Phase 1 – Official Summer 2022 site-start on the day school is out 

  • The new Gym and Commons Addition (blue area in illustration) will be constructed from the Summer of 2022 to the summer of 2023.  
  • A new Music space (lavender area in illustration below) will be constructed in the parking lot east of the current music classrooms. 
  • At the end of Phase 1 (end of Summer 2023) The Gym and music classrooms will be generally completed.  
  • South Ball Field given up for construction zone and staging area for three years. The Women’s Softball and Men’s baseball field along Coal Creek to remain open.
  • South plaza will be closed along with access to Chicken coop, etc.  
  • Art and CTE spaces will remain in use -they will have restricted access to the south (that will be a construction zone).  
building layout plan for areas to be remodeled
Site layout for the first floor of the Newport remodel. Blue-New athletic facilities Yellow-Expanded commons with more natural light and exposure to outdoor scenes Lavender-Expanded and remodeled Music spaces Orange-Staff and administrative spaces Pink-New general classroom and CTE spaces

Phase 2 – Summer of 2023 to Summer of 2024  

  • The school to move into the New Gym and expanded Commons for the start of school 2023.  
  • In the summer of 2023, move out of the old Gym spaces, which will be demolished for construction of new Academic wing.   
  • Remodel work in Summer of 2023 
  •  Commons and new theater stairs. (reopen for school year 2023) 
  • Theater will be closed for new lighting (reopen for school year 2023) 
  • At the End of Phase 2 (end of Summer 2024) the Academic wing will add 12 general classrooms plus Art and CTE spaces as well as faculty, and support spaces.  

building diagram of the first floor of the 12 new classrooms (first floor)

New classrooms wing–first floor.

Second floor layout of the new classroom wing
Second floor classroom (yellow) and athletic spaces (blue)

Phase 3 – Summer of 2024 to summer 2025  

  • The school to move into the new Academic, Art and CTE spaces for start of school 2024 
  • Move out of the old Art and CTE spaces in the summer 2024, which will be demolished for construction of the Black box theater, Robitics, and Theater shop. etc. 
  • Move out of Rooms 1101 and 1102 for remodel to convert to Admin suite.  
  • Remodel work Summer of 2024 (these spaces to re-open start of school year 2024) 
  • Commons remodel work – no access to commons in summer  
  • Remodel Library and related spaces 
  • Blackbox, Robotics, Theater shop wing will be completed. 
Detail of classroom wind first floor
Detail of classroom wind and Commons first floor

Phase 4 – Summer 2025 to Mid-winter break 2026 

  • Remodel of the Music rooms, green room and theater changing area  
  • Remodel current Admin / Counseling suite to be Counseling / Wellness Center  
  • Turf south play field plus landscaping and site work   
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.