Principal Conversation featuring special guest Fabian Rios, Newport’s College & Career Advisor

Newport College and Career Advisor Fabian Rios & Principal Dion Yahoudy share key strategies & resources for Career Planning.

In our latest broadcast of Principal Conversations, participants looked beyond the deadlines and applications to the discovery behind the best college planning. That process of exploration leads students to key motivations and resources that drive lifelong success and adaptability.

Notes from the presentation, a video of the conversation, and additional resources based on participant questions are available on our webpages, including:

  • Why looking beyond college to the true endgame—a rewarding and prosperous career—creates unbeatable internal motivations that power students through challenges.
  • How helping students recognize among the many threads of their lives how their strengths and interests point the way toward that career goal.
  • Why setting sights on a longer-range goal guides students through the many difficult choices and crossroads they will face as they choose a college, decide on courses and majors, select among research opportunities, internships and graduate degrees as they near graduation, etc.

You also will find on our College & Career webpage:

  • Detailed instructions for how to access our College & Career advisor and resources;
  • The College Knowledge workbook that includes grade-by-grade checklists starting with 9th grade;
  • Notes on using Naviance—perhaps our most important research and planning tool—to work along side your student and coach them through the self-discovery to choose the right path after Newport.
  • Videos and detailed guides for college applications, financial aid forms, etc.
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