Pictures below: Blooming tulips that our students and staff planted this winter. Location: outdoor learning area by the marker space/art room patio.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back from Spring Break!

In spring, we usually see students need more support for social awareness as they are very close to their classmate and still learning how to show their friendship. Please show this video to your child and talk about how to show kindness in general. Being kind: Why Be Kind?

We also would like to have your supports to talk about social management skills with your child at home. 💗 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Spotlight

Social Management is a person’s ability to make safe and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions. Watch this short video with your child to help them understand this concept, and see if they can try it next week.

We will continue to use Phoenix Tickets and positive reinforcements to support our students’ growth and spotlight their efforts and progress vs. achievement. We hope you can continue to celebrate their amazing progress at home and provide positive reinforcement as well.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.


Ms. Tan and Mr. Shelton


在春天,我们通常会看到学生需要更多的社交情感支持,因为学生与同学近距离接触,并且仍在学习如何表达友谊。 请向您的孩子播放此视频,并讨论如何表达善意,:为什么要友善

我们也希望得到您的支持,与您的孩子在家谈论社交管理技能。 💗 社交情感学习 (SEL) 焦点

社会管理是一个人对个人行为和社交互动做出安全和建设性选择的能力。 与您的孩子一起观看这段简短的视频,帮助他们理解这个概念,看看他们是否可以在下周尝试一下。





Important Dates:

  • 4/22 Principal Tea: When Perfectionism Goes Too Far (4/22 2:20-3:20)*

Join in person at JM or online Join the meeting

  • 5/27 Memorial Day, No school
  • 6/3  8:45-10 am: Jing Mei Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (Organized by JM Staff)  RSVP: Microsoft Forms
  • 6/3  7:00-7:40pm 5th grade concert (Band and Orchestra)
  • 6/11/2024 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony 2-3:15pm

*Principal Tea: Description: Striving for excellence and having high standards are considered a healthy adaptive and protective coping strategies in life, yet setting excessively high standards with high levels of self-criticism can be unhealthy. In this presentation participants will learn about the definitions of perfectionism, how to know when students’ perfectionism tendencies can become harmful, and how to help students develop a more balanced perspective at home and school.

From PTSA:

Teachers & Staff Appreciation Week will be held Monday May 6th through Friday May 10th (hint: it’s the week leading up to Mother’s Day!)
We thank our Jing Mei teachers & staff for making a world of difference; and to celebrate, we will shower them with a Culinary Adventure Around The World! 

Link for more information:



  • 4/22  2:20-3:20: 校长茶会:怎么应对完美主义

来景美开会或者网上参与 Join the meeting

  • 5/27 Memorial Day, 不上学
  • 6/3  8:45-10 am: 景美义工和代课老师感恩早餐会(员工组织)
  • 6/3   7-7:30pm 五年级音乐会
  • 6/11/2024  2-3:15pm 五年级毕业典礼


*校长茶会:怎么应对完美主义 描述:追求卓越和制定高标准被认为是生活中健康的适应性和保护性应对策略,但设定过高的标准和高水平的自我批评可能是不健康的。在本次演讲中,参与者将了解完美主义的定义,如何知道学生的完美主义倾向何时会变得有害,以及如何帮助学生在家庭和学校形成更加平衡的观点。





Link for more information:


“Know before we grow up” Assembly for 4th and 5th Grade

With PTSA’s sponsorship, our 4th grade and 5th grade students will receive an extra assembly on April 29th from 1:15-2:30. You can find more information about this upper grade here: flyer

If you have any questions/concerns or want to opt out from this assembly, please let Principal Tan know. Here is her email: [email protected].

Know before we grow up” 4, 5年级集会

在 PTSA 的赞助下,我们四年级和五年级的学生将在 4 月 29 日 1:15-2:30 参加一次额外的集会。 您可以在这里找到有关此高年级的更多信息:传单

如果您有任何问题/疑虑或想选择退出本次集会,请告知 Tan 校长。 这是她的电子邮件:[email protected]

April Counselor Newsletter 4/17/2024

Screen time and privacy controls can be a daunting task for parents. We know screen time before bed can interrupt the sleep cycle because the blue light emitted from screens tricks the brain into thinking it’s still daytime. Research says to limit screen time to at least 30 minutes before going to bed as well as limiting overall screen time in the evening. Common Sense Media has many resources targeted to what you may be need support with when it comes to screen time tips and parental controls. This includes parental controls for different gaming systems and online platforms.

Ideas for limiting screen time before bed can include a daily bedtime routine:

      • Find a relaxing activity before bed that doesn’t involve screens (reading, puzzles, drawing/art). This is also a good opportunity to check in with your student about their day and how they are feeling.
      • Give yourself at least 20-30 minutes to get ready for bed before going to sleep.
      • Stick with a bedtime routine that makes the most sense for your family and try to keep it consistent.

Here are a few links that may relate to what you are looking for from the Common Sense website:

Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Minecraft

How Can I Help My Kids Develop Good Screen Time

What’s the Right Age to Get Kids a Cellphone?

What Should I Teach My Child About Safe Online Behavior

How to Block Pornography On Your Child’s Device

四月辅导员通讯 4/17/2024

对于父母来说,屏幕时间和隐私控制可能是一项艰巨的任务。我们知道睡前的屏幕时间会打断睡眠周期,因为屏幕发出的蓝光会欺骗大脑认为它仍然是白天。研究表明,将屏幕时间限制在睡前至少 30 分钟,并限制晚上的整体屏幕时间。 Common Sense Media 有许多资源针对您在屏幕时间提示和家长控制方面可能需要支持的内容。这包括针对不同游戏系统和在线平台的家长控制。


      • 睡前找一个不涉及屏幕的放松活动(阅读、拼图、绘画/艺术)。这也是一个很好的机会,可以与您的学生一起了解他们的一天以及他们的感受。
      • 睡前至少给自己 20-30 分钟准备睡觉。
      • 坚持对您的家人最有意义的就寝时间,并尽量保持一致。

以下是一些可能与您从 Common Sense 网站查找的内容相关的链接:

父母的 Minecraft 终极指南





2024-2025 Class Placement Parent Input (School communication to current Kindergarten to 4th Gr.)

The time has come for us to begin thinking about preparing for classroom placements for the next school year. Our goal during this time is to spend the spring focused on creating drafts of balanced classrooms that will meet the needs of all children. We will spend a great deal of time as a staff and in grade level teams developing anticipated class groupings. We take into consideration Mandarin proficiency level, male to female ratio, academic performance, social skills, learning styles, and special needs. We also value parent input. Creating balanced classrooms where children will be successful is a complex process, and we need your cooperation to make it work. We appreciate the opportunity to work together with you to create well-balanced classrooms.  Please fill this out by 5/1. Thank you.

Survey(Current K to 4th Grade): Microsoft Forms

2024-2025  分班家长问卷 (学校面向K到四年级的沟通)

现在是我们开始准备2024-2025学年班级分班的时候了。在接下来的时间我们的目标是专注于创建平衡分班计划,以满足所有学生的需求。在这个过程中我们会考虑到普通话语言水平,男女比例,学习成绩,社交技能,学习风格和特殊需求,我们也重视家长的意见。 创建平衡和让孩子们成功的班级是一个复杂的过程,我们需要您的合作才能让这个过程更成功。 我们很高兴有机会与您一起创造均衡的教室。问卷调查会在5月1日关闭。

问卷 Survey: Microsoft Forms

(5th Grade) Middle School Interest Inquiry Survey

Please take 2-3 min to finish this middle school interest inquiry survey for us. With the information that you provide, this will help us to prepare our 5th grade students to transfer and transition to middle school.

Survey Link:




Fire Drills

This week we will have our 3rd Fire Drill of the school year.  Washington state law and Bellevue School District policy require all schools to hold at least one drill per calendar month while school is in session. This month, we will be conducting a fire drill and practicing evacuating the building and accounting for everyone.
During a fire evacuation, students are taught to quickly and quietly exit the building. They meet on the field at an assigned location and stay silent while attendance is taken to ensure all people have safely evacuated.

Please talk with your student about preparing for emergencies and disasters such as fires. Encourage them to talk about their concerns and express their feelings. Emphasize that even though sometimes things happen that we may not expect, there are lots of things we can do to help us stay safe.

For more information on fire safety, you might want to visit the National Fire Protection Association “Kids” page at or their parent resource page at


本周我们将举行本学年第三次消防演习。 华盛顿州法律和贝尔维尤学区政策要求所有学校在上课期间每个日历月至少举行一次演习。 这个月,我们将进行消防演习,练习疏散大楼并为每个人清点。

在火灾疏散过程中,学生们被教导要快速、安静地撤离大楼。 他们在现场指定地点集合,并在点名时保持沉默,以确保所有人都安全疏散。

请与您的学生讨论如何为火灾等紧急情况和灾难做好准备。 鼓励他们谈论他们的担忧并表达他们的感受。 强调,尽管有时会发生我们意想不到的事情,但我们可以做很多事情来帮助我们保持安全。

有关消防安全的更多信息,您可能需要访问国家消防协会“儿童”页面 或其家长资源页面

Resource for Families: Is Your Child Overdue for a Well-Child Visit?

Bellevue School District partners with the Washington State Department of Healthto monitor and support student immunizations. Now is the time to catch up on immunizations!

Many children are due for well-child visits because of challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talk with your health care provider to find out which vaccines your child needs. Use yearly checkups and other visits, such as sports physicals, to make sure your children have all the immunizations they need.


Request a copy of your child’s immunization record from your health care provider so you can keep track of their immunization history. Or sign up for MyIR Mobile, which gives you online access to your own and your family’s immunization records.

Children under 19 years of age in Washington are provided with all recommended vaccines at no or low cost at one of Washington state’s Childhood Vaccine Programproviders. Health care providers may charge an office visit fee and a fee to give the vaccine, called an administration fee. If you can’t afford the administration fee, you may ask for it to be waived.


贝尔维尤学区与华盛顿州卫生部合作监测和支持学生免疫接种。 现在正是赶上免疫接种的时候!

由于新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 疫情的挑战,许多儿童需要接受儿童保健服务。

与您的医疗保健提供者交谈,了解您的孩子需要哪些疫苗。 每年进行一次检查和其他访问,例如运动体检,以确保您的孩子获得了他们所需的所有免疫接种。


向您的医疗保健提供者索取您孩子的免疫记录副本,以便您可以跟踪他们的免疫史。 或者注册 MyIR Mobile,它可以让您在线访问您自己和家人的免疫记录

华盛顿州的儿童疫苗计划提供商之一免费或低价为华盛顿 19 岁以下的儿童提供所有推荐的疫苗。 医疗保健提供者可能会收取办公室就诊费和疫苗接种费(称为管理费)。 如果您无力承担管理费,您可以要求免除。

Nominate a Student for Bellevue Youth Link’s Community Leadership Awards

Do you know a Bellevue child or teen who has championed a cause, served the community, or advocated for diversity and social justice? Nominations are now open for the 34th annual Community Leadership Awards. The awards are sponsored by Bellevue Youth Link, a youth leadership program supported by the City of Bellevue and Bellevue School District.


We are asking for your help to please nominate a youth or student in Bellevue by completing the nomination form. We encourage school and program staff, community members, parents and other adults to submit a nomination. Youth can also nominate other youth. Nominations will be open until Friday, May 3, 2024. Youth Link will host the awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 6-8 p.m. at Bellevue City Hall. Event registration required due to limited spaces.

学生提名: Bellevue Youth Link 社区领导奖

您是否认识贝尔维尤的儿童或青少年,他们曾支持一项事业、服务社区或倡导多样性和社会正义? 第 34 届年度社区领导奖现已开放提名。 该奖项由贝尔维尤青年链接 (Bellevue Youth Link) 赞助,这是一项由贝尔维尤市和贝尔维尤学区支持的青年领导力项目。


我们请求您帮助填写提名表,提名贝尔维尤的一名青少年或学生。 我们鼓励学校和项目工作人员、社区成员、家长和其他成年人提交提名。 青少年也可以提名其他青少年。 提名截止日期为 2024 年 5 月 3 日星期五。Youth Link 将于 2024 年 5 月 22 日星期三下午 6 点至 8 点举办颁奖典礼。 在贝尔维尤市政厅。 由于空间有限,活动需要注册。

Save the Date: Bellevue Transportation Forum

What can the district, City of Bellevue or Metro Transit do to engage and encourage parents to choose environmentally sustainable transportation options such as riding the bus, walking, biking or carpooling? Attend the Transportation Forum to collaborate with district and city leaders in creating solutions for transportation challenges.


In-Person Event

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024

Time: 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Location: Sammamish High School

Address: 100 140th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98005


Online Event

Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Location: Online via Microsoft Teams


Register now.

Registration for these events is suggested but not required. You may also request interpretation/translation support for the events through the registration form.




学区、贝尔维尤市或地铁交通部门可以采取哪些措施来吸引和鼓励家长选择环境可持续的交通方式,例如乘坐公交车、步行、骑自行车或拼车? 参加交通论坛,与地区和城市领导人合作,制定应对交通挑战的解决方案。



日期:2024 年 4 月 25 日,星期四



地址:100 140th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98005



日期:2024 年 5 月 1 日星期三

时间:下午 6:00-8:00

地点:通过 Microsoft Teams 在线



建议但不要求注册这些活动。 您还可以通过注册表请求活动的口译/翻译支持。

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.