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Dear Parents,

This is the final newsletter for this school year.  Our next newsletter will come to you in August with updates about fall.

Please watch our video message:  Yearend Message for Parents (English)



Mrs. B and Ms. Tan

Counselor’s Corner

Counselor Corner June 2021

Yearend Celebration Walk:  This Saturday 6/19

Thanks to the PTSA we have a final celebration to bring our community together!

Join us on the school field for our Celebration Walk festivities.

See Parent Square for details and sign up:

Moving Up Ceremony:  6/22

Our most joyful assembly of the year is the Moving Up Ceremony where students are promoted to the next grade level!  This year we will create a hybrid experience where in-person students and virtual students will be invited to the same assembly and we promote each grade level through fun tasks.  Virtual students will join a Teams meeting and get broadcasted into the gym; hybrid students will be able to see the virtual students projected on our large screen and both will be able to interact via broadcasting equipment.  Due to limitations on in-door capacity we will create a rolling ceremony where each grade level gets invited for a short period of time, overlapping with the lower and upper grade.  It will be very fun!  Virtual parents, please help your students join the assembly by clicking on one of the links below. Both sessions are the same.

6/22 Moving Up Ceremony 9:20-10:45

6/22 Moving Up Ceremony 1:20-2:45

Morning Afternoon
K 9:30-9:45 1:30-1:45
1st 9:30-10:00 1:30-2:00
2nd 9:45-10:15 1:45-2:15
3rd 10:00-10:30 2:00-2:30
4th 10:15-10:45 2:15-2:45
5th* 10:30-10:45 2:30-2:45

*5th graders will have been promoted at the graduation ceremony so this will be our time to say goodbye and have a final mini celebration.

Student Devices Updates for Summer and Fall

All K-12 students will be able to keep their devices over the summer. This ensures every student has an opportunity to continue to learn, connect, innovate, communicate, collaborate and so much more.

Subject App and summer accessibility
Chinese Literacy iChineseReader, Story World, Fun China World: use all summer
English Literacy Lexia: use all summer
Math Freckle: use all summer
Reading for Joy Epic, Sora, Destiny, Hoola, and Lightbox are just a few apps that offer audio books and hundreds of titles for students to enjoy.  All can be launched from Clever. If you don’t know these your children do…so just ask them!  🙂


Recommendations from the REI team:

First Day of School 2021-2022

1st-5th Grade First Day of School: Wednesday 9/1

Kindergarten WaKids Parent Teacher Conference Days:  Wednesday 9/1, Thursday, 9/2, Tuesday 9/7

Kindergarten First Day:  Friday 9/3

Kindergarten No School Day (for WaKids conferencing): Tuesday 9/7

Before/After School Care

The Bellevue Boys and Girls Club will be offering before/after school care on our campus for the 2021-2022 school year.  To register please visit their website:

School Supplies for 2021-2022

As we plan for a return to a normal school year, here are the grade level supplies list and some options for our families.

  1. Order the whole list of supplies through the PTSA.  Supplies will be delivered to the school directly.
  2. Purchase the supplies and bring them to school either at the Back to School Ice Cream Social in August or on the first day of school.
  3. If you can only purchase a few items or if you are unable to purchase any of the items on the list please do not worry!  School will provide additional items to each classroom that fall short of supplies.

Supplies list are posted here:

Back to school packs will be available to order 6/9-7/1  2021. There will be no paper order forms so please order Account#98344.  Kits that are ordered will be delivered to the classroom ready for the first day of school and will be kept individually. We will take online orders until Monday 7/1/2021. Please do not delay in placing order as once the system is closed, we will not be able to reopen and we do NOT order extras.

Our supply lists are quite extensive so this is a good time saver and this year even though we started late, the vendor is still able to offer us a percentage of total sale going back to JingMei PTA so this is a easy way to help support PTA and save yourself some time. It takes less than 3 minutes.

Staffing Changes

Below is our current homeroom teaching roster.  Throughout the summer we may have movement so the lineup may change so we will provide an update in August.

You will be notified of your homeroom teacher in August. * indicate Chinese-English teaching partners.  For example, Ms. Sun’s partner is Mrs. Mcglennon and Ms. Zhang’s partner is Ms. Jan.

Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Ms. Min-Shu Hung-Turner

Ms. Elaine Yin

Ms. Molly Xi

Ms. Jo Shan

Ms. Chen-Ju Chen

Ms. Bing Liu

Ms. Sophie Huang

Ms. Zhiyin Jin

Ms. Dongni Hu

Ms. Xi Sun*

Mrs. Younghee Mglennon*

Ms. Han Zhang**

Ms. Tiffany Jan**

Ms. Kaige Zhang-Gantz***

Ms. Kristine Guadiz***


Ms. Hui-Chen Hsiung****

Ms. Ariana Taylor****

Ms. Chen Ling (part-time)*****

TBD English Time Teacher(part-time)*****

Get to know your teachers here:

Progress Reports distributed Tuesday, June 22nd

Progress Reports will look different this spring than they did mid-year. Due to numerous changes and transitions since January — including the transition to hybrid as well as reassignment of many students to different teachers — we will be using a Progressing/Not Progressing grading scale. Our teachers have continued to observe and monitor progress for each student, and the Report will indicate whether or not your child has made enough progress to move onto the next grade level without significant interventions. If your child receives an NP, please do not worry too much. The circumstances under which students have been learning this year have been significantly challenging. We have supplemental data to help us identify area(s) that we need to intervene in the Fall, as well as identifying areas where your child may benefit from additional summer support.

For each academic area and sub-category, your child will receive a P or NP:

P (progressing) indicates that your child is making progress.

NP (not progressing) indicates that your child will need substantial interventions to make adequate progress.

Jing Mei teachers will be sending paper copies of progress reports and additional assessment data home with hybrid students on the day of school (Tuesday, June 22nd.) For virtual students, teachers will send a PDF of the progress report and related documents to the guardian emails on file.

There will be an TRC Reading report that we send home with Progress Report.

These are the reading levels that are set before Pandemic so please note that our instructional reading level is adjusted accordingly to support students’ need. By providing the English and/or Chinese reading level above, family/students can know which levels of books to read via RazKids or iChinese Reader over the break. In the progress report, you will see NP or P to indicate if your student is making progress based on beginning and middle of the year data.

You also have access to view progress reports and attendance on ParentVue or StudentVue, in our learning management system. Please go to for details on how to get your account activated and set up if you have not done so already. StudentVUE and ParentVUE access to the web-based and pdf elementary progress report will occur after 12:00 PM on Wednesday, June 24th.

2021-2022 Covid-19 Required Mitigation Measures

Starting from July we will no longer require parents to submit daily health attestation nor will students’ temperature be taken upon entry to the classroom.  We will continue to follow the recommended measures below:

Face Coverings

Hand Hygiene

Physical Distancing

Response to Cases and Suspected Cases

Cleaning and Disinfecting



The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.