During Orientation, our students led their classmates in small groups on tours of our building and all its secrets.

There’s so much to know. Ask questions if there is anything you didn’t hear or need to know more about.

  1. Football Field
  • Talk about football, soccer, lacrosse, track & field games where they can go cheer.
  • Talk about the 5k that they’ll be running this year and that we’ll make it an event for them!
  • Mention that they need their student ID for football games and can get free entry with an ASB sticker. They can’t bring bags to games.
  • Mention the staff parking lot and where they can get dropped off.

Walk past the outside gym and weight room, mention them. Enter school through back entrance (main office).

  1. Outside of Main Office/By Senior Steps
  • The nurse’s office is here for injuries.
  • Mention: Ms. Yahoudy, Mr. Altenhof (Hua-Pa), Mr. Moe-Lobeda (A-Hu), Mr. O’Connor (Pe-z).
  • Mention tutorial – where students can go to a teacher’s classroom for extra help/questions.
  • Senior steps aren’t just for seniors, you could sit there for lunch and while you wait to get picked up.
  1. Attendance Office – By Main Staircase
  • If you come in late, get a late slip here first and then go to class.
  • Sign out if you’re leaving early (no need for parents).
  • Students will have lockers, tell freshmen to email the office for how to get their lockers and how to open them (can give more info later, there’s info on the TCOB page on the school website).
  • Ask questions, give candies.

Check for the group behind and ahead of you, don’t clump and wait if they haven’t passed.

  1. Outside of Counseling Center
  • Point out the language wing.
  • Can email your counselor for an appointment or sign up in the office.
  • Your counselor is based on your last name.
  • Counselors are great for any issues ranging from friend to family problems and if you have any issues with your mental health/classes – you can always come in for a mental health break.

Walk into math hallway – mention it – walk up until the first bathrooms & water fountains.

  1. Bathrooms/Drink Fountains
  • Drinking fountains will be available, you can bring your own water bottle that you can refill!
  • Due to COVID, only two people are supposed to be in the bathroom at a time, go during class.
  • Point to vending machines – they are all throughout the school and you can buy snacks.

Go up the curved staircase at the end of the math hallway, check if there’s a group above you.

  1. At the Top of the Curved Staircase on the Second Floor
  • Point out the History and English wing.
  • You’ll wipe down the desks and clean the room of your 7th period (or last period of the day).
  • This stairway gets really crowded – be careful.
  • Mention block days (1 ½ hour classes, even classes on Wednesday, odd on Thursday).

Go down the 2nd floor hallway to the Mirrored Doors.

  1. Mirrored Doors Exit – Step Outside, Have One Leader Holding the Doors to Get Back In
  • Step outside onto the sidewalk to show the Tennis Courts.
  • Show the River Parking Lot and Roundabout for Drop offs – when their parents drop them off, make sure not to linger to prevent traffic, you can pull into a parking spot if necessary.
  • Tell them they can’t enter the school through the mirrored doors.

Step back into the school and go up the staircase outside of the Health classroom.

  1. Outside of Health Classroom
  • Share personal experiences from when you took health or Aspen and its importance.
  • Emphasize that freshmen will be taking health next year.
  • Insist taking health in person (despite your opinion)!! Taking it online isn’t worth it – money, less information, can’t apply to many things like Aspen, will be asked of for future Link Crew Leaders.
  1. Science Hallway – Top of Main Staircase to Check if Library Group is on Track
  • Do an icebreaker question to introduce everyone (see last page for examples).
  • Explain fire drill procedures: evacuate the building and directly head to the football field to line up with your 2nd period class (regardless of when the drill takes place). The first evacuation procedure will be in the first 10 days, so be prepared!
  • Show off biology and chemistry classrooms (especially hidden ones).
  • Tell them to communicate with their teachers if they’re going across the school between classes.
  1. In Front of the Library
  • Librarian Ms. Crosier may be there to talk
  • Show where tech help is (can go before school, during lunch/class, or after school) and the college career advisor office.
  • Mention why someone would go to the library – peer tutors, printing papers before school, college visits.
  • Students can reach out to their English teacher for info on how to use Destiny to check out books.

Walk through the library. Go down the main staircase to the first floor and walk through the commons, pointing the classes out and the music wing. Point out Landau’s room. DO NOT GO DOWN THE MUSIC HALLWAY AND THROUGH THE THEATER.

  1. In Front of Commons Bathrooms/In Front of Stairs to Theater
  • Talk about Theater productions (two-three plays a year), FKL, Newport Idol, etc. Advertise & come!!
  • Point to Lecture Halls and explain their use.
  • Personal stories (spirit days, assemblies, sporting events, and high school tips).
  • Questions if necessary.
  1. Commons – By Snack Bar/Art Staircase
  • Point out the accountant (Ms. Sceats) and athletic director (Jesse Snyder) offices.
  • Point out the snack line and student store (there, but not always open).
  • Lunches: It’ll be in at least three locations – the commons, outdoor spaces (weather permitting), and possibly hallways. Lunch is FREE this year for all students for certain items. The tables are gone, students will have chairs 6 feet apart and will eat lunch on their laps. Breakfast is also free. Students can go off campus for lunch.

Keep it positive even if it’s not ideal ^. Head up the art hallway stairs, through the art hallway.

  1. End of Art Hallway by the Window
  • Explain room numbers and the difference between 21__ and 24__.
  • End of the hallway stairs are one way down.
  • Point out the video production rooms above, mention CISCO, Culinary below and personal experiences. Talk about watching NTV in class.
  1. End of Locker Room Hallways/PE White Board
  • Point out the main gym, outside gym, weight room, trainer’s office.
  • Students WILL be changing for PE and lockers will be in full use.
  • Point out the White Board where their teachers will tell you what gym to meet in.
  • Mention that’ll they’ll be running the 5k and we’ll make it a fun event for them.

Walk up the stairs next to the boy locker rooms. Walk through the upper gym and stop in front of Church’s room. Make sure there’s room for everyone.

  1. Upper Gym Classroom/Ms. Church’s Room
  • Explain what teachers and classes are taught in this room (Church & Munsel).
  • Point out the odd room number and the door at the end of the stairs – how to access that classroom.
  • There’s an elevator for injuries.
  • Point out the circuit room where they’ll be training for the 5k.

Walk down the stairs, through the door to the left where the tables are.

  1. Portables/Chicken Coop
  • Point out the portables and various baseball/softball fields, roundabout for drop-off and chicken coop. Where do you think the school lunch chicken nuggets come from?
  • Show the portable map sign next to the walkway.
  • Make sure there aren’t any questions. Make sure to communicate with your teacher if you’re coming from/going to a portable class.
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.