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Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!  Get acquainted with our staff and see what you have in common with us.

Below is our current homeroom teaching roster. * indicate partner teachers.  You will be notified of your homeroom teacher assignment in August.

Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Ms. Xi Sun

Ms. Elaine Yin

Ms. Cui Sun

Ms. Shengnan Li

Ms. Jiayin Yu

Ms. Bing Liu

Ms. Sophie Huang

Ms. Molly Xi

Ms. Ying Liu

Ms. Zhiyin Jin* (English)

Mrs. Jo Sung* (Chinese)

Ms. Han Zhang** (Chinese)

Mr. Eric Shyu** (English)

Ms. Kaige Zhang-Gantz*** (Chinese)

Ms. Kristine Guadiz***(English)


Ms. Hui-Chen Hsiung**** (Chinese)

Ms. Tiffany Jan (English)****

Ms. Qilin Bi(Chinese)/Ms. Lisa Okahata(English)


Ms. Tina Bogucharova 应婷校长– Principal

I am Chinese-American, born and raised in Taiwan. In 1986 my family immigrated to the United States where we settled in San Leandro, California.  I didn’t learn to speak English until I was 11 years old and my parents insisted that we speak Mandarin at home.  I remember feeling confused about my identity, was I Chinese or American?  I went to the University of California, Irvine for my BA in Psychology and Chinese Literature and Teachers College, Columbia University for my MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. During these formative years I learned a lot about myself and others like me who also have dual identities and languages.  My parents, by insisting on keeping the Chinese language and culture alive at home, instilled a sense of belonging and curiosity that would forever govern how I choose to live my life.  In my twenties, I went through a mild wanderlust period during which I lived and taught English in China, Japan and New York. Although I have been teaching since 2000, my first certificated public school teaching job was in 2005 in Queens, New York, where I taught 4th grade at P.S. 116. That job transformed me as an educator. For the first time, I felt a sense of immense urgency to serve the children in our public schools. As a classroom teacher I watched my students fail and thrive, and it taught me that teaching requires a tremendous amount of ingenuity, perseverance, and love. In 2007, I moved to Seattle and joined Bellevue School District as an ELL Facilitator and Newcomer Center teacher at Newport Heights Elementary. In 2011, I helped launch the Mandarin Dual Language program at Ardmore and served as the Instructional Leader and Curriculum Developer until 2015 when I transitioned to Cherry Crest Elementary School as the Assistant Principal.  In 2016 I returned to Jing Mei as the Principal and this year I start my 16th year working in the Bellevue School District.  I am excited to continue to lead Jing Mei and making it a place of learning for all kids, parents, and staff members.

Lastly, I feel especially connected to the students of Jing Mei because like me they have parents who have the foresight of giving them the best gift of all:  An opportunity to have two souls.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” ~Emperor Charlemagne


Ms. Dongmei Tan 副校长– Assistant Principal

With great excitement and pleasure, I am writing this introduction letter to you as your new Assistant Principal at Jing Mei Elementary School.

I am thrilled and privileged to have the opportunity to continue to be part of this wonderful community. Before joining Bellevue School District, I have been in different roles from World Language teacher, English Language Learner Support teacher, and classroom teacher in both private and public school settings in New York City. In 2013 when Jing Mei started in the Bellewood site as a new school, I had the pleasure of joining Jing Mei as a classroom teacher. Since leaving the classroom teacher role, I have worked as Jing Mei’s Instructional Technology and Curriculum Leader (ITCL) and transitioned to the Teaching and Learning Department as an Instructional Mentor for new teachers in ten different elementary schools across the district. I feel very fortunate to have the offer to serve Jing Mei this school  year as your Dean of Students and now embark upon my new role as the Assistant Principal next year, working alongside our Principal, Mrs. B to serve all of you.

I believe in educational equity, which makes it possible for all students to have the opportunity to access the resources and education service they need. My own schooling and life experience in both China and the U.S. gave me different perspectives of how the public and private school systems work. My multilingual lived experience, speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Taishanese, and English, has shaped how I think and support our Multilingual and Dual Language Learners at Jing Mei.

I am committed to being a leader and advocate who can help create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, families, and staff. I can’t wait to meet all the new students, families, and staff for the first time and continue to get to know you more if you are already in our Jing Mei Community! Our Jing Mei students are the future, and it takes all of us to make their experience successful. All your voices matter! They are vital and valuable to my work. Please remember that I am just one email or phone call away!

Go Phoenix!


我很高兴和荣幸有机会继续成为这个美好社区的一员。 在加入贝尔维尤学区之前,我曾经在纽约市公里和私立学校任过不同的角色,包括世界语教师、英语学习者支持老师以及小学班主任的角色。在2013年景美以新学校的身份在Bellewood校区开学时,我有幸加入了景美成为一名班主任老师。后来我离开了前线教学的岗位,我担任了景美的教学技术和课程教材主任的职位,后来接受了挑战到教育局工作,担任全区十所小学新教师的导师角色。我感到很幸运的是,在这个学年里面担任了景美教导主任Dean的工作,然后在九月份现在开始成为你们的副校长,与我们的应校长一起协力为大家服务。


我致力于成为领导者和倡导者,帮助为所有学生、家庭和员工创造一个包容和让大家感觉欢迎和舒适的社区环境。此时此刻,我迫不及待地想要认识我们的新学生、家长和教职员工。如果您已经在我们的景美社区,我希望可以有机会继续加深我们的认识!我们景美学生是这个社会的未来,为了他们的成功,我们需要共同努力和合作。您每一位的看法和建议对我的工作至关重要和宝贵。我的办公室随时为您而开,一个电子邮件或电话也是可以联络到我! 我期待着与大家一起工作!

Naomi Yen  颜如玉辦公主任 – Office Manager

Hi everyone, my name is Naomi Yen. I was born in LA and raised in Taichung City, Taiwan. I first came to Seattle when I was 3rd grade, and I went to Enatai School in Bellevue for two years and went to high school in Tacoma, WA. I got my medical degree and finished residency in Beijing in Peking University. My education background has giving me a very bilingual experience. Because of this, I adapt to new environment quickly and love to learn and get to know people with different back ground.

I am very happy to be part of Jing-Mei Family. Working as a school secretary for the past three years have giving a lot of experience that I don’t have and learned from the medical school. Everyday is full of unpredictable surprises and excitement. I appreciate Jing-Mei give me the opportunity to be the new office manager. I wish my professional experience back in medical field and working in Jing Mei for the past three years can support and assist as much as possible for our school, staff, student and community.

大家好,我是Naomi,我姓颜。 我在加州出生,在台中台湾长大。我小学3年级时来到西雅图就读,当时在Enatai小学上学,高中也在这边就读。我在北京大学就读医学院,也完成住院医师实习。 我在一个双语环境下长大,由于我的教育背景,让我能快速适应新环境并且时常对许多新事物感到很多好奇心,也对于学习新事物感到很兴奋。


Ms. Vera Pan-Office Secretary

Vera PanI was born and raised in Shanghai. I watched as the world became more and more international and the need for cross cultural understanding grew. I graduated from the Shanghai Normal University and did further studies at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. I spent 13 years working with Multinational Companies helping cross-culture development as a Data Analyst and later as Sourcing ensuring the successful procurement of many of the product. After successfully leading projects at companies like The Home Depot and General Motors, longing for a change, I decided to move with my husband and two kids to the USA.

Becoming a mother and watching my own children firsthand struggle with bilingualism, I became more and more fascinating with how people learn in general and particularly languages. I started slowly first volunteering as a school helper at my children’s bilingual preschool. I then spent two years home schooling my kids in both English and Chinese. I decided then to make a career change to become an educator focusing on teaching/tutoring young minds in the Chinese Language and Culture.

Recently as a substitute GSA, I had the opportunity to engage with many levels of students each with wonderful stories, curiosity and background. I am excited and committed to help students at Jingmei to realize their full potential, to discover how to best communicate their ideas, their fears, and their passions. I appreciate the opportunity that Jingmei has given me to be an influence on their lives in such a unique environment.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

Thank you and may we all realize our dreams!


我出生并成长于中国上海。随着生活和工作阅历的增长,我体会到这世界变得越来越国际化,和对跨文化交流需求的不断增长。我毕业于上海师范大学,之后在新西兰怀卡托大学深造。在跨国公司(Home Depot 和 General Motors)的13年工作经历中,我曾担任过数据分析师,后来转行从事了采购。在2019年为了改变,我决定与丈夫和两个孩子一起搬到美国生活。





Ms. Elaine Ling Yin  – Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园


Hi all! My name is Ling Yin, and you can call me Elaine. I am from Jiangsu Province, China. Born and raised in a small town in Taizhou, I am fluent in two dialects and Mandarin. Started to learn English when I was in 5th Grade, I eventually majored in English Language and received my Bachelor’s degree from Nanjing Normal University. I had been teaching English in Shenzhen, Guangdong for 5 and a half years, and my students were mostly 3 to 12 years old. After I moved to Seattle, I started off as teaching Mandarin as a part time job. Later, I finished Elementary Teacher Preparation Program at University of Washington and received my Master’s degree in teaching. I like to work with my students and their caretakers closely. All of my prior experience laid a solid foundation for me to be a better teacher. I like to work with my students and their caretakers closely and believe that all kids are teachable. My favorite quote is that where there is a well, there is a way!


Ms. Cui Sun- Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园

Ms. Xi Sun-Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园



Ms. Jiayin Yu-1st Grade Homeroom一年级

Hello everyone, my name is Jiayin Yu. (Fun fact to share, my first name Jiayin actually means “Good News” in Chinese)

I was born in Shanghai China and grew up in several different provinces of China including Jilin, Yunnan, Shandong. I have several family members who are teachers. For example, my mother was my chemistry teacher in middle school, and she is still teaching today. So, there is no wonder that I have been interested in education ever since I was young. Therefore, after moved to the Seattle area with my family 8 years ago, I have been actively involved into education activities and programs.

Last school year, I could only meet my students online and we had some fun learning times together. This school year, I can’t wait to meet all my lovely students in person and I am looking forward to bringing more “good news” to Jingmei and our students!




Ms. Bing Liu 刘冰-First Grade Homeroom 一年级

My name is Bing Liu. I am so excited to be a part of the Jing Mei family. I was born and raised in northeast of China, Changchun, which is a very cold city. When I started reading as a little girl, I fell in love with literature, which opened my world, enriched my mind and kindled the light of hope for my life. I got my bachelor and first master degree in Chinese linguistics and literature in China. After I graduated, I have one-year full-time teaching experience in Jiefang middle school in China. Every class for me was a precious chance to grow up with children. The affection and inspiration I got from my precious students gave me huge confidence to insist on teaching.

Then I decided to continue my learning. I hope to know more about other country’s education and advanced teaching methods and skills. So I came to America and got my second master degree in TESOL program in Seattle University. The learning experience in America gave me a lot of ideas about the comparison and integration between the languages and cultures of America and China. I hope my classroom is a place for students to feel safe, comfortable and happy to develop their critical thinking ability and multi-cultural awareness.

I often ask myself: “What makes a good educator?” It is not until I became a teacher myself that I had a new understanding of education. For me, not only is it a career but more of a kind of responsibility, belief, and passion. Education is the most important part of everyone’s life, which is reflected through countless common incidents in our lives. I think the small incidents in education have framed the big concept. My objective is to make changes to education from those tiny details in classroom which could make a big difference!

我的名字叫刘冰,我很开心加入景美这个大家庭。 我出生在中国吉林省长春市。从我开始学习阅读时,就爱上了文学的世界。阅读打开了我看世界的大门, 启发我时刻独立思考,并把从阅读中得到的感悟和思索用到自己的生活和学习中。所以我在大学和研究生期间,继续中国语言与文学方向的学习,我本科毕业于哈尔滨工业大学,并且因为成绩优异获得保送攻读东北师范大学研究生学位的机会。在我研究生毕业后,我在长春市解放大路中学任教一年。在这一年中,我多次参加青年教师公开课大赛,磨练自己的教学技能。

在一年的工作之后,我深知作为一名教育者所需要的继续学习的重要性。所以我来到美国,在西雅图大学攻读我的第二个研究生学位。在中国的学习与教学经历与来到美国后我感受到的教育、教学上的不同时常引发我的反思,设想怎样把创新的教学方法用到自己的课堂中 ,怎样让学生利用宝贵的时间掌握更加有价值的知识和能力。我希望学生在我的课堂可以在快乐中学习,培养学生的批判性思维能力和多元文化意识,让学生可以站在不同的立场和角度思考问题。




Ms. Ying Liu-2nd Grade Homeroom 二年级

Hello!  My name is Ying Liu.  I am your second-grade teacher. I am so excited for this school year to begin at Jing Mei Elementary. I was originally from Inner Mongolia, China and have been living in the Seattle area for the past fourteen years. When I came to Seattle, I have completely fell in love with the beautiful city and its loving community.

Prior to my certification in teaching (Elementary and ELL) with City University, I started college at Beijing Normal University.  Later, I transferred and graduated with my bachelor’s degree from The University of Washington.  I am currently working on my master’s degree to further my own education.  Besides my teaching certification, I also have a certification in Montessori.  Four years of Montessori teaching have shown me that children have unlimited capabilities for learning if given the right opportunities.  It is rewarding to see my students grow and socially develop into successful members of our community.

It is my honor to become a part of the families that I teach.  I am looking forward to meeting and learning with you!

大家好! 我叫刘莹,很高兴能成为景美二年级的老师。我在中国内蒙古出生长大。当我来西雅图求学的时候就被这个美丽又有人文环境的城市所吸引,所以在这里生活了14年。因为当老师是我从小的梦想,高考以后我如愿的进入北京师范大学学习。2007 年,我有机会来美国学习深造,在华盛顿大学完成了本科学位。在西雅图城市大学取得了小学教师资格证之前,因为我对不同的教育理念很感兴趣,所以学习了蒙特梭利的教育方法并拿到了教师资格证,担任了4年的老师。我的教学理念是培养学生自己学习的能力,成为对社会有用的人才。我坚信只要教育者提供给学生对的方法和机会,他们一定会有无限的潜力去学习和成功。我很荣幸能够加入到景美这个大家庭。期待与你见面,与你一同学习!


Ms. Sophie Yu-Hsuan Huang 黄韻璇老师 – Second Grade Homeroom 二年级

Hello! My name is Sophie Huang. I am thrilled to be a second-grade teacher this year. I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I had been teaching English in Taipei for five years. In order to develop my professionalism, I came to the US in 1998 and earned a MA in Linguistics from California State University Long Beach, specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language. I was impressed by the diversity and enjoyed teaching in multi-cultural classroom as an ESL instructor in Long Beach City College. I moved to Seattle 7 years ago and I worked as a mandarin teacher in Tzu-Chi Academy. I enjoy teaching and learning with my students very much.

My philosophy of teaching is to treat students as an individuals and inspire them to reach their full potential in a positive, inclusive and stimulating learning environment, as well as helping students achieve global competency by enriching learning and let them become the creators of their own world. I look forward to growing with the Jing Mei community with my enthusiasm.

Outside the classroom, I like doing some crafts and scrapbooking. I also enjoy various activities, such as hiking, Zumba dancing, and sightseeing. I love travelling with my family and eating authentic country food. Travelling around the world is my dream.

大家好!我是黄韻璇,今年是我在景美小学的第三年,我非常开心在今年成为景美小学的二年级老师。从小我就立志要当老师,一路受到老师的鼓励努力去追求自己的梦想。在台担任过五年的儿童美语老师, 我非常热爱教学,喜欢跟学生一起教学相长。为了可以成为专业的教育工作者来帮助更多的学生,我选择来到美国继续深造。我在加州大学长滩分校获得了英语教学硕士学位,并且在长滩学院任职英语教学讲师,感受到双语环境的教学文化及乐趣。七年前搬到气候宜人的西雅图,非常喜欢这里的人文环境及多元化教育,也于慈济人文学校继续任教。并且通过西雅图城市大学教师培训课程,获得了华盛顿州小学教师及双语教育的教师资格证。因材施教是我的教学理念。为了让每个学生发挥他们的学习潜能及专长,我给与多元化及不断革新的安全学习环境,启发学生的自我探索及动手实践与创新,让他们能在学习过程中更了解自己。在这全新的一年,我会继续秉持教学的热忱,与大家一起学习和成长。


Ms. Molly Qinqin Xi 奚沁沁-2nd Grade Homeroom 二年级

Hello everyone! I’m honored to be a part of the Jing Mei community. I grew up in Shanghai, China – after finishing my undergraduate degree in finance there, I moved to Seattle to pursue my Master’s in Education, specializing in TESOL. I now live in Issaquah with my husband and two children. I previously taught English to adults as an ESL instructor at Seattle Community College. After becoming a parent, I discovered my passion for teaching children, and began pursuing certification to become an elementary school teacher. I completed my teaching internship in Jing Mei and was attracted by its family-like environment. Besides Elementary Education endorsement, I’m also endorsed in World Languages in Chinese, ELL and Bilingual Education.

I value and respect each student’s distinct cultural and family background with a unique blend of individual traits, preferences, and beliefs. I believe the power of choice inspires students’ learning: students should have choices in learning and presenting their knowledge, since each of us is unique in the way we sense the world and construct knowledge. My goal is to build a classroom where students of many learning styles and abilities can fully engage with the curriculum and become more independent learners.

Some of my favorite hobbies are Chinese calligraphy, painting, exercising and photography, and most of all, spending time with my family.

大家好!我非常荣幸能够加入景美社区。我在中国上海出生长大,大学毕业后来到了西雅图攻读教育硕士。我和我的家人目前居住在Issaquah。我有两个孩子。我曾经在Seattle Community College做成人英文老师,但是做了妈妈以后,我发现我更多的热情在于教育孩子上,所以我转向攻读教师证,希望能成为一名小学老师,我在景美小学完成了我的实习,在这期间被景美小学的家庭氛围所吸引。我除了拥有小学教育资质,也拥有双语教学,ELL 和世界语言教学的资质。



Ms. Zhiyin Jin   靳知吟– 3rd Grade Homeroom 三年级

Hi everyone! My name is Zhiyin Jin. I am from Shanghai, China. I have always wanted to be a teacher since my childhood. When I was little, I arranged my dolls on my bed and played pretend teacher. To make my dream come true, I went to East China Normal University and majored in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. During my senior year, I was an intern in Shanghai American School, where I experienced the U.S. school model, education philosophies and instructions. I was amazed at the learner anatomy that I saw across the campus.  My internship there arose my interest in learning about more elementary and secondary education in the U.S. After college, I went to Teachers College, Columbia, where I studied and compared the education system in the U.S. and China, especially in bilingual education field. After graduation, I chose to be a dual language teacher in a public school in New York City. Most of my students spoke another language at home or came from lower-income family. In my five year of teaching life there, I enjoyed connecting with my students and their families and helping my students to be confident in their learning. I am so honored to join the second grade team in Jing Mei. I hope I can help every student to find their strengths in learning and their own learning styles. Outside the classroom, I like hiking and swimming. I am also always ready to try something new, whether it is delicious food or an adventure.


Ms. Chung-Hui Sung 單忠慧老師 – 3rd Grade Homeroom 三年级

I come from Taiwan. I am the older of two children in my family. Both my parents are retired government workers who put great emphasis on my education and allowed me the freedom to develop my own individuality. My family values and my respect to the elderly have taught me to be mature and self-reliant. My motto is: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

I have been inspired to become a teacher since my early childhood. To accomplish my goal, I have acquired a bachelor degree in special education and a master degree in education. I have a K-12 teacher certificate from Taiwan. I taught two years in kindergarten and six years in elementary school. I married my husband and moved to Seattle since 2012. I have taught Chinese since then and this will be my fifth year with the Bellevue School District. I am very excited about the new school year and I am fully committed to continue my passion to teach and to educate. I have tremendous respect for the great thinker and educator, John Dewey. His education philosophy focuses on meaningful learning activities and classroom democracy. Learning by doing and development of practical life skills is crucial to children’s education. My teaching center on children’s learning process and not the end result. The end result is important but happy and democratic learning environment can help children gain valuable life experience and provide them with instruments of effective self-direction.

My aspiration is to allow the children to have freedom for development and the ability to discover their hidden potentials. At the same time, I will continue my professional development and give my best effort to the Jing-Mei school community.




Ms. Han Zhang张涵老师 – Third Grade Homeroom 三年级

ZhangMy name is Han Zhang. Since the first time I came to Bellevue, I have been enthralled by the beautiful scenery, moved by everyone’s compassionate support, and the enthusiasm with which the students approached the Chinese language. As such, I am thrilled to return to Jing Mei Elementary School for my second year.
I grew up in a Chinese province known for its diversity of culture and language. Two years ago, I came to the U.S to continue my post-baccalaureate education and obtained my master degree in Elementary Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My teacher education program provided me great opportunities to work hands-on with students in classroom settings. During this time, I discovered my passion in a dual language instruction while completing an internship at a dual language public school in Cambridge. Thereafter, I pursued my full time practicum in a mainstream public school in Arlington, Massachusetts. I hope to bring my theoretic knowledge obtained from Lesley University and professional experience from teaching in different school settings together to guide students in their academic and emotional development.

The study of language is not just learning to read and write; it is also a portal to learning about and understanding a different culture and tradition. My goal is to build a caring, nurturing, and exciting place of learning where students can grow academically and emotionally. I believe it is essential to foster a climate of high self-esteem, dedication to school and community, and a strong desire for life-long learning. I hope, through our combined efforts, to instill in our children a commitment to learning, critical thinking, curiosity, and desire to be challenged so that they may find joy in learning.

当我第一次来到Bellevue 时,就不禁被它的美景深深吸引,更被大家的热情和孩子们学习中文的渴望所感染,因此非常荣幸能在去年加入景美小学这个大家庭。

我生长在中国一个文化,民族,语言多样化的省市。 两年前,我来到美国马萨诸塞州的剑桥市读书,获得了小学教育专业的硕士学位。在硕士学习期间,我的学校为我提供了很多教学实践机会。其中包括在剑桥市一所公立双语小学的实习,在那里我感受到了双语教学的乐趣。我还在麻州的阿林顿市一所公立小学完成了全职教学实习。我希望能够把在大学学习的理论与在各个学校习得的宝贵经验结合起来,充分运用到自己的教学工作中。

学习语言不仅仅是会读会写,更重要的是能够利用语言学习到另一个民族或国家的文化与传统。我希望能把我的班级建立成一个大家团结友爱,互帮互助,热爱学习的地方。我相信通过我们共同的努力,每位同学都能够在学习,社交等各方面得到成长。 培养出一个自尊自爱,有强烈好奇心氛围的班级。我希望能够通过我的努力引导学生们热爱学习,有批判性思维,并能积极提问,在学习的过程中勇于探索与冒险, 希望每位同学都能成为快乐的学习者。

Mr. Eric Shyu – 4th Grade Homeroom (Mandarin) 四 年级(英文)


Ms. Kristine Guadiz – 4th grade Homeroom Teacher (English)-四年级(英文) 


I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and moved to Washington in 2001 to start teaching.  I studied at the University of British Columbia and Université de Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada, getting my B.A. in French and Spanish language and literature, then my Bachelor of Education through U.B.C.’s French Immersion B.Ed. program with a focus on bilingual education, and later, my Master in Education from Walden University.

Growing up as a Filipino-Canadian, I was surrounded by and embraced the many cultures of my extended family, neighborhood, school, extra-curricular and work communities.  From the age of 6 through my college years, our family had the wonderful privilege of getting to know almost 100 foreign exchange students from around the world.  They lived in our home for extended periods of time and each became a part of our family.  This helped to develop a love for life-long learning, learning languages, and exploring the world through travel (I have visited over 12 countries so far and look forward to many more!)  Early on, I realized that having the ability to communicate with others from around the world in their native tongue if possible, learning about others’ cultures and lives through building relationships and connecting with others in a way that encourages growth, gives them a voice and inspires change, was the kind of person I wanted to help others to be. These experiences, along with teaching the piano for 23+ years and having been impacted by several of my own teachers, have all led to why I love what I do today with my students.  I feel blessed to be a part of our Jing Mei community, who too, shares these same values.

This is my 20th year of teaching in public education.  I have also taught at the middle school level and in Special Education. I speak French, conversational Spanish and enjoy learning basic mandarin words and phrases.  In my spare time, I love to read, be active outdoors, play and watch sports, dance, play the piano, play word games, cook, and explore new places with my husband and 5-year old daughter.

Ms. Kaige Zhang-Gantz- 4th Grade Homeroom (Chinese) 四年级 (中文)

My name is Kaige Zhang-Gantz and I am thrilled to learn and grow with my students at Jingmei! I have been teaching since I received my Bachelor degree in 2000. I firmly believe that all students have the power to excel and grow in whatever area they put their mind to, no matter their personality, background or learning style. I am happy to apply my knowledge and care in guiding my students every step of the way and helping them achieve their goals.

I was born in Henan province, China, the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Chinese language, culture and art have always been my passion as well as my profession. I have a Masters in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Beijing Normal University and a second Masters in Teaching Chinese as Second Language from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. I have taught for many years in both Chinese and American public schools, which has broadened my cultural perspective and deepened my commitment to my work. I look forward to sharing my experiences with the students of Jingmei.

In my spare time, I like to travel, hike, cycle, ski and camp with my family. I also like quiet moments to myself for practicing calligraphy, arranging flowers and drinking tea.




Ms. Hui-Chen Hsiung 熊慧珍老师 – 5th Grade Homeroom (Mandarin)  五年级 (中文)

Hi everyone, my name is Hui-Chen Hsiung. I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.  Growing up on the beautiful island and learning English since I was in 3rd grade had always made me curious about the Western culture and wanted to explore more about it.  After receiving my undergraduate degree in Applied English of Business Management Department in Shih Chien University in Taiwan, I devoted years in teaching English to children from preschool to middle school levels in Taipei. The desire of exploring more on education brought me to the United State to study education at the Loyola University in Maryland. After receiving my master degree of Education and AMI Montessori teacher certificate, I went to New York working as a Montessori preschool teacher and taught Chinese at a Chinese school.

Knowing both paths of Montessori and Chinese teaching, I felt deeply connected to Chinese language teaching and wanted to help more American children acquire Chinese language through my personal language learning experience and knowledge of education for both cultures. This decision motivated me to pursue my teaching K-8 teacher license from Elementary Teaching Program at City University of Seattle. Teaching in a Mandarin Immersion Program for 2 years prior to joining the Dual Language Program at Jing Mei, I feel extremely thankful for the opportunities to have taught most of the elementary grade levels and learning new things with children and about myself. I have witnessed children learning both English and Chinese languages and growing to be confident and open-minded. It’s my pleasure to teaching at Jing Mei for the 8th year.  I am humble and excited to be able to serve our students and the community in this new school year.

Besides teaching and being with students, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter and son.  We love reading books and playing Legos together. We also appreciate nature a lot. I am especially thankful to my children who are the true inspiration to help me become a better teacher each day!



在这两个并行的教育轨迹中, 我深深感到自己对于海外中文教育的热情,希望能藉由自身语言学习和对东西方教育的了解及认知来帮助美国学生快乐学习中文。这份盼望促使我于西雅图城市大学再度攻读小学教育,取得美国K-8年级教师资格证。再加入景美双语学校之前,我曾任职于华盛顿州的沉浸式中文小学课程。这些经历让我有幸能教导大多数的小学年级,接触不同年级、不同文化和不同母语的孩子以及他们在各个阶段的不同需求。我见证了双语学习的孩子具备的信心和开放心态。今年是服务景美小学的第8年,我感到很荣幸能为这个温暖的大家庭继续做出贡献。


工作之余,我享受和家人在一起的时光。 和丈夫、儿子及女儿在一起,我们很喜欢阅读和玩乐高,也钟爱接触大自然之美。我特别感激我的孩子,他们身上的一点一滴都显示教育者对孩子的影响力。我期许自己能做一位不断启发孩子潜力的老师!

Ms. Tiffany Jan– 5th Grade Homeroom (English) 五年级 (英文) 

I was born in Taiwan and moved to Washington in first grade. Throughout my childhood, I moved around quite a bit and went to school in Taiwan, China, and the U.S. During my K-12 education, I was fortunate enough to experience the different cultures and languages. With my personal experience with Chinese culture and bilingualism, I am very excited to join Jing Mei Elementary.

In high school, I’ve always had a enjoyed working with kids. I was a classroom volunteer at Tzu Chi Academy for 4 years, interned with a child counselor at a Montessori, and volunteered at various elementary classrooms. I graduated from University of Washington Bothell with a BA in Community Psychology and a minor in Education. After college, I became an Instructional Assistant at Somerset Elementary. During that year, I had an amazing experience working with the students and staff members that helped me solidify my decision to become a teacher. I completed my student teaching at Eastgate Elementary in a first grade classroom. I graduated with a MA in Teaching from Seattle University with an ELL endorsement.

Ms. Lisa Okahata- 5th Grade Homeroom (English) 五年级 (英文)

Hello! My Chinese name is Hui-Jui Lin, my middle name is Lisa, and I took on my husband’s family name Okahata when we married. Everyone calls me Ms. Lisa or Ms. Okahata. I live in Bellevue with my husband, 16-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. I enjoy reading, cooking, baking, and playing the piano.

I was born in Taiwan and lived in Kaohsiung and Taipei. I came to the US with my family when I was in the fifth grade. We eventually settled in Chicago where I spent my middle and high school years. After earning my bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, I joined a consulting firm that gave me the opportunity to work in IT consulting and recruiting. As my children got older, I volunteered in their classrooms more and more, and became inspired by the impact I can make on children not as a parent, but as an educator. I began working as a paraeducator and assistant teacher/GSA (General School Assistant) and felt the joy and gratification of working with students as they learn and grow. Over the past few years, I worked with students at Jing Mei and Sherwood Forest Elementary (Bellevue). I received a lot of encouragement from teachers and administrators and decided to become a teacher. Last year, I was fortunate to be part of the 5th grade teaching team at Jing Mei and completed my student teaching with the support of both Ms. Hsiung and Ms. Taylor. I recently completed the Elementary Teaching Education program from the University of Washington in Seattle and received a master’s in teaching (MIT) and K-8 teaching certificate for the state of Washington.

I am so happy to be back at Jing Mei this year as a 5th grade English teacher partnering with Ms. Ling. I believe in the value of dual language environments as well as being multilingual. I want to leverage languages to make connections with all my students and families. 5th grade is your child’s last year at Jing Mei and I’m so honored to spend this time with you all to explore and learn. I look forward to getting to know you and your child in the near future!

大家好!我叫林惠睿,英文名字是Lisa,大家都叫我Lisa老師或Okahata(日文漢字:岡畑)老師。我和我的先生,十六歲的兒子和十二歲的女兒住在Bellevue。我喜歡閱讀, 烹飪,烘培,和彈鋼琴。

我在台灣出生,小時侯住台北和高雄。在我五年級的那一年和家人搬來美國,後來定居於芝加哥,我在那裡度過中學和高中的歲月。從芝加哥近郊的西北大學畢業後,我加入了顧問公司,獲得了諮詢科技顧問和人才招聘的工作機會。隨著我的兒女長大,我經常在他們的西班牙語雙語學校的教室裡做志願者,我逐漸感受到身為一位教育者所能對孩子們產生的影響。我開始擔任助教,更深深地體會到和學生一起學習和成長過程中的樂趣。在過去的幾年裡,我在景美小學和Sherwood Forest小學當助教,受到許多老師和行政領導的鼓勵,使我決心當老師。去年我很榮幸在景美小學五年級在熊老師和泰勒老師的支持下完成實習教學,順利從西雅圖的華盛頓大學教育學院的小學教師碩士班畢業,並獲得華盛頓州小學教師的教師資格證。


Ms. Qilin Bi – 5th Grade Homeroom (Mandarin) 五年级 (中文)


Ms. Zhi Geng 耿智老师 – ITCL (Instructional Technology & Curriculum Leader)

Geng I was born and raised in central China. Both my two parents are teachers. At a very young age, I developed deep understand of the influence a teacher brings to students. My experience as a language tutor in college prompted me to realize how incredibly fulfilling teaching could be. I decided then to devote my career in education and to help students develop the most important tool for communication—language. I came to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in education at University of Pennsylvania. Fortunately, being immersed to the two cultures helped me realized the benefits of knowing the other side of the world and being internationally-minded through learning another language. I would like to pass these benefits on to my students and help them develop to be kind, understanding and accomplished global citizens in the future.


Ms. Xing Wei 魏星老师 -Multilingual Learner Facilitator多语言学习者促进者

Xing Wei

Hello! My name is Xing Wei. I am so excited to be part of the Jing Mei community. I was born and raised in Guangdong, China. When I was young, I spoke Mandarin with my parents and spoke Cantonese with my classmates and teachers. I also learned English from my English tutor. I enjoy learning and speaking different languages and I feel proud of being bilingual and biliterate. It definitely shapes my identity and personality.

I obtained my B. ED degree from University of Macau, majoring in Pre-primary Education (3-6 years old). I worked as a full time teacher at a trilingual school during my senior year of college. I have witnessed students making great progress in learning Mandarin and English. To better equip myself as an early childhood educator, I decided to go to Teachers College, Columbia University for my MA degree. Now I am certified as a teacher of Early Childhood Education, Students with Disabilities and Bilingual Education (Birth to Grade 2). Throughout the learning journey in Teachers College, I student taught in different settings, including general kindergarten classroom, bilingual preschool classroom, and self-contained kindergarten/first grade classroom. Teaching in different settings dedicates myself to be a teacher of diverse learners. My goal is to maintain a safe, open, positive and supportive environment so every child can achieve his/her personal potentials at full capacity.

In addition to teaching, I enjoy reading, swimming, hiking as well as playing squash. Having access to all these activities makes Seattle a wonderful place to live! I am also excited and looking forward to a brand new year of learning and growth at Jing Mei!




Ms. Jing Wang王静 -Resource Room Teacher 特别教育

大家好,我叫王静。 我出生在美丽的中国新疆,乌鲁木齐,一座多民族聚居、充满了异域风情的城市,这使得多元文化深入我的骨髓。

我在陕西师范大学获得我的学士学位,在北京师范大学获得硕士学位和博士学位。我的专业是发展心理学,主攻儿童青少年心理发展方向。毕业后我在中国青年政治学院青少年儿童工作系教书,主要教授的课程是发展心理学,青年心理学,统计与软件应用,以及社会调查研究方法等课程。 期间我还一直担任班主任的工作,并在2013年开始指导硕士研究生。多年的研究和实践工作让我深刻认识到每一位学生都是独特的,适合的教育才是最好的教育。

2018年底我来到了西雅图。我没有间断的追求我作为教育工作者的职业生涯,我先后在不同的公立小学、西北中文学校做志愿者或讲课,并正在City U攻取我的教师资格证。 经过新冠病毒一年的蛰伏,我不仅对自己的教育理念和方法有了系统的梳理,而且我学会了更好的和自己、和家人相处。


Hello everyone, my name is Jing Wang. I was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, a multi-ethnic city full of exotic customs, which makes multi-culture deep into my bones.

I got my bachelor’s degree from Shaanxi Normal University, and my master’s degree and doctoral degree from Beijing Normal University. My major is developmental psychology, focusing on children and adolescents. After graduation, I taught in the Children and Youth Work Department of China Youth University for Political Sciences. The main courses I taught included developmental psychology, youth psychology, statistics and software applications, and social research design. During this period, I have been working as a head teacher, and in 2013 began to supervise graduate students. Years of research and practical work have made me realize that every student is unique, and the education based on student’s talents is the best education.

I came to Seattle at the end of 2018. I have been pursuing my career as an educator without interruption. I have worked as a volunteer in different elementary schools and taught Chinese to children and teenagers at Northwest Chinese schools. I am currently working on my teacher certificate at City University. After a year of dormancy of the COVID pandemic, I have not only systematically sorted out my educational philosophy and methods, but also learned how to get along with myself and my family better.

Ms. Lihua Wu吴丽华-Paraeducator 特别教育助教



自2021年12月我接受了景美小学的新职位,成为一名特殊教育的助教。在进景美之前我曾在Shrewood Forest, Interlake and Lake Hill 担任过特殊教育助教的代课老师。我希望在这个新岗位上为景美小学尽最大的努力帮助更多的学生。

Hi everyone, my name is Lihua Wu. I graduated from my university in Guangzhou majoring in foreign trade, then retained after graduation as a teacher, my family moved to Bellevue in 2008. I earned a teacher certificate for higher education institution and a national certificate for standardized Mandarin test.

In 2014, I was very honored to join the Jingmei family and become a GSA. From the Bellewood campus to the present Jingmei, I have witnessed and personally experienced the growth of Jingmei elementary. The GSA work experience in the past 7 years has made me realize the fundamental difference between primary and higher education. Primary education emphasizes and pays more attention to children’s learning process and the maximization of learning effects. I cherish the wonderful experience during which I have grown together with my students over these years.

Since December 2021, I accepted a new position at Jingmei elementary and became a teaching assistant in special education. Before joining Jingmei, I worked as a substitute teacher for special education assistants in Shrewood Forest, Interlake, and Lake Hill. I hope to do my best for Jingmei elementary in this new position to help more students.

Ms. Nala Zhang张然-Paraeducator 特别教育助教

Hello everyone, my name is Nala (Ran) Zhang, I am very excited to join Jing Mei Elementary School this year.  I was born and raised in Beijing, China and moved to U.S. in 2009, lived in Sammamish with my family and my lovely puppy Rocky.  I love working with children so I became a Montessori teacher since 2016, also I worked in admin team for 3 years. I hold a Bachelor Degree in BA and a Montessori Teacher Certificate.  When I’m not surrounded by children, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, especially with my puppy Rocky.  I hope all of my experiences will help me genuinely connect with each student, and their unique way of experiencing and learning.

大家好,我叫张然 (Nala), 我很开心今年可以加入景美小学。我在中国北京出生和长大,2009年搬来美国,和家人还有一只可爱的狗狗住在Sammamish.  我很喜欢和孩子们在一起所以2016年成为了一名Montessori老师,并且在学校里边做了3年的行政工作。我拥有BA学士学位证书和Montessori教师证书。业余时间我喜欢和家人还有朋友们在一起,特别是花更多的时间陪我的狗狗洛奇。我希望我所有的经历都能帮助我真正的与每位学生,以他们独一无二的经历和学习方式建立起联系。

Ms. Andrea Hanson– Guidance Counselor

My name is Andrea Hanson and this is my third year supporting students at Jing Mei. I grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington and now reside in Burien with my family. I received my Bachelor’s in Social Welfare at University of Washington Tacoma and my Master of Education in School Counseling at City University of Seattle. Before joining Jing Mei, I worked at Children’s Home Society as a family educator, supporting families and students with resources, educational guidance and counseling. I also facilitated an after-school program for elementary students to promote self-confidence and was able to see the progression of students skills in presenting and speaking up. During my school counseling program, I interned at Cascade Middle School in White Center which further shaped my approach to school counseling.

As a school counselor, I use a strength-based approach when working with students. I strive to instill tools that will benefit students with their social-emotional well-being and academic learning. I strive to be anti-racist in the work I do and serve through an equity lens of what is best for each student individually, considering their background, family values, ethnicity, language, culture, and race. I feel very lucky to be a part of the Jing Mei community and look forward to supporting all student’s educational success.

Ms. Kuang Chieh Radford-Speech Language Pathologist 語言治療師

Hi! I am KuangChieh “KC” Radford, the speech-language pathologist (SLP) serving Jing Mei Elementary School. Nice to meet you!

As a native Mandarin speaker who was born and raised in Taiwan; I had worked two years as a pediatric speech therapist in a hospital in Taipei before coming to the States. I started my career as school-based SLP in the U.S. immediately after earning my master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I worked mostly with secondary students in Puget Sound region for thirteen years. I started with Bellevue School District in 2017 and has been working at Jing Mei ever since. It brings me great joy to be able to serve this community in both English and my mother tongue. I look forward to supporting you should you have any communication concerns for your child.


Ms. Lydia Zeller -School Psychologist心理学指导

Ms. Meng Ping Ku- School Nurse

Hello everyone! I am Mengping. I am very happy to join Jing Mei Elementary School as a school nurse.

I am from Taiwan. After graduating from the nursing department of Kaohsiung Medical College (now the predecessor of Kaohsiung University), I came to Lamar University in Texas to study a master’s degree in biology. After completing my degree, I worked as a professional dialysis nurse for about 9 years in Texas and California.

My husband is also from Taiwan, we have a daughter, and she is a junior at Interlake High School. Our family moved from New Jersey State to Washington State about 4 years ago and thought the scenery in Washington State was beautiful.

I usually like to read and travel with my family and friends to the countryside. I am interested in nutrition and health education. As a school nurse, I hope to help every student learn healthily and happily.


我來自台灣,從高雄醫學院(現高雄大學的前身)護理學系畢業之後,來到德州 Lamar University 研讀生物學碩士學位。完成學位後,我分別在德州和加州擔任約9年的洗腎專業護理師。

我的先生也是來自台灣,我們有一個女兒,這學年就讀Interlake High School 11 年級。我們家4年前從New Jersey 州搬來,覺得華盛頓州風景真是美麗。



Ms. Chen-Ju Chen 陳貞汝老師 – Art Specialist美术

Chen我在台灣長大。我畢業於東華盛頓州立大學教育系,在那裡我獲得了教育學分(藝術學分幼稚園-12年級)。在我的學生教學實習中,我驚奇地發現我是多麼喜愛教學,幫助學生探索及邁向成功過程竟成了我真實的獎勵。我曾在Spokane教3歲至11歲的學生中文2年。當我在2010年搬到了Bellevue,我在Kindercare任職、職位是副園長。在Kindercare 工作的期間、我將學校學生的學術發展、以及師資的加強、和家長的溝通技巧上都更加提升。在我的教育管理的經歷中,我也在招聘,入職,培訓中找到了激情和力量。

我目前任職在phantom Lake 小學。我擔任的工作是一個特教的助理老師。我非常享受教孩子跳出固定的,刻板的框框來思考。並且按著他們各個的需要來幫助他們進步。我的目的是發覺他們每個人的潛能並且幫助他們成長。我感到非常幸運有這個機會可以把學生一生喜愛學習,對同學的熱情和成功最基礎且強而有力的素質的苗圃開墾出來


I grew up in the Taiwan. I attended Eastern Washington University, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. During my student teaching, I was amazed to find how much I loved it, and how rewarding it felt to be part of my students’ discoveries and successes. I have an endorsement in elementary education, and K-12 Arts from the State of Washington. I taught Chinese in Spokane for 2 years, working with children ages 3 to 11 years old. When I moved to Bellevue in 2010, I was an Assistant Director at KinderCare. I have developed strong teacher/parent-relations with regards to their child’s over all development and growth. Within my broad management experience I have found a passion and strength in recruiting, on-boarding, and training.

Before Jing Mei, I was a Special Ed Para-educator at Phantom Lake Elementary. I enjoy teaching children to think outside of the box, and then helping each of them individually with their progress. My goal is to discover their potential, and then track their growth. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help the students in my class cultivate a lifelong love of learning, a sense of compassion for their peers, and a strong foundation for success.

I met my husband when I was in college, and we have been together for 21 years. We currently have no children or pets. I am the type of person who loves to try things “just for the experience.”   I enjoy, cooking, traveling, and time with friends and family.

Ms. Carrie Lin 林玲秀老師 – Library Specialist  图书馆老师

LinRaised in Taiwan, I have been teaching Chinese since 2003 while I was studying in Japan as an international student. I find it incredibly fulfilling to introduce children to this language, and to make learning Mandarin as fun as possible. Over the years, I finished a B.A degree in Japanese literature and culture. I also obtained my Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Certificates in Taiwan and my teaching certificates in K12 world language and general elementary education in Washington State. I earned my master’s degree in learning and technology, and continue to pursue ongoing professional development and attend educational conferences to ensure your child is receiving the highest quality education.

During my free time, I enjoy playing piano, listening to music, reading and chatting with friends in a coffee shop. Going to gym to do yoga and Zumba classes are my new hobbies acquired during the summer. I really hope I can find some time to try out stand up paddle boarding. However, the thing I enjoy the most is to spend time with my husband and daughter. This is me, and I can’t wait to know more about you.

I love teaching! My mission as a teacher is to help children discover the joy of learning and to help each child develop confidence in his or her own abilities. I want them to do their best and to have a sense of pride in doing their personal best. I am thrilled to explore all kinds of fun ways to learn and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your child.

Mr. Rob Lindfors – Music Specialist, Orchestra Teacher


I was born in Sweden and grew up in the capital Stockholm (sometimes called the Venice of the North, due to the many waterways in the city). My mother came from the north of Sweden. My favorite childhood memories are of frequent stays at the family farm she grew up on. My father served in the Swedish Air Force and then flew for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines). Just before I turned ten, we moved to Seattle, my father having taken a job with United Airlines. My father’s father (farfar) lived in Vancouver, B.C., where my father had grown up (in a Swedish household) before returning to Sweden at thirteen with his mother. My farfar published and edited the Swedish Press, distributed throughout North America.

I love teaching music! I began playing guitar in 3rd grade in Sweden. After moving to the United States, I began taking guitar lessons in 5th grade (my 2nd year in the U.S.) while attending Bellewood Elementary in 5th & 6th grade (it was fun teaching at Jing Mei my first two years in the same school building I once attended). I started teaching guitar in high school and have continued to give private guitar lessons my entire life. I have often taught young students and have great memories of students who excelled at the instrument. In high school, my favorite classes were music classes. I met my wife Lise (of Norwegian descent), a fellow music student, in college. We both attended Bellevue College, then Western Washington University in Bellingham, where I majored in music performance, and my wife majored in music education. She now works as an elementary school librarian in the Renton School District.

Upon graduating from college, I often performed in jazz bands around town, did some music studio work, taught guitar privately, worked in a record store (Tower Records), and occasionally taught evening music classes at Bellevue College. Later I was hired as a sales rep for a music distribution company, Polygram (later merged with Universal), where I worked for many years. After leaving music sales, I returned to college to be certified to teach music in public schools, obtaining a Master of Arts in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University.

Leaving the field of sales in order to focus on teaching has been most fulfilling. I began teaching in the Bellevue School District in 2001, at first teaching high school guitar, piano, and composing. Later I started teaching elementary orchestra, elementary classroom music (K-4), along with middle school orchestra (6th grade), and working with these young students has been especially rewarding for me. I am very pleased to have continued at Jing Mei as my home school for many years now. I love seeing the same students year after year, watching them progress musically.

My wife Lise and I greatly enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, and playing music. She plays violin and guitar; I primarily play guitar, piano, and cello. I have a jazz band called Brazz, which performs American jazz standards and Brazilian jazz. We perform in various locations around town, including Crossroads Bellevue.

When I first began school in the United States, in fourth grade, I knew few English words (English was not taught in Swedish schools until fourth grade), so I had to learn it by immersion that school year. I strongly believe in Jing Mei’s dual language program, which provides such a wonderful opportunity for a student to become bilingual.


Ms. Marnie Kazarian Olson-PE (Health and Fitness) Specialist (M)

Hello! My name is Marnie Kazarian Olson and I will be the Health and Fitness specialists for our students on Monday. This will be my sixth year with the Bellevue School District and I look forward to continue providing students with opportunities and resources to be physically literate learners in their walk of life. I firmly believe in activating one’s star power and promoting lifelong fitness. Growing up in Hawaii, I have grown to miss the saltiness of the air and the invigorating rush from the tradewinds, but I must admit that the mountains of Washington were calling and have made me feel at home. I am a graduate of Gonzaga University (Go Zags!) where I earned my certification to teach Health and Fitness K-12, Elementary General Education, as well as English Language Arts. When I’m not on the lake cutting through the water with my wakeboard, I lace up my tennis shoes and coach for Girls on the Run. Race you to the gym!



Ms. Tanya Schneider – Band Teacher


Mr. Mike Ngo – Head Custodian (Day)

ngoI am married and has 2 children. My 2 children go to shool in the Bellevue School District. I have been employed in the Bellevue School District for over 9 years. I have worked at sever different schools, including Newport High for 3 years, International School for 3 years and 1 year at Stevenson Elementary. I can Speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnames.

我已婚,有两个孩子。我孩子正在Bellevue学区上学。我在Bellevue学区工作了七年多。我曾经在几个不同的学校工作,包括在Newport High 工作了三年,在国际学校三年,Stevenson小学一年。我可以讲普通话,广东话和越南话。


Ms. Nicole Marshalek-Paraeducator

Ms. Li-Chuan Miau- General School Assistant

I am Li-Chuan Miau, for the 2017-2018 school year. At Jing Mei Elementary School, I will be working as a General Instructional Assistant. It is a pleasure of mine to be a part of Jing Mei!

I was raised and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. Teaching has always been my dream job and although education was not my major, I was able to experience it in many different areas of my career. In 1994, I immigrated to the United States with my family, and moved back to Taiwan in 1999. In 2004 I moved back to Seattle again. With my three children joining the local Chinese school, I began to participate in the administrative work of Chinese school administration, and then joined the ranks of teaching. I have also served as the Substitute Education Assistant in the Issaquah and Bellevue School District. With the new school year, I will help teachers to create a safe and inspiring learning environment.

When I have leisure time, I like reading, walking, traveling, spending time with friends, and participating in the church services. As a believer of Christ, I believe it is my goal to benefit and better help the community. I am very excited to be a part of the Jing Mei community!

我是魏麗荃, 2017-2018學年將參與景美小學助教的工作, 很榮幸能成為景美小學的一員; 我生長及受教於台灣,  教學一直是我的志向, 雖然在求學期間並沒有走上教育的專業, 但在職場上一直擔任解說, 展示及教導的工作. 1994年隨先生移居到西雅圖, 1999年又搬回台灣, 2004年再次遷回西雅圖,因著孩子的中文教育, 開始參與中文學校教務行政工作, 進而加入了教學的行列, 平日也擔任Issaquah 學區及Bellevue學區代課助教的工作, 新的學期有機會加入景美的行列, 將致力協助老師締造一個安全,鼓舞啟發潛能的學習環境.

我閒暇的時候, 喜歡看書, 踏青,旅遊, 與朋友們相敍,參與教會的服務,基督信仰是我的主要人生觀, 成為別人得祝福的管道是我一生努力的方向.

Ms. Esther White-General School Assistant

Hello, l am Esther White. My Chinese name is Yeung Sook Yee. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, China. After I graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University which is a teachers’ training institution, l taught English and Chinese in Hong Kong elementary schools. I moved to Bellevue, WA, in 1996, and have been working for the Bellevue School District since 2012.

Before joining Jing Mei as a GSA (General School Assistant) for the year 2020-2021, I had worked in Cherry Crest Elementary School as an assistant teacher (Early and Extended Learning Program) for 5 years. I am so excited that l can be part of Jing Mei and work with all the great teachers here. I love to study languages and enjoy helping students who are in dual language programs.

I have two daughters and my favorite hobbies are family outings, playing musical instruments (piano, guitar and guzheng), dancing (Chinese folk dance) and gardening.

Life is a continuous learning experience to me. Right now, I am studying early childhood education in college and l am looking forward to making a positive contribution to Jing Mei.

大家好, 我是杨淑仪。 我在中国香港出生和长大。我从国立台湾师范大学毕业后,我曾在香港小学教授英语和汉语。 我于1996年移居华盛顿州贝尔维尤,自2012年以来一直在贝尔维尤学区工作。

在加入景美担任2020-2021年的GSA(普通学校助理)之前,我曾在Cherry Crest小学担任助理老师(早期幼儿和扩展学习计划)五年。 我很高兴能成为景美的一分子,并与这里所有优秀的老师一起工作。 我喜欢学习语言,并乐于帮助参加双语言课程的学生。


生活对我来说是一种持续的学习经历。 现在,我正在大专学院里学习幼儿教育,我期待着对景美做出积极的贡献。

Ms. Shuo Gao-General School Assistant


我也非常喜欢这里的自然环境。在女儿出生后,我带她一起在自然中学习和体验,也重新理解了中国传统文化中很多与自然之道有关的智慧。也是因为要教导女儿,我一直很喜欢做与教育相关的工作。我曾经做过preschool teacher,在服务于华裔家庭青少年的非盈利机构Little master club做环境教育相关内容的志愿服务。


It’s my pleasure to be part of JingMei at the end of 2020!I grew up in Beijing,worked in Administration management for more than 10 years after I graduated from College. Before moving to Washington with my family in 2015 ,I had never left there. At the moment I settled down here, everything in Washington made me recalling the style in my hometown, peace and joy,especially for the nature part.

My daughter and me spend most of time at outdoor learning and playing when she was in preschool age.It helps me getting deep into traditional Chinese culture, particuly in wisdom drawing from nature.Because of raising my daughter, following my passion as well, I devoted myself to explore the education 8 year ago. I had been work as a preschool teacher, volunteer in a None-profit organization,Little Masters Club which serves for Chinese Youth and family.

Other than this,my hobby grows never stop.I’m enjoy learning traditional Chinese medicine recently.

Ms. Tina Xia-General School Assistant

Ms. Joanna Liao- General School Assistant

Ms. Zoe Cai-General School Assistant

I am Zoe. I am from mainland China. I got my bachelor’s degree in China and Master degree in UK. Before I joined Jingmei, I had worked in US and European companies more than 15 years in HR, Finance and Marketing related areas. My son, who is currently a student in Jingmei, inspired me to make a career change to teaching. Seeing him grow up in Jingmei make me realize how important an elementary education is to a kid’s future development. So that is why I choose to become a teaching staff.


我是Zoe老师。 我来自中国大陆。 我在中国获得了学士学位,在英国获得了硕士学位。 在加入景美之前,我曾在美国和欧洲公司的人力资源、财务管理和市场营销相关领域工作超过 15 年。 我的儿子目前在景美读书,他的小学成长经历激励了我转入教育行业。 看着他在景美长大,让我意识到小学基础教育对孩子未来发展的重要性。 所以我加入了景美成为了一名教职员工。

Ms. Zhang Qiu-Xian-Kitchen Manager
Hello, my name is Qiu-Xian Zhang. I am from Guang-Zhou, China. I have three sons who graduated from Newport. I enjoy going on walks and gardening. This will be my 13th year working for the Bellevue School District Nutrition Services. I previously worked at Tyee, Newport, and Central Kitchen. I am excited to begin working at Jing Mei!

大家好!我是张秋娴,我来自中国广州,我有三个儿子,他们都是毕业于Newport高中,平时我的业余爱好是走路和种花,今年是我第十三年在Bellevue school district 的厨房工作,我曾经在Tyee,Newport,and Central kitchen 工作,

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.