美的网站查看:
  3. 午餐:鉴于Covid-19, 我们在学校提供食物的方式会有所改变。更改会在学区与景美的网站上公布。如果有需要,学生可以申请免费/减价的午餐价格。否则,请在了解如何支付学校午餐。
  4. 课程:您可以在以下的网站查看我们的幼儿园课程概述。 我们在二年级才教拼音,幼儿园的主要目标以教笔画,发音,基本词汇和句子模式为基本。通常,在学期末学生将可以说和写简单的句子。请注意,我们的华语课程大部分根据科学和数学主题以及Better Chinese “My First Chinese Words” 的顺序和进度。您无需购买Better Chinese 的课程,但是如果您想在家里有一套来参考,欢迎您购买。我们会提供所有需要的课本和网上资源。所有教学将以中文进行,除了每周有120分钟的英文课。当然,随着Covid-19 形势的发展,我们的步调可能会有所改变。
  5. 上学前/课后班:BSD 和Boys and Girls Club( 要注册,请直接联系BSD 或 BGC。请注意:BGC只有课后班。