Staff Goals and Commitments

Our Mission in the Bellevue School District to provide each and every student with an exemplary college preparatory education so they they can succeed in college, career, and life.
It is our commitment at Medina Elementary to prepare students for life.  The work we do with each student at Medina is focused on more than just textbooks. We hope to instill life long learning skills and strategies through a variety of methods to ensure our students are prepared for life, wherever that may take them.

2017-18 School Year

This year we will continue to support each student, every day, in every classroom. We do this through, using the Common Core Standards, using data to drive our instruction, differentiating our lessons to meet students where they are, using multiple forms of assessment to track progress, and infuse 21st century learning into our classrooms. Along with a strong commitment to academics, we are also committed to ensuring each child grows socially and emotionally.  Our curriculum and focus on providing a strong foundation of social/emotional learning for students will support our high expectations and growth academically.

School Mission, Vision, and Goals
Arrival and Dismissal

If you reside outside the walking perimeter and require transportation, you will be notified by the Transportation Department the week prior to the start of school. You will be told your designated pick-up and drop-off point and time. Transportation will also send you information regarding policies and procedures for bus riders. We expect all Medina students to follow Medina rules and expectations, whether on campus, in the classroom, on a field trip, on the bus, or waiting for the bus. If you are in doubt about whether your student may ride the bus, please call Transportation at (425)456-4512.

We encourage you to have your child ride the bus or walk to school with a group of other children. You can also carpool with neighbors. Traffic around Medina is very congested during pick-up and drop-off times. Fewer vehicles make the transition easier for everyone! Please see the following page for a map and more details about arrival and dismissal.

If you need to drive to school to drop your child(ren) off, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Supervision before school begins at 7:45 on the playground. Therefore, please ensure your child remains safe by dropping him/her off any time after 7:45 but not beforehand. The school opens at 7:55 and classrooms open at 8:00 am.
  2. Use the designated drop-off/pick-up area to drop your child/children off at school. The circular drive in the front of the school is for drop off/pick up only. Therefore, DO NOT PARK in the circular drive as it is for dropping off/picking up students and a fire lane.
  3. When using the drop off / pick-up area (circular drive):
    1. Pull as far forward as possible in the drop-off/pick-up lane. Drop off/pick up your child(ren) and pull ahead to exit.
    2. Remain in your car at all times.
    3. Please keep the line moving! If you need to talk with another parent or a teacher, park your vehicle in a parking space.
  4. If you choose to park your car, PARK ON THE STREET OR ONLY IN DESIGNATED PARKING SPACES. DO NOT PARK IN OR BLOCK THE FIRE LANE or other parked vehicles.
  5. Have patience! Plan for a few extra minutes in your morning or afternoon routine if you drop your child(ren) off or pick them up!
  6. Please refrain from talking/texting on handheld devices during drop off and pick up.

Prompt and regular school attendance by students is important. Regular attendance is necessary if students are to profit fully from learning experiences offered in school. Because students miss significant instruction when they are absent from school, any absence may affect their learning. In order to set your family up for success, plan to be at school by the 8:05 bell, giving students adequate time to reach their classrooms and be prepared for the start of class at 8:10.

Frequent absences and tardies will be addressed by the principal. The school may take a variety of actions to help improve a student’s attendance and timeliness, including: loss of recess, loss of free choice time, notes home, parent and student conferences, and other disciplinary actions as needed. (Please see the appendix for the full text of the Bellevue School District Student Attendance Policy 3122).

Absences and Tardies (late arrival or early leave)

If your child will be absent or late, please call the school at 425-456-5401. We value your child’s safety and need to know where he/she is if not in school. Please refer to Bellevue School District Policy 3222 for more details on what constitutes an excused absence/tardy or an unexcused absence/tardy.

Excused/Unexcused Absences

For an absence to be considered as an excused absence (see policy 3122), you first MUST fill out a “Request for Excused Absence” for and return it to the office. Filling out the form does not guarantee that the absence will be accepted as excused. You may obtain a form in the office or on our website.

We strongly discourage families from taking vacations during school days. Every absence has an impact on your child and his/her classroom, and extended absences have been shown to have a negative impact on a student’s education.

Late Arrival and Early Pick Up (Tardies)

Students must be in their seats at 8:10am. If your child arrives late, he/she needs to check in at the front office and will be tardy for school.

If it is necessary for you to pick your child up early from school, please come to the office to sign him/her out, this is considered a tardy. Do not go to the classroom to pick your child up. He or she will be called to the office to meet you. When you follow these procedures, you help keep all children at Medina safe.

If your child’s tardy falls in the “excused” category (see policy 3122) a parent must verify this in writing, email, or person with our office staff. It is highly recommended that you share this information with the office and teacher before the event.

Student Behavior Expectations

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Medina Guidelines for Success

  • Medina students know they are important and have PRIDE in our school. As a Medina Tiger, students are expected to:
  • Be Kind
  • Be Safe
  • Do Your Best
  • Help the Rest

Our Expectations have two main goals:

  • To ensure the safety of students and staff
  • To create an environment conducive to learning


At Medina Elementary School, we use a positive behavior support and intervention system.

  • We teach children about our behavior expectations, and we review these expectations regularly.
  • We explain to children what behavior is okay and what behavior is not tolerated.
  • We teach children how to identify and prevent bullying behavior.
  • We teach children how to solve problems and how to use conflict resolution strategies.
  • We positively reinforce our expectations.
Cell Phones and Other Items from Home

Cell Phones

We discourage students from bringing cell phones to school. However, we understand that many families rely on them for communicating with each other after school.  Therefore, if cell phones are brought to school, they must remain OFF and in backpacks during the school day.  If a child needs to call a parent during the school day, he/she can use a phone in the office or classroom by asking an adult.

Students who are seen using cell phones during the school day will have their phone taken away.  The phone may be collected at the at the end of the day in the office.  For any subsequent infractions, parents/guardians must collect the phone from the office.

Please remember that cell phones brought to school are brought at the owner’s own risk and families need to understand that the phones are easily stolen.  If a loss occurs at school, it is not the responsibility of the school.

Items from Home

Students come to school to learn. Toys, trading cards, electronic games, stuffed animals, money, cell phones, and other personal items of value should remain at home so they are not misplaced, lost, or broken. If a child wishes to bring a special item to share with the class, he or she must first get permission from the teacher.

Please help us by leaving your pets at home when you come to school to volunteer. If you have your dog with you when you pick your students up from school, please make sure your pet is on a leash and under control. This is for the health and safety of all students. Sometimes we are asked about bringing pets to school to share with classmates. We have specific health and safety laws to abide by.  Therefore, we ask that no animals are brought into the classroom unless you have made prior arrangements with your child’s classroom teacher.


At Medina Elementary School, we use progressive discipline steps and strategies for behavior correction.  In general, we give verbal reminders for minor misbehaviors and move to office referrals or immediate removal for on-going or severe misbehaviors. The Administration will support staff and students with discipline as needed. Please see BSD District Policy/Procedures 3240 (Student Conduct), 3241 and 3241P (Classroom Mangagement, Corrective Actives or Punishment) and  3241P (Exhibit A: Elementary Discipline Consequences Matrix) for details.


Harassment, intimidation, and bullying are not tolerated at Medina Elementary School (or on school buses, etc.).  According to Bellevue School District School Board Policy 3207, “Prohibition of harassment, intimidation, or bullying” means any intentional written, verbal, or physical act including, but not limited to, one shown to be motivated by any characteristic in RCW 9A.35.080(3) (race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability), or other distinguishing characteristics, when the intentional written, verbal, or physical act:

  • Physically harms any person or damages the person’s property; or
  • Has the effect of substantially interfering with a person’s ability to participate in the educational process of the district; or
  • Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment; or
  • Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.


Students and adults in the Medina Elementary School community are encouraged to report any incident of harassment, intimidation, or bullying to a teacher, the counselor/psychologist, or the principal.  All reports will be promptly and thoroughly investigated.  (Please see the Bellevue School District Sexual Harassment Policy 1600 and the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy 1601).

District Policy and Procedures

 Please refer to the Bellevue School District Website at for details regarding board policy and notices.