Jing Mei Drop Off/Pick up Expectations

Foot and traffic safety is a top concern for us.  We have carefully crafted a socially distanced plan to facilitate smooth transitions at drop off and pick up.

If your child will NOT be riding the school bus, please take the time to review the below diagram and read the following information carefully to determine the best plan of action for your family.


If you would like to park your car and meet your child in the Main Entrance area please park in one of these areas:

  • Visitor Parking (C)
  • Overflow Parking (B)
  • On SE 56th or side streets

Dropping Off Your Student

If you would prefer to stay in your car:

  • Utilize the student drop off lane located in Lot A
  • Remain in your vehicle at all times
  • Pull all of the way forward before letting your child in the car
  • If your child needs assistance in getting situated in a booster seat, please park your car rather than using the drop off/pick up lane.

Picking Up Your Student

To help reduce crowding during the pick up period please utilize our Zoning system to meet your student after school.  Teachers will bring students to their designated zones.

For pick-up, parents have four options:

  1. Students take school bus: https://bsd405.org/departments/transportation/bus-routes/
  2. Students can do Boys and Girls Club afterschool care: Please note that the program is currently full but you can join the waitlist. First day of BGC before and afterschool care is 9/6/2022.
  3. Drive through pick up
  4. Park and Walk to pick up: For Kindergarten afterschool Pick UP; please stand in front of the Kindergarten classroom doors (see signs on walls). For 1st – 5th grade after school Pick UP; please stand by gym doors by grade level (see signs on walls).

Finally, in the Jing Mei parking lot, please use the virtues of patience and responsibility and help keep our children safe by refraining from using your cell phone!