School resumes Monday, April 19 and opportunities for in-person instruction will be available for students by educators who wish to instruct in-person, and online for other students. All grades remote learning if not attending in-person.

Dear Parents,


We hope this newsletter finds enjoying the autumn colors in your neighborhood!

Fall is a beautiful season so please find time and take more walks before you miss the autumn colors of leaves.

This newsletter contains important events and updates on our upcoming Community Café as well as Pivot to Hybrid tentative plan.  Thank you for taking time to read our newsletter.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  We value your partnership and always learn great ideas from our parents!

Please feel free to call Mrs. B anytime if you have questions or ideas.  (425) 428-3354.


Mrs. B & Ms. Tan

Community Café:  Why is it important to teach students about race?

We hope to see you at our first Community Café of the year!

This year we plan to host monthly Community Café events for our parents to engage with each other and members of our Racial Equity and Inclusion (REI) team on topics that pertain to how to educate our students.  We hope that this space will be a learning space for all of us.

When:  Tuesday, 10/20, 5pm-6pm

Where: Zoom

Meeting ID: 862 6417 2942

Who: Jing Mei’s Racial Equity and Inclusion Team and Parents

Why:  We want to partner with you to educate our students so that they will enter middle school with the skills of inquiry, critical thinking, and multiple-perspectives.  We would like to share with you our approach but we want to hear from you and learn from your approach in educating your students about race, ethnicity and identity.

Pivot to Hybrid Update:  Jing Mei’s Instructional Plan

Decisions are being made centrally regarding our timeline for pivot to hybrid.  While we wait for BSD guidance, Jing Mei staff is getting ready for our hybrid instructional model.  In this video you will learn about how we plan to design instructional days for our K-2 and 3rd-5th grade students.  For details about health and safety precautions at our school please visit the BSD Townhall this afternoon (10/15).  An overview will be provided with regard to attestation, physical spacing, and mask policies.  Don’t miss it!

For Virtual Families:

We are unable to accommodate a switch from Virtual to Hybrid at this time.  We are also unsure of BSD’s plans for resurveying families at the end of semester 1 so please wait for announcements from BSD Communications.  Remember, class sizes will be 16 when we return.  If we have seats open we will defer to recommendations from our teachers to see which virtual students we need to serve in person based on academic and other special needs.

For Hybrid Families:

If you wish to change your enrollment to Virtual, please update this survey:  Hybrid Families Only

If you previously indicated that you want to remain on Hybrid but want to change it to Virtual please re-submit your answer.  The deadline for re/submission is October 23; assuming that our timeline has shifted based on the recent increase in case numbers, BSD will announce a new proposed return date.  Our hard deadline for your decision will be two weeks before that date.  For now, your responses will help us proceed with our planning with as much accuracy as possible.  Thank you.


BSD Townhall on Health and Safety

Oct. 15 @4pm-5pm

Jing Mei School & PTSA

Join the PTSA and help us keep the Jing Mei community strong!

The Bellevue Mandarin Dual Language PTSA needs you…and your kids need the PTSA! Please join today and make a difference in your child’s education.

New for 2020! We are launching a new contactless way to sign up for PTSA this year. Sign up and pay for registration here ( This is our preferred method for registration.

o     Family Membership $25 (must provide 2 family members below)

o     Individual or Staff Membership $15

o     Gift an Individual or Staff Membership $15

Need to pay by check/cash? please make your donation payable to “BMDL PTSA” and complete the form below. You can drop the check off at school or mail it to: Jing Mei Elementary, 12635 SE 56th Street, Bellevue, WA 98006.



At the beginning of this school year, we continued with the use of the Remote Learning Absence (RLA) coding, that was utilized last spring when students were absent from a virtual class.  This was a temporary provision to be utilized up to October 2.  Thus, starting on Monday, October 5th, absences from remote learning will be marked excused or unexcused and we will be using the  attendance codes that we have used in the past.  If your student is absent please contact our attendance office at


The purpose of our monthly assemblies is to bring students and staff together and preserve our community.  This year we are offering more interactive activities including the “Getting to know you” and “Dance” segments.  We are also adding grade-band mini-assemblies to address and connect with students at more appropriate levels on topics relevant to their grade.  Please help us promote our assembly by making sure your children are logging on. October is Bullying Prevention Month, and in our assembly, we reviewed BSD Value “Respect”, learned  “Compassion” and Jing Mei Core Value “Health 体”.  We had student representatives to read a book and share what Unity means to them.  We are also encouraging students to  understand the difference between mean student behaviors and bullying behaviors. For our October assembly on Oct 14, we had 280 attendees.  That’s a great turnout but we are hoping for all of our students to sign on so that they can see and hear from our larger community. If your Kindergarten or first grade students are invited to be presenters in our assembly, please make sure they are using a laptop to login because iPads are not able to have them join successfully.

If you missed yesterday morning’s assembly, the recording is here:


At the end of the assembly today, students learned about two activities they can participate in:

  • Sharing how they plan to practice unity in lieu of Unity Day on October 21st
  • The Mask Designing Contest

This Nearpod link allows students to write on a collaboration board to share how they plan to practice unity: Join Code: 3MUQ6

This is similar to the unity day cards we had up in the cafeteria, except this year we are using the collaboration board. This could be a good activity for COOL block in the morning to discuss why anti-bullying is important and how we can use our voices and actions with intentionality to help others. Students names are anonymous to other students, so remind them that only we will see what they wrote.

This Flipgrid link allows students to share a quick video of their mask designs:  Join Code: fc53bf0e

If students are just wanting to send a picture, they can send this to Ms. Hanson’s email:

Let your students know that we will be looking through pictures/videos and will announce a winner at our next whole school assembly!

Social Emotional Learning and Bullying Prevention @ Jing Mei

At Jing Mei, our Social Emotional Learning Curriculum is based on CASEL Competencies and WA SEL Standards. Please see the attached Chinese translated CASEL standard and attached article about social-emotional learning (SEL). Please also watch this video about how schools provide SEL learning and about ways families can provide supports at home.


National Bullying Prevention Month:

As this month is also Disability Awareness month, Please support your child at home in welcoming others and acting and speaking in safe, respectful, and responsible ways. Please let your child’s teacher if you have any questions about specific ways to help your child by talking about respectful behaviors at home.

Please also check out this book list to spread the message of kindness, empathy, and inclusion.


Children need to be taught about staying safe, both physically and emotionally.  At school we are teaching them the following units of study:

BSD’s Bullying Prevention Units

As part of the Second Step Bullying Prevention Units (BPU), families will be receiving Home Links and lessons that you could use to discuss more with your child about the importance of inclusion, collaboration, and being able to find strategies when facing a difficult situation. We want to develop students’ own ability to handle conflicts and make decisions to problem solve and find strategies to trouble shoot peer conflicts. To learn more about bullying, link here.

Digital Citizenship

Mrs. B, Ms. Tan, and Ms. Hanson have begun teaching Digital Citizenship lesson in our K-5 classrooms.  For each grade level there is a series of 3-7 lessons that cover developmentally appropriate topics with actionable recommendations. Take a look at these topics and partner with us to reinforce healthy online habits at home!

Classroom Management for Teachers-ClassPolicy

What is ClassPolicy and Why Use It?

To assist teachers with classroom management of student computers, the district utilizes ClassPolicy. ClassPolicy allows teachers to:

  • Monitor student computer screens (only for 2nd to 12th grade students because K-1st students have iPads)
  • Lock student computers to only utilize certain resources when needed
  • Launch applications for students

We recognize that some students are distracted by other websites, apps, and the chat functions on Teams. The main goal for this program is to support students to remain focus in class. Teachers who have used ClassPolicy in a remote learning environment have appreciated the ability to monitor student engagement, support students in the use of educational applications like Teams/OneNote/more, eliminate distractions by restricting web and application access, and more.

What Are Some ClassPolicy Limitations?

Students have to be on their BSD laptops for ClassPolicy to work. Some students use two screens, additional devices, etc. so they could still be multitasking or off-task. ClassPolicy only applies to 2nd to 5th grade students because it only works on district laptops. Our tech department is working on identifying other ways to support iPads for our K and 1st grade students. ClassPolicy will only work during school hours. Teachers are not able to use the app to monitor students’ second screen if they have more than one screen because the app only allows teachers to see the main desktop during class time.

What Are Some ClassPolicy Privacy Concerns? 

You may be able to see students chat with one another. If our teachers turn on their ClassPolicy, they can see what students are doing on their laptop main screen and can send a pop-up message to students to be mindful of what they do and write on a district laptop. Consider that in a physical classroom, students would be careful about what they do and say within earshot of the teacher, and that should still apply in an online classroom.

What is the implementation Timeline?

Some teachers are piloting this program starting the week of Oct 12 and all teachers are getting their training starting next week. Your students might not know about this “superpower” of their teachers yet, but feel free to talk with your students at home about this new program the teacher is launching and review the Technology Responsible Use Pledge. (Spanish | Hindi | Chinese中文)

Our goal is to support students to maximize their learning experience and increase productivity in class. We will need your supports to reinforce the expectation at home to reach this goal!

Family Connection Center

Hello Families!  This is to let you know that you must complete a WELCOME FORM for each BSD student in your family each year.  Thank you very much for your time and for completing our Family Connections Welcome Form!

 Information for Families:

NEW! Family Connections Welcome Form

If your student qualifies for free and reduced lunch or if your family is facing financial hardship, you can apply to programs offered by our community partners. If you are interested, please complete the online form for each BSD student so that your family can be added to the appropriate community program list.  Please select your home school when completing this form.  Note: Being on a program list does not guarantee participation as these programs are funded and managed by our community partners (Bellevue LifeSpring, Backpack Meals, Jubilee REACH, Assistance League of the Eastside, Eastside Baby Corner, Congregation for Kids and more!).   Please complete the form in this link:  

Earthquake Drill

International ShakeOut Day is today, October 15.  This is a day when we engage in best practices and safety habits should an earthquake occur.  While COVID-19 has brought many uncertainties and challenges, one thing is for sure – we need to ensure students can apply what we teach annually at school within their home learning space.

Because we are uncertain of the configurations of each child’s learning space, this year we are sharing virtual resources with you to customize your experience.  You can hold your ShakeOut drill when and where you want – it’s up to you.  Check out “2020 ShakeOut – Virtual Learner” from CUSEC on Vimeo:

During the earthquake drill, we tell the students to do the following:

Stop doing what you are doing

Drop to the ground

Cover and get under table to protect yourself

Hold on tightly until shaking stops

Get help by calling 911 when shaking stops & to check injuries

Stop, Drop, and Hold

Vaccine Clinic

See here for information on a Drive Through clinic where you can get all of your K-12 required vaccines and flu shot.

English_ShoWare Drive Thru Clinics_Rescheduled to 10-17-20

Counselor’s Corner 

Our School Counselor, Ms, Hanson, has been setting up restorative conferences and other SEL-related programs to help our students become positive and productive citizens.  We are thankful for Ms. Hanson.  Please contact Ms. Hanson if you or your child need advice or support at home or at school.

Counselor Corner October 2020

Bellevue Schools Foundation

The Bellevue Schools Foundation’s Annual Clickathon event will be held October 27th and 28th.  All donations over $100 made on these two days will be matched 1:1. Our goal is to raise $350,000 from parents like YOU. Public funding is not enough to fund the exceptional programming that makes Bellevue Schools the best in the Nation. Donate here or at to fund the following programs in our schools:

  • Training for 40+ additional counselors to address student stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Training for teachers to integrate cutting-edge Computer Science curriculum in every classroom;
  • Libraries in our 1st-5th grade classrooms with characters and narratives that reflect our District’s global culture;
  • Family Connection Centers, currently serving over 600 families and 2600 students a week;
  • And more!

Donations of any size from $5 to $5000 are greatly appreciated!

Bellevue School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Title IX Coordinator: Jeff Lowell, (425) 456-4010 or; Section 504/ADA Coordinator: Heather Edlund, (425) 456-4156 or; Civil Rights/Nondiscrimination Compliance Coordinator Alexa Allman, (425) 456-4040 or Mailing address for all three: 12111 NE 1st Street, Bellevue, WA 98005.

The Bellevue School District is also committed to providing a safe and civil educational environment that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. Report harassment, intimidation or bullying with SafeSchools Alert or at your school. The Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Compliance Officer is Nancy Pham, (425) 456-4040 or