We value our time with students and know that attendance and tardiness has a significant impact on the academic success of our students. In fact, tardiness and unexcused absences are two of the most easily identifiable indicators of students who fail to graduate from high school. Please help our students by getting them to school on time each morning. Teachers take attendance at 8AM. Families are called regarding absent students each morning. Students that have unexcused tardies will receive a “tardy letter” via email.

If your child is tardy, please sign them in on the yellow sign in sheet at the front desk. Please be sure to indicate a reason for the tardy. If you write late or tardy that does not excuse the tardy. We need a valid reason for being late to determine if it is excused or unexcused. Please be sure to call our attendance office 425-456-5503 or email newportheightsattendance@bsd405.org if your child will be late or absent. Please state the reason for the tardy or absence in the voice mail or email.

Extended Absence Requests

Our summer vacations and extended breaks are great times to vacation with your child. We discourage any family from choosing to travel during the school year. District policy allow a maximum of 5 days to be excused by families during an entire school year for reasons of choice. Anything beyond this will be marked as unexcused. However, we understand that there are times where unique opportunities or family circumstances arise that cannot be avoided. To excuse a planned absence a parent must fill out an Request for Excused Absence form.

Visit the Bellevue School District Website for more information on Attendance.