Dear Parents,

This is a short newsletter to remind you of a few important reminders from our previous newsletters and a request for short videos.  We are finding that innovation through video production can be the answer to how we engage students and make the best of our school closure situation.  Thanks for your help and support.



Mrs. B and Mrs. Yung


Principal Tea

Principal Tea:  Please join us on Wednesday (5/13) from 9:00am-10:00am.

May Assembly Recording

If your child missed our May Assembly, here’s the full length Recording on MS Stream:  JM May Virtue Assembly

Class Placement Survey

Class placement Survey. If you missed the announcement in the April Principal Newsletter, here are the survey links:

2020-2021 1st-5th Grade Class Placement Survey 一到五年级分班调查

(For K siblings ONLY) 2020-2021 Incoming Kindergarten Placement Survey幼儿园分班调查

Big Brother Big Sister

BBBS stands for “Big Brother Big Sister” and our program launched this week with 59 students signed up!  While we would love to take credit for this program, it is the brain child of our 5th and 4th graders who have been doing 80% of the work!  Mrs. B just supervises, grants permissions and set up calendar invitations.  We want to applaud our 4th and 5th grade coordinators and volunteers for their amazing effort and leadership.  We are amazed by their dedication to service.  We are proud of our leaders and excited for future 4th and 5th graders to continue this work.  You can sign up your K-3 students here:  BBBS

Picking Up Student Belongings

We will be bagging up student belongings this week and at a future date parents will be invited to return to the building and pick up the individual bags.  At that time you will be able to return school books and materials.  Dates will likely be after June 22nd and we will stagger the visits.  Please look for updates in your homeroom teacher’s newsletters and in the June Principal Newsletter.

If you have medical supplies or medicine stored in our clinic we are happy to keep them for you or you could arrange to come pick them up with Nurse Meng Ping.  Please contact her directly:

Jubilee Service Day

IF we are starting school in the building this Fall, Jubilee Service Day will take place on August 29th.

Want to help the Jing Mei staff get ready for the upcoming school year?  Join us as we volunteer for a few hours the Saturday before school starts!

 Save the date – Saturday, August 29, 2020, from 8am-12noon. 

 For more information go to

The Jing Mei Show:

Mrs. B and Mrs. Yung are gathering student videos to show at the next assembly on June 5th. If your student has a video that s/he has created,  help your student email the video directly to Mrs. B.  Mrs. Yung has emailed the students who received an award for Digital Citizen to have an opportunity to share their videos first. However, any students who want to showcase their videos with us should email the video file to Mrs. B. These are the grade-level suggested topics for their videos:

What is an interesting object form your home? K-1

2-3 minutes:

10 seconds of introduction.  What is it and why is it special?

Earth and Weather Report K-5

2-4 minutes:

Students introduce the weather pattern in WA or in a part of the world

Culture Gram:  Song/Dance K-5


Lip Synching, instrumental (i.e. play your own instrument), dance to music, showcasing a dance/music/instrument from your home culture.

Book Review K-5

 2-3 Minutes:

Review and/or read out loud a favorite or recently discovered book.


What’s in your neighborhood 2nd-5th

3-4 minutes:

Go on a walk and take a clip of your neighborhood and talk about what’s special about your neighborhood and/or what you are doing to help your community.

Interview a family member:  What you and your family are doing during school closure ? 2nd-5th

3-4 minutes:

Ask a family member about what they are feeling and/or doing during school closure.

Telling a story through your stuff animals, LEGOs, or own animated characters about ways we can be healthy and safe during school closure. Special Guest

3-5 minutes:

Find ways to talk about social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, and/or keeping a positive outlook during this time of school closure through your favorite objects or drawings.


Jing Mei Spirit Week:

Next week, May 18th-May 22nd, Jing Mei teachers and students will have a chance to show up to school dressed for fun.

Your child’s teacher will be sharing more information with you in this week’s newsletter with an ask. We are hoping you are able to help us take a few pictures of your students dressed up during virtual learning and celebrating the fun in YOUR household. (Parents are allowed in the picture too!)

(Stay tuned for more information to be posted on Parent Square also.) We are planning to share these pictures at the June 5th E-Assembly.

Here is the sneak peek:

Monday 5/18: PJ Day–Wear your favorite PJs to “School”

Tuesday 5/19: Decade Day–Choose a decade and an accessory or an outfit to wear

Wednesday 5/20: Art Challenge Day–Use playful creative ways to recreate a work of art (Getty Challenge)

Thursday 5/21: Favorites Day–Choose a favorite shirt (displaying a favorite character, etc.) or hat combo to wear

Friday 5/22: Jing Mei Day–Wear your school gear to show school spirit