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Dear Big Picture and Jing Mei Communities,

Thank you for all the input you have provided regarding the relocation of Big Picture and Jing Mei schools. After careful consideration, I have made the decision to relocate Jing Mei to the current Wilburton building and to relocate Big Picture to the current Eastgate building. While both buildings have aspects that can serve either school community well, there were some key considerations that led to this final decision. The new address for Jing Mei starting fall 2023 will be 12300 Main Street, Bellevue WA 98005.

Building Capacity

Jing Mei has a current enrollment of approximately 475 students in grades P-5, with approximately 100 students on a waitlist. Big Picture School has a current enrollment of approximately 375 students in grades 6-12, with a goal of keeping the enrollment under 525 students, in alignment with the school program.

The Wilburton building has the capacity to house 744 students, and the Eastgate building has the capacity to house 552 students. As a result, the Eastgate building would not provide the opportunity for the Jing Mei community to expand because the student capacity exceeds the size of the building.


Big Picture and Jing Mei are both currently operating in facilities that do not meet the standards of the Bellevue School District. This decision will allow Jing Mei to move into the Wilburton building over the summer and begin school at their new location starting in the fall of the 2023-2024 school year. Big Picture would not be able to move into either building for approximately two years due to the construction requirements for a secondary school and the necessary permitting needed for the changes.

Land Geography 

The Wilburton building is located on land that is surrounded by wetlands. This means there are significant restrictions and regulations that prohibit or limit construction outside the current footprint of the building and parking area. The only addition that could be made is a commons area in the location of the covered play area. All other modifications would have to be made within the current structure and mechanical systems. The ability to achieve the vision for the new Big Picture facility is more feasible at Eastgate.


Both Big Picture and Jing Mei have an equal need to be centrally located; however, geography and timing are factors that outweigh location when making the decision.


While I recognize the challenges the Eastgate location creates for the Big Picture community regarding transportation, we are committed to working together to meet their needs through multiple options including school buses, van service, and working with Metro.

We received many thoughtful comments from students, staff and families through the Relocation Survey. The Facility Committee also helped us understand the needs of both schools. However, it is never possible to make a decision that will satisfy the needs of every member of our learning community. School principals will continue to work with staff, students and families to ensure a smooth transition for everyone

For Jing Mei, the transition time is very short, and we will be in touch about transition implementation soon. 

For the Big Picture community, we are committed to improving the conditions at your current facility to the extent possible, recognizing that you will be waiting two years for your new building.

My hope is that everyone understands the rationale that went into decision making and that students, staff and families will look to the future in a new facility with joy and excitement. 


Dr. Art Jarvis


Bellevue School District


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亲爱的 Big Picture  Jing Mei 社区,

感谢您对我们Big Picture 学校和 Jing Mei 学校的搬迁提供宝贵的意见。 经过深思熟虑,我决定将景美搬迁至现在的Wilburton小学,将Big Picture学校搬迁至现在的Eastgate小学。 虽然这两座校舍的各个方面都可以很好地为学校社区服务,但有一些关键的考虑因素导致了这个最终决定。景美新地址从2023年暑假开始将为:12300 Main Street, Bellevue WA 98005.


景美目前约有 475  P-5 年级的学生,约有 100 名学生在候补名单上。 Big Picture School 目前有大约 375  12 年级的学生入学,目标是根据学校计划将入学人数控制在 525 名以下。

Wilburton校舍可容纳 744 名学生,Eastegate校舍可容纳 552 名学生。 结果,Eastegate校舍无法为景美社区提供扩建的机会,因为学生容量超过了该校舍的面积。


Big Picture学校和景美小学目前都在不符合贝尔维尤学区标准的设施中运营。 这一决定将使景美小学能够在夏季搬入 Wilburton校舍,并从 2023-2024 学年秋季开始在新地点上学。 由于中学的建设要求和变更所需的必要许可,Big Picture学校大约两年内无法搬入任何一栋校舍。


Wilburton校舍位于被湿地包围的土地上。 这代表该地理环境存在禁止或限制在建筑物和停车场当前占地面积之外进行施工的重大限制和法规。 唯一可以增加的是在有盖游乐区位置的公共区域。 所有其他修改都必须在当前结构和机械系统内进行。 Eastgate校舍更有能力为Big Picture设施实现愿景。


Big Picture学校和景美小学都同样需要位于中心位置; 但是,在做出决定时,地理和时间是比位置更重要的因素。


虽然我了解到 Eastgate校舍的位置给 Big Picture 社区带来了交通方面的挑战,但我们致力于通过多种选择共同努力满足他们的需求,包括校车、班车服务和与 Metro 公交车合作。

通过搬迁调查,我们收到了来自学生、员工和家庭的许多深思熟虑的评论。 设施委员会还帮助我们了解了两所学校的需求。 但是,永远不可能做出满足我们学习社区每个成员需求的决定。 学校校长将继续与教职员工、学生和家庭合作,确保每个人都能顺利过渡。


对于 Big Picture 社区,我们致力于尽可能改善您当前设施的条件,并认可您将等待两年才能搬至新建筑。




Dr. Art Jarvis

Superintendent 学校教育总监

Bellevue School District 贝尔维尤学区

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.