The simple answer is that nearly every student can benefit from career courses. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • College-bound students who earn credits and professional certifications in these courses can often skip lower-level college courses. They also often receive offers to work in research labs, etc. as undergraduates because of the hands-on experience they received.
  • These programs earn college credits that can save you money.
  • These courses help students “test drive” the work activities along these career paths so that they know that their plans will actually suit them. This can avoid a mid-college “course correction” when they decide to change majors. That will cost them time and tuition money.
  • Many of our career education courses allow students to graduate from high school fully certified for $70-$80,000 entry-level jobs.
  • Students learn many “soft skills” while doing the work required in these hands-on courses. Teamwork, communication, collaboration, patience, leadership, and more develop with practice.
  • The practical experience in construction, electrical devices, computers, teaching, child development, health services, etc. can better prepare a student to absorb and use the theoretical material of their college courses.
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