First Picture: Gym before assembly图一:在全校开会前的体育馆

 Second Picture: lobby view from the elevator at 1.5 floor 图二:在1.5层电梯前拍到的大堂
Dear Phoenix Families,

The school year started with much excitement as we welcomed many new students in different grades and our Kindergarten students in the building, as well as the previous students in the new grade levels.

They have quickly learned the class and school routines. Some students are forming new friendship others are slower to make connections.  We will monitor friendships at school but we encourage you to talk to your child at home often and share with us any information that could help us better support their social emotional needs.

We are now doing our Fall assessments.  This will help us understand our students’ proficiency levels in English, Math, and Mandarin so that we can adjust our instruction.  Please do not worry about summer regression and give us time to work with the students to regain skills and reignite their motivation to learn.

Finally, we are very grateful for your understanding and support of our various procedures such as lunch, recess, arrival, and dismissal.  As we get used to these routines you will see that our plan helps us stay safe and healthy throughout the day.


Mr. Shelton and Ms. Tan

亲爱的景美凤凰 家长们,您们好,








Important Dates coming up:

  • 10/1 Yearbook sales Open (purchase by 10/31 to get discount) details:
  • 10/4 PTSA afterschool fall sessions begin, pick up is at the side door next to preschool.
  • 10/9 Jing Mei Annual Giving (JAG) Campaign Launch, more information
  • 10/10 (9:05-9:35) Volunteer Training in person in the Microsoft Conference Room or via Teams at this link: Jing Mei Volunteer Training #1
  • 10/12 Curriculum Night (See details below)
  • 10/13 No school for students, Staff at Training
  • 10/16-10/20 Jing Mei Book Fair (see details below)
  • 10/19 Volunteer Training  (9:05-9:35) in person in the Microsoft Conference Room or via Teams at this link: Jing Mei Volunteer Training #2
  • 10/23 Principal Tea Time: Chinese Curriculum (Mandarin Matrix + iChinese Reader) in person or Microsoft Teams meeting Click here to join the meeting
  • 10/24 Picture Day
  • 10/28 (Sat.) 10 am to 12pm Jing Mei Autumn Festival at Parking lot and field
  • 11/10 No school, Observe Veterans Day
  • 11/20, 11/21, 11/29 Students follow Wednesday schedule because of fall parents conferences

  • 10/1 年学校年刊开放销售(10/31 前购买可享受折扣)详细信息:
  • 10/4 PTSA秋季课后班开始,课后班接孩子的地方是在学前班旁边的侧门。
  • 10/9 景美年度捐赠(JAG)活动开始
  • 10/10 (9:05-9:35)志愿者培训-在Microsoft会议室或通过线上Teams链接: 景美志愿者培训 #1
  • 10/12 课程之夜(详情见下文)
  • 10/13 教职员工培训日,学生不上课
  • 10/16-10/20 景美书展(详见下文)
  • 10/19 志愿者培训(9:05-9:35)志愿者培训-在Microsoft会议室或通过线上Teams链接: 景美志愿者培训#2
  • 10/23 校长茶会:中文课程教材介绍(Mandarin Matrix +iChinese Reader)亲自到景美或 透过Teams: 点击这里加入会议
  • 10/24 学生个人和班级团体照像日
  • 10/28 -星期六- 10:00至12:00-景美秋节会-在停车场举行
  • 11/10  军人节,学生不上课。
  • 11/20, 11/21, 11/29 家长会,学生遵循周三时间表,下午1:10放学
Curriculum Night is 10/12/2023

5:30–6:00 3-5th Grade Class Presentation in classrooms

6:05–6:30 Admin Presentation for 3-5th Gr. Parents at the Gym/Cafeteria

6:05-6:35  Prek-2nd Grade Class Presentation in classrooms

6:40–7:05 Admin Presentation for Prek-2nd grade parents at the Gym/Cafeteria


Here in the attachment is the technology sheet that we will send home:



课程之夜是 10/12/2023

5:30–6:00   三年级,四年级,五年级老师演讲(教室)

6:05–6:30   三年级,四年级,五年级家长在体育馆听校长报告

6:05-6:35    学前班,幼儿园,一年级,二年级老师演讲(教室)

6:40–7:05  学前班,幼儿园,一年级,二年级 在体育馆听校长报告




Principal Tea: Chinese Curriculum-Mandarin Matrix and iChinese Reader

In the past 10 years, we did not use any specific Chinese literacy curriculum but we found that it is important to start to look into curriculum that supports our students’ foundational skills based on what we see in our program assessment data.

As a result, during last school year, our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade students and teachers piloted a Chinese literacy curriculum-Mandarin Matrix. This year, all K-5 students are using Mandarin Matrix as core Chinese literacy curriculum. We will also re-launch iChinese Reader platform for all K-5 students to support reading fluency and comprehension practice.

If you want to learn more about Mandarin Matrix and iChinese Reader, please join the Principal Tea Session: 10/23/2022 9:05-10:15 am in Microsoft Conference Room or Teams meeting Click here to join the meeting Feel free to bring your own device to try the platform. (Session will be recorded and share later.)

校长:中文课程-Mandarin Matrix和iChinese Reader


因此,在上一学年,我们的一年级、二年级和三年级的学生和老师试行了中文扫盲课程——普通话矩阵。今年,所有K-5学生都将普通话矩阵作为中文扫盲的核心课程。我们还将为所有K-5学生重新推出iChinese Reader平台,以支持阅读流利和理解练习。

如果您想了解更多关于普通话矩阵和中文阅读器的信息,请参加校长茶会: 10/23/2022 上午905-1015 Microsoft会议室或团队会议 单击此处加入 会议,如果您会亲自来学校参加这个茶会,请您带上电子产品来试一下这两个网站。(会议将被录制并稍后分享。)

Book Fair

How does shopping work?

● Both adults and students can purchase items.

Cash registers in the library are open:

○ Wednesday, October 18, 1:00-3:30pm.

○ Thursday, October 19, 8-9am, 3:30-4:30pm.

○ Friday, October 20, 8:30am-4:30pm

● Cash or check is fine! – Just have a chat first about not losing the change.

● Credit cards are accepted. (Sorry, no Zelle, Venmo or PayPal at this time.)

● Use eWallet through the Scholastic website. It’s a digital payment account. When you set up your

eWallet, you’ll receive a unique barcode. Print the barcode and send it with your student to the fair.


If you can’t make it to the shopping times listed above, then shop at our school’s Book Fair online. All

orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Every online purchase will

also benefit our school.


家长和学生都可以前来购书. 在景美图书馆 购书时间如下:

● Wednesday, October 18, 1:00-3:30pm.

● Thursday, October 19, 8-9am, 3:30-4:30pm.

● Friday, October 20, 8:30am-4:30pm

● 我们接受现金,电子钱包,支票和信用卡

(抱歉,目前没有 Zelle, Venmo 或 PayPal).

● 在 Scholastic 网站使用电子钱包(eWallet).

当你在该网站设置电子钱包时,你将收到一个唯一的条形码. 打印条形码并与你的学生一起发送到展会.


如果你不能参加今年的书展,你也可以通过网路订购的方式. 你的订单会直接寄到你的家里,花费超过 25元,运费可免. 学校图书馆可以从你的网络订单中得到益处.

 2024-2025 Applications Now Open for Advanced Learning Services

Applications for Advanced Learning Services for the 2024-2025 school year are open now through October 31 at 4 p.m., for students currently in grades 1 to 11.

Visit the Advanced Learning Serviceswebpage to learn more about Advanced Learning Services and to apply for your student. Please note that if your student is currently in the Advanced Learning full-time self-contained program, there is no need to re-apply.

2024-2025 高级学习服务申请现已开放

2024-2025 学年高级学习服务的申请即日起至  10 月 31 日下午 4 点开放。,适用于目前在 1 至 11 年级的学生。


Newsletter from our PE Teachers


Updated Community Handbook


Fall Family Teacher Conference K-5

Across BSD, schools will have early release days for K-5 teachers to engage in conferences with families.

As you probably have seen on the district calendar and in the important upcoming dates email I sent to families, the union bargained several early release days for teachers to engage in conferences with families.

The dates are Monday Nov. 20, Tuesday Nov. 21, and Wednesday Nov. 29th. On those days we will be releasing students at 1:10 (not a change for Wednesday Nov. 19th of course because it is a Wednesday).  Please mark your calendar for half day pick-up. You teacher might schedule meetings out of those three days, you will receive more information or meeting invitations soon from your students’ teachers.

秋季家庭教师会议 K-5

在整个 BSD,学校将有提前放学日,让 K-5 幼儿园到五年级教师与家庭进行会议。


日期为 11 月 20 日星期一、11 月 21 日星期二和 11 月 29 日星期三。在那些日子里,我们将在1:10放学(当然,11月19日星期三没有变化,因为今天是星期三)。 请在您的日历上标记半天取件。您的老师可能会在这三天内安排会议,您将很快收到学生老师的更多信息或会议邀请。

Preschool Conferences

New this year we will be offering ALL preschool families three family conferences- September, November and June.

The first conference was offered to families in September as a ‘Get to Know You’ conference. We delayed the start of preschool to accommodate time for teachers to meet with families.

The second conference will be offered on November 20, 21, or 29, per the district calendar. For school day schedule students, they will be released at 1:20 on those three days. For work day schedule students, please follow 7 am- 6pm schedule for drop off and pick-up.


今年,我们将为所有学龄前、学前班家庭提供三个家庭会议 – 9月,11月和6月。


第二次会议将根据地区日历于 11 月 20 日、21 日或 29 日举行。对于上学日时间表的学生,他们将在这三天的 1:20 放学。对于工作日时间表的学生,请遵循上午 7 点至下午 6 点的时间表进行接送。

Volunteer Training

As the new school year starts, many parents/guardians would like to come to support us, including class support or field trips. Please note that  background check is required. The online background check usually takes 2 days to return so please start early. Go to this link and click on “Parents & Legal Guardians School day support” and finish the background check. The background check is good for 3 years

Here are some options for some upcoming volunteer orientation.  You may attend in person or on Microsoft Teams. More dates will be offered and shared throughout the year.

October 10th (9:05-9:35) in person in the Jing Mei Microsoft Conference Room or via Teams at this link: Jing Mei Volunteer Training #1

October 19th  (9:05-9:35) in person in the Jing Mei Microsoft Conference Room or via Teams at this link: Jing Mei Volunteer Training #2


随着新学年的开始,许多家长/监护人希望来支持我们,包括班级支持或实地考察。请注意,客人需进行背景调查。在线背景调查通常需要 2 天才能返回,因此请尽早开始。 转到此链接,然后单击“家长和法定监护人学校日间支持”并完成背景调查。背景调查有效期为3年

以下是一些即将到来的志愿者培训的一些选择。 您可以亲自参加,也可以参加Microsoft团队。 我们将会在全年提供更多日期。

10月10日(9:05-9:35)亲自在景美Microsoft会议室或通过团队通过此链接: 景美志愿者培训#1

10月19日(9:05-9:35)亲自在景美Microsoft会议室或通过团队通过此链接: 景美志愿者培训#2

Fall -Autumn – Harvest Celebrations

We know that you and/or your teachers may be starting to think about a fall celebration for your class. At Jing Mei, we honor the diverse celebrations that are present in our community. As a school community we strive to create a school where students are able to see themselves while also learning about others. Many classrooms will honor all of the seasonal fall celebrations through stories, discussions, and celebrations rather than centering on one celebration.

This is a great opportunity for our staff to learn from your students and families what celebrations are special in their family during the fall and bring student voice about those celebrations to the forefront of your class’s learning.

Please note that while Halloween is one of the holidays celebrated during this time, we do not wear Halloween costumes to school during the school day for all Prek to 5th grade students and staff. Costumes are welcomed at PTSA’s Fall Festival on 10/28 from 10 am to noon at Jing Mei. We will have fun games, craft, photo booth, and truck or treats, etc. More information will be posted on Parent Square today.




请注意,虽然万圣节是这段时间庆祝的节日之一,但我们在上学期间所有学前班到 5 年级的学生和教职员工都不会穿万圣节服装上学。家长会和我们安排了10月28日上午10点至中午12点在景美停车场和操场,届时欢迎大家装扮和穿万圣节的服装。我们将有有趣的游戏,工艺品,照相亭,零食等。更多信息将于今天发布在ParentSquare上。

School Counselor

The role of a School Counselor is to support students’ social emotional health and learning.  Our School Counselor, Ms. Andrea Hanson, has attached an introduction letter explaining her service to our students. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Hanson at [email protected]

September 2023 Counselor Corner


学校辅导员的作用是支持学生的社会情绪健康和学习。 我们的学校辅导员安德里亚·汉森女士附上了一封介绍信,解释了她对我们学生的服务。请随时联系Ms. Hanson: [email protected]



Mental Health Resources for Families

Did you know that the BSD website contains a Mental Health Servicessection, which includes mental health resources for students and families? School administrators worked in partnership with support staff to strategize, align and provide access to this information in a user-friendly manner, to support students and families. Students and families are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the content to better understand mental health topics including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and suicide prevention. Students and families are encouraged to reach out to school counselors and MHAT counselors for additional mental health support.    Learn about mental health topics and access support resources.


您是否知道 BSD 网站包含心理健康 服务部分,其中包括针对学生和家庭的心理健康资源?学校管理人员与支持人员合作,以用户友好的方式制定战略、调整和提供对这些信息的访问,以支持学生和家庭。鼓励学生和家庭熟悉内容,以更好地了解心理健康主题,包括焦虑、抑郁、饮食失调、药物滥用和自杀预防。鼓励学生和家庭联系学校辅导员和MHAT辅导员以获得额外的心理健康支持。   了解心理健康主题并访问支持资源。

BSD Family Connection Center

This message is from our FCC Specialist, Grace Kuan.  Grace is able to assist families with various needs.  Grace speaks Mandarin and Cantonese.

The Bellevue School District is committed to affirming and supporting all families and students. Our Family Connections Centers (FCCs) are open to all BSD students and families. Staffed by Family Engagement Specialists, their mission is to connect families with district and community support services, provide them with educational opportunities to better navigate the school system and help them become engaged in the education of their children.

Resource application: If your student qualifies for free/reduced lunch or your family is facing financial hardship, there are community programs may be help. Please fill out this online form for each student:

Bellevue Family Hub:

Stevenson Elementary School (14220 NE 8th St.): Mondays and Tuesdays: 10:00AM-4:00PM

Highland Middle School (15027 Bel-Red Rd): Wednesdays and Thursdays 10:00AM-4:00PM

Appointments are encouraged: [email protected]

Highland Health Center (@ Highland Middle School)

School based health center provides no-cost services to BSD students including medical, behavioral, and dental services. Email: [email protected] for registration.

Contact your school’s family engagement specialist:

Grace Kuan, Family Engagement Specialist Sherwood Forest, Bennett/Jing Mei

425-456-5734  [email protected]   8:15AM-2:45PM


以下信息由 FCC 专家 Grace Kuan提供,她精通普通话和广东话, 能够给有各种需求的家庭提供帮助。貝爾維尤學區致力於肯定和支援所有家庭和學生。我們的家庭聯絡中心(FCC)對所有本學區學生和家庭開放。他們的任務是使家庭與學區及本地社會服務機構聯繫,提供更好的教育機會,更便捷地瀏覽學校系統,並協助家長參與子女的教育。



Bellevue 家庭中心:

Stevenson 小學 ( 14220 NE 8th St) : 周一及周二: 10:00AM-4:00PM

Highland 中學 (15027 Bel-Red Rd) : 周三及周四: 10:00AM-4:00PM

最好先電郵預約: [email protected]

Highland健康中心 (@Highland中學):

學校健康中心 爲學區學生提供免費服務 ,包括醫療,行爲和牙科服務。

電子郵件: [email protected] 註冊。


Grace Kuan, 425-456-5734  [email protected] 上午8:15至下午2:45

Drill Information

In September we conducted a fire drill and practiced what we would do if we needed to evacuate the building. Students learned about leaving the building quickly and assembling in a designated location and then we practiced.  Please talk to your child about our drill today. An important next step might be planning a drill in your own home and checking your smoke detectors to make sure they are working correctly. For more information on fire safety, you might want to visit the National Fire Protection Association “Kids” page at or their parent resource page at

This month, we will be conducting an earthquake drill and practicing what we would do if we were at school in the event of an earthquake. In the United States, the recommended actions to take in the event of an earthquake are Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

Please talk with your student about preparing for emergencies and disasters such as earthquakes. Encourage them to talk about their concerns and express their feelings. Emphasize that even though sometimes things happen that we may not expect, there are lots of things we can do to help us stay safe. For more information on earthquakes and general preparedness, you might want to visit the Washington Emergency Management Division ( or Great Washington ShakeOut ( websites. You may also find the site helpful.


9月,我们进行了一次消防演习,并练习了如果需要疏散建筑物时我们会怎么做。学生们学会了快速离开大楼并在指定地点集合,然后我们练习。 请与您的孩子谈谈我们今天的演习。重要的下一步可能是计划在您自己的家中进行演习并检查您的烟雾探测器以确保它们正常工作。有关消防安全的更多信息,您可能需要访问 的国家消防协会“儿童”页面  或 的父资源页面。


请与您的学生讨论为地震等紧急情况和灾难做准备。鼓励他们谈论他们的担忧并表达他们的感受。强调,即使有时会发生我们可能意想不到的事情,我们也可以做很多事情来帮助我们保持安全。有关地震和一般准备的更多信息,您可能需要访问华盛顿应急管理部 ( 或华盛顿大震荡 ( 网站。您可能还会发现 网站很有帮助。


The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.