**December 4 through December 8, bus routes 12, 19, 32, 43, 48 and 50 will be canceled.**
Now hiring for Bus Drivers
**December 4 through December 8, bus routes 12, 19, 32, 43, 48 and 50 will be canceled.**
Now hiring for Bus Drivers
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Course SelectionPrincipal’s Guide by Grade:

Course Selection: Actively Plan Depth, Breadth, Rigor, Growth

9th Grade

  • Challenge yourself. Know that deep learning feels challenging and that your brain captures more during challenge than it does with routine tasks. Your brain knows when to wake up and pay attention. The knowledge sticks.
  • Practice getting comfortable with challenge and learning ways to settle yourself and get the help you need.
  • Identify subjects that fascinate you—where time flies by and your curiosity drives you toward more information. These are the subjects that you should pursue throughout high school.
  • Don’t overload. REALLY, don’t!
    • It’s myth that universities want to see heavy AP course loads. You undermine yourself if you overextend.
    • Universities want people who can balance life, take care of themselves, learn the “soft skills” required to work well with others, as well as complete courses toward graduation.
    • Plan time carefully so that you can do well in the courses you select.
    • One or two AP classes in high school demonstrates your ability to work independently with challenging material.
    • Take courses outside of AP.
    • Demonstrate curiosity and perseverance with a line of inquiry.

10th Grade

  • Seek out new topics that spark your interest.
  • Continue to dig deeper into subjects that fascinate you.
  • Concentrate on setting goals and getting better. Perfection is not the goal; seek growth.

11th Grade

  • Use Naviance to identify career and college goals.
  • Research courses necessary to those goals & courses that will help you confirm your desire to pursue those goals.
  • Understand entrance requirements of first-choice colleges.

12th Grade

  • Ensure that you are meeting requirements of the college or career you plan to pursue next year.
  • Colleges pay attention to second semester grades, and do on occasion rescind admissions.
  • Continue to seek depth in one or two subject areas to demonstrate your perseverance and ability to master complex, upper-level content.
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