This list of skills really help with schoolwork, many jobs, and general “adulting.”

Help your student to “score” themselves from 1 to 5 on each of these skills. Adults can do it to, which helps demonstrate to students that each of us has strength areas.

1 – doing this is extremely hard for me

2 – doing this is pretty hard for me most of the time

3 – I feel like I can do this pretty well sometimes, but not consistently

4 – I feel like I can do this most of the time

5 – I feel like I’ve got this down!

For more explanation and to help your student accurately score their current ability, use this PowerPoint file .

GROUP A: Skills 1 – 3 are about knowing what we need to do.
1 – Self-Understanding: evaluating ourselves and how we are doing.
2 – Organization: developing and using systems to keep track of materials and information.
3 – Time Management: identifying steps and reaching goals.
GROUP B: Skills 4 – 6 are about how we respond to things.
4- Emotional Control: managing feelings so that we can achieve goals and complete tasks.
5 – Behavior Control: stopping and thinking before doing something you shouldn’t
6 – Flexibility: adapting to changes.
GROUP C: Skills 7 – 10 are about getting tasks done from start to finish.
7 – Task Initiation: starting and finishing tasks without procrastination.
8 – Attention: staying focused on a task that is uninteresting
9 – Working Memory: using information held in memory to complete a task
10 – Persistence: sticking with difficult tasks from start to finish
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