Dear Phoenix Parents,


Too many emails, too many apps, too many tech glitches, my child does not understand what the teacher is saying…when will school open?  We and our staff are experiencing the same frustrations as you all and we are doing our best to adapt to these challenges.  Our work days have gotten longer and we are having to learn how to teach all over again.  These are tough times for everyone so we ask for your support, understanding, and patience. Thank you.

We are eagerly waiting for directions to open school and we can’t wait to see our students in person!

As mentioned over the summer, when school reopens Jing Mei will be operating on the Hybrid model for all of our K-5 grades.  The reason is that we do not have other schools to share teachers with and we don’t have the ability to hire more teachers to keep our 1:16 ratio.  As we get closer to reopening school we will communicate more frequently.  In the meantime please support your children with lots of encouragement, encouragement, and forgiveness.

Please do not hesitate to call Mrs. B if you have any questions (425) 428-3354.  Our job is to partner with you so that your children can experience school as fun, fulfilling, and rigorous.


Mrs. B and Ms. Tan


We had 369 attendees at our first assembly of the year!  Thank you for helping you students stay connected to school in this way. Our September All-School Assembly recording is here but you have to watch it from your child’s BSD device:  Assembly Link on Stream

Each month we will host an All-School assembly that features students from different grade levels and staff members to help us celebrate, learn and have fun together.  Our theme will be on one of our BSD Shared Values:

In addition, we will host mini-assemblies for our grade bands of K/1st, 2nd/3rd, and 4th/5th students to teach them about digital citizenship.  Mini-assemblies will take place on Wednesdays at the same time.  We will send calendar invitations.  We will host assemblies in English and Mandarin, making sure we balance each language.  In the beginning of the year we may use more English but we will increase Mandarin gradually.  The purpose of our assembly is to unite our community of students and staff which means English will have to be our primary language.

Curriculum Night

Your homeroom teacher(s) are excited to host Curriculum Night to explain our curriculum, instruction, and assessments this year.  During the teacher session you will learn about your child’s homeroom program.  During the Admin session you will learn about district and building-level initiatives as well as demographic, pass assessment data, and other plans for this year. All sessions will be live on Teams.  Click below to join.

The Admin sessions are tailored for the grade level bands but you are welcome to join all sessions if you want to hear about other grade levels.

We will open the chat space for you to ask questions or you can enter them here ahead of time:  Questions for Mrs. B and Ms. Tan

 Links! Night 1 (Tuesday 9/29) Night 2 (Wednesday 9/30) Night 3 ( Friday 10/2)
Session 1 (6:00-6:30)


Ms. Huang: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Jin: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Hu(Huang): Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133


Ms. Ling & Ms. Guadiz:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133


Ms. Xi: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Hung-Turner: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Yin: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Session 2 (6:35-6:55) Live Event with Admin Live Event with Admin Live Event with Admin
Session 3 (7:00-7:30)

Ms. Sun:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133


Ms. Turner: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Zhang 3rd grade Homeroom: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Jan 4th grade Homeroom: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133


Ms. Hsiung & Ms. Taylor:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133

Ms. Zhang & Pederson: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133


Ms. Sung: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Ms. Liu: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

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Ms. Chen:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 206-800-4133   United States, Seattle (Toll)




Emergency Preparedness at Home

Emergencies happen anytime.  Be prepared.

Stylus for Students

If you didn’t get a stylus with your 2nd-5th grade student’s laptop you could go to the Tech Centers (Sammamish or Newport HS) to get one.  Addresses here:

Technology Responsible Use Pledge

To support student ownership, the Bellevue School District replaced the eight-year old Student Acceptable Use Agreement with a NEW Technology Responsible Use PledgeWe’d like every student and their parent/guardian to discuss the Pledge together. It is designed to promote positive use of technology, foster student ownership and reinforce good digital citizenship.

By the way, Netflix just released the documentary “The Social Dilemma” that speaks to the dangers of using social media from the perspectives of tech industry experts.  It is mind-blowing and worth your time, for yourselves and your children.

Family Forum:  MLL Services

There will be an online Family Forum for Multilingual Learners from 5:30 to 6:30 on Wednesday, September 16th and Wednesday, September 23rd.  Information can be found here:

Ms. Wei Xing ( is our MLL Facilitator and she will be in touch with you regarding services if your child qualifies.

Facebook, BMDL-PTSA, School Website, Parent Square

There are four channels of communication from the Jing Mei community.

Parent Square: Internal Jing Mei and Tillicum parent staff communication.  Newsletters, pictures, volunteer sign up, event posting, fieldtrip chaperone, etc.

Bellevue Mandarin Dual Language (BMDL) PTSA:  PTSA communication about family events, fundraisers, volunteering, getting involved.

Jing Mei School Website:  Direct communication from school regarding school policies and BSD information.

Facebook (BMDLPTSA closed group):  Informal parent for parents.  Posting events, finding parenting and home-support resources, starting discussion strands, etc. This is a closed group so you’ll need to submit a request.


Free Vaccine Clinic for Kids Age 0-18

If your student needs immunizations, call Eastgate Public Health to sign up for a FREE appointment for Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Offering all vaccines required for K-12 students + additional childhood vaccines
  • Starting September 3, call (206) 477-8000 to make an appointment for Thursday, September 17

Eastgate Public Health Clinic address:

14350 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA 98007


Public Health – Seattle & King County




Family Connection Center (FCC) 

The FCC supports families who need community resources such as translation, supplemental food for kids, school supplies, baby corner, etc.  Our FCC Specialist is Ms. Grace Kuan and her office hours are 7:30am-2:00pm. You are welcome to email her at  Ms. Kuan can speak Mandarin and Cantonese.

From BSD Central Communication:  Top 5 Tech Tips

Supporting student technology needs during remote learning is important to the Bellevue School District. The following are the top five questions families have and their solutions:

1.    What is my ParentVUE activation key?

2.    How do I monitor my student’s online behavior?

3.    My student’s device is constantly freezing in Teams. What do I do?

4.    My student is unable to access content that should be available. What do I do?

5.    Where do I find my student’s Teams meeting links?

Technology Support is also available online, by phone, and in-person. Learn more.

Official Notices

The 2020-21 Official Notices are available on the district website (and in SharePoint). These documents should be shared with all district families.

Extended Vacations

At Jing Mei, we have a high number or students who take extended vacations abroad as well as those who take vacation based on parents’ work schedule.  While we generally approve your requests, please note that frequent absences will lead to learning gaps, regardless of your child’s achievement level at present.  Help kids understand that going to school is important by planning your vacation according to our school calendar.  Thank you for your cooperation.

School Counselor

The role of a School Counselor is to support students’ social emotional health and learning.  Our School Counselor, Ms. Andrea Hanson, has attached an introduction letter explaining her service to our students.  There are times when your child might confide in you a friendship situation that bothers them at school or maybe you know that your child could benefit from talking to an adult at school who has the training to guide students through a rough patch (i.e. divorce, new baby, a recent move, etc.).  Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Hanson at

Counselor Welcome Letter September 2020-21