Try our new tool for finding information about our school—our community’s school—on these Newport webpages

Use our new Category Search function to narrow available Newport web content for a quick scan. 

Unfortunately, using the typical keyword search function on our website will collect information from the entire Bellevue School District website, which includes our district-office pages and all the pages for all 29 schools. (This search function is still there.)

Pages, Posts & Categories—Bending WordPress web templates to your will

You shared in your survey responses, emails, and comments that you needed a way to search for information about Newport. We heard you and went to work on a solution.

BSD’s web software limits our options for searches. To help answer your requests for a searchable site, we are using Blog Posts & Categories in a creative way.

Where did it all go?

To use Categories, most of our webpage information was moved to Posts. We still have our traditional pages that we highlight with our dropdown menus.

  • Check out the Family News page that contains only blog posts.
  • While the College & Career Center page maintains general information and links to specifics, but we also moved specific topics to blog posts at the bottom of the page.

We use descriptive titles and summary introductory paragraphs to help you assess possible content before you open the link.

Many of these pages now feature information in a blog-like section at the bottom of each page. Those same blogposts will appear in your Category searches.

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Below are the Categories we have included and a quick summary for each. 

Feel free to suggest additional Categories. We’ll do our best to balance a workable number of categories with search results that adequately narrow information for you.

  • Announcements: The most recent and time-sensitive news and events. Features posts for important upcoming events and important information for two to three weeks before it moves to our Family News section.
  • Everyday Resources: Attendance, transportation, student meals at school, updating student data, checking grades, etc.
  • Exploring Futures: A main category and several subcategories all about helping your student prepare to go directly into the job market or move on to college, technical schools, or other training.
  • Financial Aid: News about what is available to pay for high school programs and college or other training after Newport graduation.
  • Family News: Recent posts and articles from our weekly principal’s newsletter, our class bulletins, and other email newsletters.
  • Student News: Replacing the Daily Bulletin email that focused mostly on the on the everyday activities and reminders for students. Families may want to look here for club announcements, special activities, etc.
  • Health & Safety: A category we hope not to need much longer, but one that focuses on Covid-related announcements and protocols.
  • Guiding Your Student: This is our largest category and has many subcategories to help narrow your search. It houses a trove of helpful information for families about:
    • how high school learning works;
    • how you can help at home;
    • how to navigate registration, college planning, and other milestones;
    • special tasks and growth stages for each grade;
    • suggestions for various adolescent development challenges; and
    • other information that families typically need information about in order to best support and coach their student.
  • Helping Students Thrive: These categories focus more on helping our students find information—a skill we hope you will coach them to learn as part of the critical self-advocacy abilities we must equip them with before graduation:
    • Family Life Supports include a variety of school and community services for families in need of assistance with food, clothing, housing, health services, legal protections and more.
    • Mental Health lists both professional counseling services you can access through Newport or the community. Plus, we have many tools that families and students can use to nurture their mental well-being and keep it strong.
    • Stress was listed separately because everyone needs these coping strategies and skills to stay well and productive in today’s complex world.
  • Student Resources lists several categories to help students (with you as their guide and coach) find the supports and tools to thrive academically.
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.