Click Here for the GUIDELINES for Private School Record Requests- Application Process

Although we are sad that your child may possibly leave our school and District, we are happy to help provide the requested records and information for your private school applications. In order to do so, we need your assistance. The most important thing to do is plan ahead.
The following outlines what you need to be aware of:

  1. Because of the time that it takes to process these private school requests, please plan in weeks advance.  We are not able to meet last minute record nor teacher recommendation requests.
  2. For teacher recommendations, please connect with your teacher as soon as you plan on asking them to write a recommendation for your student. Teachers have heavy workloads, especially at the start of the school year, so we ask that you submit your request at least 4-6 weeks prior to the deadline. Additionally, each teacher may have their own guidelines and time frame for the process which they will share with you. It is important that you do not ask teachers to provide student progress reports prior to our report card deadline as they are NOT allowed to do this. Official report cards are posted around the first week of February and will be uploaded then, not before.
  3. Once Student Records have uploaded your records and the private school has accepted them, the box will be marked complete on your Ravenna account. Any additional private schools you apply to will have access to these files; there is no need to ask us for the documents again.
  4. The private schools are aware that report cards, standardized test scores, etc. will be posted after their deadline. Student Records will upload the most current report card once it is available. The applicant is not penalized if this is after the school’s due date. Private schools can contact us directly if they do not have the records they need.
  5. The final notification of completion comes from the private schools to which you are applying. It takes them time to access everything that we upload. Please realize that this may take a few weeks. We ask that you do not call or email the office to confirm the records were sent. If you have questions, please contact the private school as Medina cannot provide you with any additional information about the status once we upload our documents.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and for planning ahead.

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.