New hallway designs encourage student interaction and group work.

Fall 2022

Steel beams and framing are appearing on the construction site leaving what's beginning to look like a building.
Steel beams and framing are appearing on the construction site leaving what’s beginning to look like a building. November 1, 2022
Staff Parking Lot on Friday, October 14, 2022.


West parking lot nearing completion and opens Monday, Oct 17. In the background, you can see the gym taking shape.

Progress through September 8, 2022. Foundations taking shape for new gym.


overhead view of construction site showing foundation of new building

This aerial view of campus shows the foundation taking shape for the new Athletic Facilities. You also can see that the staff parking lot (left side of photo) has started to return to normal in preparation for reopening that we expect in a few weeks.

For students walking to school: On the left side of the photo, you can see the green area that is our Varsity Baseball Field. Along the top edge of the field, there is a safe walkway for students to enter from 124th Ave. The route already has a Knickname—The Yellow Brick Road.

Summer 2022

The view below of the north end of campus includes the new “Portable City,” where our portable classrooms were moved during summer. We also opened a new parking area there to alleviate the parking strain until the west parking lot can reopen.


The photos above and below show the current interior of the Commons. You are looking at the west wall that now houses Athletics Offices, gyms, locker rooms, etc.

After the new Athletic Facility (now under construction to the south of the Commons) is complete, we will begin tearing down this wall and everything beyond it.

In its place, we will have a glass wall (see drawing below) that will flood the student Commons with natural light throughout the day. Outside that glass wall will be an open courtyard where students can relax, eat, study, and visit with friends.

Beyond the courtyard, we will construct a new 12-classroom wing (2023-2024). The wing will house our Career Technical Education (including Cisco networking, Culinary arts, etc. ) in specially designed spaces. Our art department also will move here to classrooms flooded with natural light.

Below are drawings of what you can expect to see when this wall and the gyms are replaced with a glass wall, courtyard, and new classroom wing.

Brightly lighted space for gatherings and lunch.
The new Commons are will include vast amounts of natural light from a wall of glass facing west. It will open to a courtyard with student seating. See drawings above and below.

Brightly lighted student space for gathering and lunch.

Current Project Areas–Summer & Fall 2022

What is now a project area will reopen this fall to restore our staff parking lot and the west entrance to campus. The building to the right above, where you can see the lighted Newport sign, will be torn down next summer to make way for

  • the new 12-classroom wing,
  • an outdoor courtyard for students, and
  • a new full-height glass wall that will flood our Commons with natural light.

(See the architect drawings above for a view of that new Commons space.)


Above and below, the staff parking lot to the west of the building is closed until mid-fall. Crews are installing large cement vaults to hold rainwater runoff. Other underground storage areas will house the utility connections that will supply not only the new spaces but the entire campus.


Above, the driveway and parking that used to provide access to the south end of the campus has been closed and will not reopen.


Above, a close-up view of the current south end of the Commons, which will connect to the new gyms and athletic spaces.


Summer 2022 work included removing siding and doorways from the south end of the Commons. When the Athletic Facilities are complete, this area will connect to the new spaces with a larger Commons area flooded with natural light.


Above you can see the temporary wall erected at the south end of the Commons to separate the student areas from construction of the new Athletic Facilities. When construction is complete, this area will be open to an enlarged Commons space and the entry to the new gym and other athletics spaces.

See our gallery of architect drawings here for a vision of the Newport High School of the near future.

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.