JM: Family Newsletter 11.30, 2023 景美家长简报 2023年11月30日

1st Grade Pod(Orange pod, common area)

November Mrs. Guadiz’s 4th grade class received Banana Trophy for showing big 3 in Cafeteria:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for paying attention to our reminders and notifications.

Our homeroom teachers are sending out the admin message

from their newsletter.

Here is the link that we are updating each week as well:

As we enter the cold winter months please be sure to dress your child

appropriately. Our lost and found rack is full.

Please feel free to stop by to take a look at the rack when you have a chance.

The rack is by the front entrance.

Finally, thank you for joining the teachers for the Fall Parent Teacher conference.

We look forward to partnering with you throughout the year.

It takes a village to raise a child!


Ms. Tan  (425) 465-6062

Mr. Shelton (425) 539-4824


亲爱的家长和监护人 您们好,

感谢您关注我们的提醒和通知。 每个星期在班主任的信中您都会留意到校长的留言。您也可以在以下链接看到我们一直来的通知:

当我们进入寒冷的冬季时,请务必为您的孩子穿合适的衣服。我们的失物招领架已满。如果有机会,请随时停下来看看架子。 最后,感谢各位老师参加秋季家长会。我们期待与您全年合作。养一个孩子需要一个村庄!




Important Dates:

  • Jing Mei Annual Giving,

see PTSA link here:

  • 12/2 Immunization Clinic Location: Odle Middle School Address: 502 143rd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Register: Please sign up here. Signup via registration link is required. 
  • 12/3 5th Grade MOD Pizza dine in, take-out, delivery, use code:  MODGIVES25
  • 12/8 6-7:30pm STEAM Night+Makers’ Fair

RSVP here:

  • 12/11/2023 Choice School Registration opens
  • 12/14/2023 Jing Mei Incoming Kindergarten Info Session 9:15-10:30

at Jing Mei Cafeteria

  • December 20-January 1st – No School for Winter Break
  • 1/19/2024: Choice School Registration window closes


School Safety Reminder

Thank you parents for your supports to keep our school safe:

  1. Drive Through line is not a parking line. Please don’t leave your car in the drive-through line.
  2. Bus Loop Parking: We notice that there are a lot of students walking to the bus loop parking without adult supervision. Bus Loop parking lot is reserved for bus and staff. Please avoid park at bus loop parking lot to ensure students’ safety during arrival and dismissal.
  3. Handicap Parking should be reserved for family who has the handicap parking permit.

  1. 请家长在放学的时候不要在drive through通道停车和下车。
  2. 校车停车场:我们发现校车停车场出现了很多的行人,校车司机反映这个情况是非常危险的。希望大家避免在上学和放学的繁忙时间使用校车停车场。
  3. 残疾人专用停车位:残疾人专用停车位是留给有残疾证的家长用,请大家停车的时候注意停车标志。
November/December Safety Drills

In November we conducted a lockOUT drill to practice quickly securing the building. A lockout is different from a lockdown.

A lockout is used when there is no direct danger to the school,

but there may be something potentially dangerous in the area around the school.

For example, if a bear was spotted in the neighborhood or

if there was police activity near the school.

During a lockout, students are brought inside and all exterior doors are locked.

Inside, classes continue,

but staff maintain a heightened level of awareness in case there is a change

in the situation.

Please talk with your student about preparing for emergencies and disasters.

Encourage them to talk about their concerns and express their feelings.

Emphasize that even though sometimes things happen that we may not expect,

there are lots of things we can do to help us stay safe.

For more information on talking to your child about school safety,

you might want to visit the


In December we will conduct a shelter-in-place drill.

A scenario where a shelter-in-place would be necessary is:

Chlorine Release On Nearby Road

A tanker truck traveling on a nearby road has overturned,

releasing chlorine gas. Police have called and said you have about

10 minutes to prepare your Shelter-in-place areas.

During a shelter-in-place drill, students sit quietly while staff simulate

sealing the room to limit outside air exchange.

Shelter-in-place procedures would only be used if officials determine

there is not enough time

to safely evacuate people out of the danger zone.


Please talk with your student about preparing for emergencies and disasters.

Encourage them to talk about their concerns and express their feelings.

Emphasize that even though sometimes things happen that we may not expect,

there are lots of things we can do to help us stay safe.

For more information on shelter-in-place, you might want to visit the

Washington Department of Health website at
ShelterInPlaceor     the Washington Emergency Management Division at


11 月,我们进行了一次Lock-Out演习,练习快速保护建筑物。


Lock out与Lock down不同。 当学校没有直接危险,但学校周围区域可能存在潜在危险时,就会使用封锁。 例如,如果在附近发现一只熊或者学校附近有警察活动。


停课期间,学生被带入室内,所有外门均被锁上。 在里面,课程仍在继续,但工作人员保持高度警惕,以防情况发生变化。


请与您的学生讨论如何为紧急情况和灾难做好准备。 鼓励他们谈论他们的担忧并表达他们的感受。 强调,尽管有时会发生我们意想不到的事情,但我们可以做很多事情来帮助我们保持安全。




12月份我们将进行就地避难演习。 需要就地避难的情况是:


一辆在附近道路上行驶的油罐车翻倒,释放出氯气。 警方打电话说您有大约 10 分钟的时间准备就地避难区域。






请与您的学生讨论如何为紧急情况和灾难做好准备。 鼓励他们谈论他们的担忧并表达他们的感受。 强调,尽管有时会发生我们意想不到的事情,但我们可以做很多事情来帮助我们保持安全。




或华盛顿应急管理部门网站 https:/ /。

Jing Mei PTSA Fundraiser

Jing Mei JAG is still going strong, you can find more information here:


Our Jing Mei 5th Graders are fundraising for their graduation!

Please support them by dining at MOD Pizza this Sunday 3rd December using MODGIVES25 for dining,

takeout or delivery! It is an ALL-Day event and available at 4 locations:

Factoria (3622 Factoria Blvd SE 98006), Newcastle (13156 Newcastle Commons Dr 98059),

Downtown Bellevue (317 Bellevue Way NE 98004) and Overlake (14309 NE 20th St 98007).

Please share with your family and friends! Thanks!

景美 JAG 依然·持续进行,您可以在这里找到更多信息:


我们的景美五年级学生正在为毕业筹款! 请通过 12 月 3 日这个星期日在 MOD Pizza 用餐来支持他们,使用 MODGIVES25 进行用餐、外卖或送货! 这是一项全天活动,在 4 个地点举办:Factoria (3622 Factoria Blvd SE 98006)、New Castle (13156 Newcastle Commons Dr 98059)、Bellevue Downtown (317 Bellevue Way NE 98004) 和 Overlake (14309 NE 20th St 98007)。 请与您的家人和朋友分享! 谢谢!

Core Values, Behavior Expectation, Virtue of the Month

Jing Mei’s core values is ACHIeVe: (Aesthetics/ Community/ Health/ Intelligent/ Virtue).

Students’ daily behavior expectation is the Big Three:

Show Respect, Make Good Decisions, Solve Problems.

Each month our students also focus on learning a

JING MEI virtue:

September: Joy

October: Inclusion

November: Niceness

December: Gratitude

February: Mindfulness

March: Endurance

April: Integrity

At the end of each week, one or two students from each class (Prek to 5th) will be recognized for showing ACHIeVe with big threes. They will be recognized through Friday announcements and celebrated with a certificate and a prize on Friday!

At our assemblies, students are learning the virtues . Students will review the virtue of the month in class and do their ACHIeVe Virtue worksheet and get raffle opportunities.


Partnering with PTSA, students can do ACHIeVe or JING MEI Virtue drawing to enter Phoenix Challenge. More information about Phoenix Challenge can be found on parentsquare:

We appreciate our parents’ supports at home by talking about the JM core values, monthly virtue and daily behavior expectations.

















每周结束时,每个班(从学前班到五年级)有一或者两位学生因为展示出三大目标和德智体群美而受到表彰。 他们将通过周五的公告得到认可,并在周五获得证书和奖品来庆祝!

在我们的集会上,学生们正在学习美德。 学生将在课堂上回顾本月的美德,并完成他们的 ACHIeVe 和美德表现并获得抽奖机会。


与PTSA合作,学生可以通过ACHIEVe或JING MEI Virtue绘画来参加Phoenix Challenge。 有关凤凰城挑战赛的更多信息可以在parentsquare上找到:



School Funding 101 – Understanding Our Money Sources

Learn more about the district’s sources of money and how we can spend them. In school districts, we have multiple buckets of funds where our money is accounted for — General Fund, Capital and Technology Fund and Building Fund. Each of these funds has designated uses and we as a district are limited in how we can transfer money between these funds based on state law.

Learn more about BSD’s funding sources.

学校经费 101 – 了解我们的资金来源

详细了解该学区的资金来源以及我们如何使用这些资金。 在学区,我们有多个基金来管理我们的资金——普通基金、资本和技术基金以及建筑基金。 这些基金中的每一个都有指定的用途,根据州法律,我们作为一个学区在这些基金之间转移资金的方式受到限制。


了解有关 BSD 资金来源的更多信息

Inclement Weather and Potential Closure Reminders

Winter is approaching and may bring unpredictable weather. BSD encourages families to take the time to revisit the district’s emergency closure schedule protocols and our emergency closure decision-making process. During instances of inclement weather or severe conditions that could result in a delayed or canceled school day, BSD will communicate any schedule changes to families through direct messages, including email, text message, phone call, social media, FlashAlert, local media and posts to Learn how to update your contact information in ParentVUE and set message preferences in SchoolMessenger to receive inclement weather and emergency communications according to your desired methods. While these decisions are made for the district at large, conditions may vary across the district. We encourage families to make personal decisions based on their specific circumstances.


冬天即将来临,可能会带来不可预测的天气。 BSD 鼓励家庭花时间重新审视学区的紧急关闭时间表协议和我们的紧急关闭决策流程。 在恶劣天气或恶劣条件可能导致上课延迟或取消的情况下,BSD 将通过直接消息(包括电子邮件、短信、电话、社交媒体、FlashAlert、当地媒体和帖子)向家庭传达任何日程安排变更。 了解如何在 ParentVUE 中更新您的联系信息并在 SchoolMessenger 中设置消息首选项,以便根据您所需的方法接收恶劣天气和紧急通信。 虽然这些决定是针对整个学区做出的,但不同学区的情况可能有所不同。 我们鼓励家庭根据自己的具体情况做出个人决定。

Middle School Consolidation Study – Community Forums Recap and Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who participated in community forums over the past few weeks and provided feedback on the ongoing Middle School Consolidation Study. The district is grateful to over 700 people who took the time to attend the in-person and online events, review and react to the demographer reports, share their perspectives and questions, and brainstorm priorities for the middle school experience. This feedback, along with individual survey feedback, will inform the Superintendent and his team in the development of a recommendation of how the District will address the challenges of declining enrollment.


We will continue equity-driven outreach to students, families and community groups until early December to understand the history, perspectives and experiences of students and families who have been historically marginalized or underserved in our education system — and the potential impacts they may experience depending on the recommendation.


The questions and feedback from the community forums are currently being synthesized, and initial themes will be shared with the community later in November. Feedback from the additional engagements with students, families and community groups will also be shared back with the community in December. View the Middle School Consolidation Study Timeline for a full list of important dates.

中学学校合并研究 – 社区论坛回顾和后续步骤

感谢过去几周参加社区论坛并对正在进行的中学合并研究提供反馈的所有人。 该学区感谢 700 多人花时间参加现场和在线活动、审查人口统计学报告并做出反应、分享他们的观点和问题,并就中学经历的优先事项进行集思广益。 该反馈以及个人调查反馈将告知学区总监及其团队制定学区如何应对入学率下降挑战的建议。


我们将继续对学生、家庭和社区团体进行公平驱动的外展活动,直到 12 月初,以了解历史上在我们的教育系统中被边缘化或服务不足的学生和家庭的历史、观点和经历,以及他们可能经历的潜在影响,具体取决于 的建议。


目前正在综合社区论坛的问题和反馈,初步主题将于 11 月晚些时候与社区共享。 与学生、家庭和社区团体的额外互动的反馈也将于 12 月与社区分享。 查看中学合并时间表,了解重要日期的完整列表。

UW School Psychology Clinic, Free Mental Health Referrals

The University of Washington School Psychology Clinic has mental health services and evaluations available for students free of charge. The following services are available for children ages 8-18:

Counseling – using evidence-based practices. Counseling is available for a wide range of childhood issues and mental health challenges. Services start in January 2024. In-person and virtual options available.

Evaluation – examination of cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional/behavioral concerns. Evaluations do not provide diagnosed results but do provide broad cognitive, learning, and social/behavioral profiles. Services start in January 2024.


Students will first be screened. Then a decision will be made as to the best form of treatment for each individual client and family. Services are provided by school psychology trainees and supervised by a licensed clinician/faculty member from the University of Washington.


Parents, guardians, or professionals of potential clients are asked to fill out a Service Request Form to receive services. Recruitment will end mid-November 2023. Contact [email protected] or call 206-543-4970 for more information.


华盛顿大学学校心理诊所免费为学生提供心理健康服务和评估。 8-18岁的儿童可以享受以下服务:


· 咨询——使用循证实践。 针对各种儿童问题和心理健康挑战提供咨询服务。 服务于 2024 年 1 月开始。提供面对面和虚拟选项。

· 评估——对认知、学业和社会情感/行为问题的检查。 评估不提供诊断结果,但提供广泛的认知、学习和社交/行为概况。 服务于 2024 年 1 月开始。


学生将首先接受筛选。 然后将决定针对每个客户和家庭的最佳治疗形式。 服务由学校心理学实习生提供,并由华盛顿大学持证临床医生/教职人员监督。


潜在客户的父母、监护人或专业人士需要填写服务申请表才能获得服务。 招聘将于 2023 年 11 月中旬结束。请联系 [email protected] 或致电 206-543-4970 了解更多信息。

Cold Weather Resources and Holiday Supports

As the cold weather sets in, please be aware of resources made available by the King County Regional Housing Authority KCRHA. Anyone experiencing homelessness or needing housing support can reach out to any of these cold weather shelter resources.



随着寒冷天气的到来,请注意金县地区住房管理局 KCRHA 提供的资源。 任何无家可归或需要住房支持的人都可以寻求这些寒冷天气庇护所资源。

Jing Mei Enrollment Informational Session

Attend the Mandarin Dual Language incoming Kindergarten Information Session: (Feel free to forward to your neighbors or friends if they have incoming K age students)

  • Date: Thursday, December 14, 2023
  • Time: 9:15 to 10:30 a.m.
  • Location: Jing Mei Elementary Gymnasium
  • Street Address: 12300 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005
  • Who should attend? Incoming Kindergarten families


For 5th grade student entering middle school next year:

Middle School Open Houses:




• 日期:2023 年 12 月 14 日,星期四

• 时间:上午 9:15 至 10:30

• 地点:景美小学体育馆

• 街道地址:12300 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005

• 谁应该参加这个招生会? 即将入学的幼儿园家庭





Student Device Monitoring for Families

To provide families with awareness of their student’s laptop activity, the district has implemented apParent Online the parent app companion to AssistX Education’s Class Policy teacher application.

This software allows families access to the following features during non-school hours:

  1. View screen images of your student’s district-issued laptop
  2. Remotely lock and unlock your student’s device
  3. View the past 24 hours of your student’s online browsing history
  4. Schedule screen lock with auto release
  5. Schedule screen recording with time lapse playback

While we are in temporary remote/hybrid learning, parents have access to the below monitoring features during school hours. Restriction features during school hours are accessible only to teachers to ensure students will not be blocked from resources needed for classwork.

  1. View screen images of your student’s district-issued laptop
  2. View the past 24 hours of your student’s online browsing history

To get started:

  1. You should have received an invitation from the district.

If not, please contact us at [email protected]

  1. Install apParent Online for Android or apParent Online for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  2. Login to the parent app with the login info from the opt-in email to begin managing and monitoring your student’s laptop

Important notes:

  • School hours are specific to each school’s schedule and you will see that reflected for your student in the apParent app
  • This application is not enabled for district-issued iPads



为了让家庭了解学生的笔记本电脑活动,学区实施了 apParent Online,这是 AssistX Education Class policy教师应用程序的家长应用程序伴侣。


1. 查看学生学区配发的笔记本电脑的屏幕图像

2. 远程锁定和解锁学生的设备


4. 定时屏幕锁定并自动解锁

5. 预约屏幕录制并延时播放



当我们进行临时远程/混合学习时,家长可以在上课期间使用以下监控功能。 上课期间的限制功能仅可供教师使用,以确保学生不会被阻止获得课堂作业所需的资源。

1. 查看学生学区配发的笔记本电脑的屏幕图像



1. 您应该已收到学区的邀请。 如果没有,请联系我们:[email protected]

2. 安装适用于 Android 的 apParent Online 或适用于 iOS (iPhone/iPad) 的 apParent Online Install apParent Online for Android or apParent Online for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

3. 使用选择加入电子邮件中的登录信息登录家长应用程序,开始管理和监控学生的笔记本电脑


· 上课时间根据每所学校的时间表而定,您将在 apParent 应用程序中看到您学生的情况

· 该应用程序不适用于学区发行的 iPad


· 观看 90 秒的视频,了解 apParent Online 的运作方式

· 欲了解更多信息,请访问 apParent Online 网站

Counselor’s Corner (Expressing Feelings)

Here is Ms. Hanson’s November Newsletter:

November 2023 Counselor’s Corner


If you are interested in being part of BSD, please consider applying to be in our substitute staff pool. As a sub, you can decide when and where you can work. Here are some options:

  1. Sub certified teacher:
  1. Substitute Preschool Assistant Teacher
  1. Substitute General School Assistant(s)

  1. Substitute Special Education Paraeducator(s)
  1. Substitute secretary:
  2. Substitute bus driver:
辅导员十一月简报:(Ms. Hanson 关于情感表达的家长信)辅导员11月简报中文版.pdf




  1. 小学代课老师Sub certified teacher:
  1. 学前班代课老师Substitute Preschool Assistant Teacher
  1. 代班助教老师Substitute General School Assistant(s)

  1. 代班特殊教育助理Substitute Special Education Paraeducator(s)
  1. 代班秘书Substitute secretary:
  2. 代班校车司机bus driver:


The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.