Lake Hills Elementary

Lake Hills is one of 16 elementary schools in the Bellevue School District. We have a variety of programs to serve the needs of our diverse K-5 student population. These programs include before and after school care for children; a federal-funded Title 1 program that provides reading and/or support for children that are struggling ; English as a Second Language support for intermediate and advanced level second language learners; and a Special Education program for children with special learning needs. Lake Hills is also proud to have a Head Start Preschool program available to qualifying children.

Additionally, Lake Hills is host to a number of community-based programs and services that enrich the learning environment for our students. These include: Bellevue Early Learning after-school program, Youth Eastside Services connections, Wrap Around Services from the City of Bellevue, and Jubilee Reach Center.

The Lake Hills staff is committed to working as a team to provide the highest quality education for our students. We value working collaboratively with our students’ families and believe that the school-home connection plays an important role in the success of our students and our program at Lake Hills.

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