Bookmark and rely on our homepage for any current news or essential links.

Calendars & Schedules

  • Our weekly newsletter always includes a list of upcoming events. It arrives via email on Sunday evenings.
  • Links to schedules and any changes are on our homepage.
  • Attached is a printable bell schedule. It also is available online.
  • Schedules and calendars also are on our webpages.

Bus Routes & Transportation

Please be patient through the first two weeks of school. Things will settle down a fair amount.

If you need any information about buses, please visit and bookmark this district webpage. Buses are a district service under the direction of the Superintendent and the School Board.

You will find:

  • Routes and stops
  • Snow routes
  • FREE ORCA bus passes
  • Phone contact information

Contacting Teachers

Your best route to knowing how best to support your student in each class is to attend Curriculum Night, where each teacher will address this and other questions.

Otherwise, please use email to contact teachers. Teachers do not have classroom phones or phone-message boxes. Always include specifically what you need in your email. Often your question will be addressed in class for all students’ benefit.

You will find important information and assignments in your student’s OneNote application on their school laptop.  Although there is just on login, that laptop is intended for parent use as well as student use.

Finally, know that we do our best to work directly with your student to resolve challenges because we know that we have just 150 weeks to prepare your student to live independently at college or out in the world.

Curriculum Night Wednesday, Sept 20

    • Tour the new Athletics Center:
      • 5:30-6:15pm—Our students will guide casual tours through the new athletics wing
    • Counselor Meetings by Grade:
      • 6:15-6:45pm—Learn from our counseling staff about what’s ahead this year for your student. All slides are posted here
    • Visit Classrooms:
      • 6:50-8:30pm—Follow your student’s seven-period class schedule for short introductions and tips from each teacher
    • Meet our Community:
      • Meet school staff, your neighbors, community leaders and some of our student leaders

Clubs & Activities

  • On Wednesday, Sept 13, leaders will hold a Club Fair after school in the Gym. Students can see what’s available and talk to current officers and members about what to expect, etc.
  • We strongly recommend that students participate in at least one team or club. It increases their sense of belonging to this community, which science shows will increase their success in high school. Don’t overdo. Pick a strong interest and focus on that.
  • These are funded by ASB (and yearbook and yearbook-ad sales) so an ASB card is required to participate in any afterschool club or team. Purchase this on Touchbase.
  • Many clubs also hold fundraisers to support their activities.
  • Clubs change every year because they are driven by student interest. Some die out and new ones are proposed and reviewed by the Student Senate each year.
  • Club forms are due from officers this week. By the end of September, you can view the updated table of clubs, their officers and staff advisor, meeting times, and description at LINK. You are welcome to look at last year’s 65 clubs, which are still posted there.
  • Most clubs don’t hold meetings for new members until the end of September.
  • Families must register their student in Final Forms before meetings begin.

Getting Information

We communicate NEED to KNOW information via text and email ([email protected]).

You also will find it on our website homepage.

By now, you should have received several texts and emails from Newport. The last email was Sunday; the last text was Wednesday.

If you have not received both,

  • For texts,
    • check that the correct phone number is entered in Synergy.
    • If it is, please email [email protected] and include your student’s name.
  • For email,
    • check your SPAM and your PROMOTIONS folders or other filters;
    • check that your email is correct and up-to-date in Synergy;
    • then contact our Tech Center for assistance. You may have unsubscribed at some point and they can reverse it.

We send every Sunday a weekly Principal’s News email with a calendar of the week’s activity. You can reply to that message with questions.

Bellevue School District also has webpages.

Our PTSA maintains communications for families, including chat and Facebook groups. Learn more here.  PTSA offers many opportunities to “buddy-up” with high-school-veteran parents.


Use Synergy to Track Student Grades & Attendance

Bellevue School District uses an online application for parents to view grades, attendance, assignment completion, progress toward graduation and more. Find the link and instructions here.

Attendance, Absences, Illness

A parent should call or email our Attendance office if your student is not at school. You can always find detailed attendance instructions on our webpages.

You can track your student’s attendance and tardy arrivals on Synergy. You can set up alerts in Synergy to send automatic messages when your student is late or absent (or alerts on grades or assignments).

  • Call in absences to (425) 456-7406
  • Email a message from the parent email address to [email protected]

Some absences are excused (which means the teacher will provide makeup). Some reasons for absence are not excused and the student may not be able to make up any missed work. These are detailed in a list on our Attendance webpage.

Academic & Mental Health Counseling

We have both

  • academic counselors that assist students with registration, college applications, and challenges with school work, and
  • mental health counselors that assist students with creating and maintaining social-emotional well-being. Learn more on our district webpages.

Learn more and find contact information on Newport’s Counseling webpages, which include

  • college & career planning,
  • community service,
  • college application information,
  • mental wellness resources, and
  • more.

Staff alerts our mental health team when they are concerned about a student’s well-being.

Please contact any staff member if your student or any student seems to need help. Don’t hesitate; there is never any harm with having staff check in with a student. All mental health support is confidential.

Community Service

Learn all about required community service, how to earn it, and how to record it on our Community Service webpage.


The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.