At Newport Heights we strive to be a safe and kind community.  Throughout the year, we spend time working Social and Emotional learning of each child at NHE, as we think this learning is paramount to student success. As part of that support, all staff give out Dolphin Awards to students when they see them following our school-wide expectations:

Solve problems

Always show respect

Make good decisions

Students bring their Dolphin Awards to the office and are celebrated by cheering staff members.  These students get to sign a dolphin poster that is posted in the office and then is kept in the main hallway throughout the year. Each month, the names written on the dolphins are read during lunch and students receive recognition.

Students place their Dolphin Awards in a fishbowl in the main office for weekly and monthly drawings.   Once a week, one student from each grade level is drawn from the fishbowl as a weekly winner.  Each student’s name is announced over the PA and the student comes to the office to receive a prize.  Once a month, one student from K-2 and one student from 3-5 is drawn from the bowl as monthly award winners, with the prize being an experience of their choice in the school, such as being the principal for part of the day or teaching a lesson to their class.

September’s winners chose to be Principals for the Day.  Here’s what they had to say about their experience being the leaders of NHE for the day:

“The best part about being the principal is that I get to solve problems.” -Ben C.

“The best part about being the assistant principal is that I get to have fun.” -Molly M.

Congratulations to our September winners!!