College recruiters matter if your student has their sights set on a particular college. These knowledgeable counselors can help your student understand what the college is looking for in its new students, what can help a student gain admission, and what a student can expect once they get to that college.

Recruiters come to Newport to meeting with students (no parents). The schedule of visits is listed in your student’s Naviance account.

Fabian Rios, our College & Career Advisor, can help you and your student understand college visits (and everything else about college admissions and financing). Make an appointment with him for a family meeting. Your student can drop in any school day.

Remember: these college visits are informal interviews. Your student can dress casually but should show respect to the professional visiting them by appearing neat and professional. Right away, the recruiter will see that your student understands the seriousness of the selection process and is prepared.

If your family would like to visit with a recruiter while they are in town, visit the college’s admissions website for details on how they arrange family conversations.

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