Writing it down so there is no doubt that you and your student understand each other can save hours of family wrangling to manage commitments.


It’s 24/7. There is no debate that our weeks have seven days with 24 hours each. That’s a total of 168.

  • That number sounds large, but lets take out sleep (which should be a non-negotiable minimum).

Here’s a link to a study that shows that students who rest do better in school.

Take out nine hours per day (168-63=105).

  • Now remove hours at school—also not negotiable. Four days of seven hours plus one day of five hours equals 33, which leaves us with 72.
  • Still sound like a lot. Don’t forget these:
    • Travel time to and from school and activities,
    • Meals and snacks (Researchers recommend a five-minute break every hour to stand, move around, drink water, snack as needed, etc.)
    • Personal hygiene
    • Household chores
  • Add other commitments:
    • sports,
    • clubs,
    • volunteer hours,
    • learning to drive,
    • health care appointments, dental appointments, etc.
    • family and community commitments.
  • Use this guide on our Counseling/Registration webpage as a tool for estimating homework time. Add that.
  • Anticipate problems!
    • We get sick.
    • Technology fails.
    • Teammates stumble in their commitments.
    • We have special assignments and exam weeks.
    • Our team may participate in a tournament or the band may travel.
    • Things often take more time than anticipated.
  • Leave time for fun and relaxing. Again, there is research that proves that minds that rest perform better. This isn’t a luxury; it’s a fact of human body and brain physiology. Studies also show that students who plan time for fun find it much easier to commit to their study schedule.


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