FAQ on iChineseReader—

1.       I can’t seem to access iChineseReader on my phones and tablets. How can I access iChineseReader?

After contacting Sean Tan, the Marketing VP at iChineseReader, it was shared that there is an app available for phones and iPads that students and parents can download. The app is designed specifically for phones and iPads. The website is not compatible with phones and iPads and anything under 7 inches. The interface and functions may be a bit different on this app than the actual website accessed through a laptop or tablet.


2.       I don’t see quizzes for some books. What’s going on? What isn’t there always a star?

Corrections: Sean Tan said that Level 1 and part of Level 2 do not have quizzes after reading. The star symbol is there for if the book has been marked for “My Library” by the student. I do apologize for the wrong information and confusion—somehow in my notes, I had misheard the information.  


3.       Whenever I’m on a BSD campus, I can’t access iChineseReader. Why?

Our IT has blocked iChineseReader for the BSD Guest Wifi. I have contacted them to unblock the website. In the meantime, you should be able to access the site everywhere else, including at home.


4.       How long do we have this subscription for?

This is our first year piloting the product school wide. Our subscription started in November and we have purchased for a 12-month term. The subscription will end during November of 2017 and will be available 24/7, including all the breaks.


5. I missed the information session.  How can I learn more about this resource?

Here is the Presentation that was shared with parents.  If you have additional questions please contact Monica Lo.