Now that we are back in person, we will be holding meetings for our Student Senate again.  This provides students with an opportunity to participate as leaders in our community.

At Newport, while all elections include an element of name recognition, Newport student government is not a popularity contest. Students elected to these positions must enroll in our Leadership course with teacher Caryn Landau-Walter. They make a commitment to many hours of outside-of-class work as well.

Is your student interested in leadership?

Students have a formal leadership organization called the Associated Student Body or ASB. Each class elects officers to this organization (our oldest three grades in the spring and incoming 9th grade in September). The entire school elects an additional set of officers for the overall Executive ASB positions.

For students interested in leadership offices, we’ll have more information a little later in the year. Meanwhile, Ms. Landau-Walter can answer student inquiries.

These officers and the activities create the fun and connections that make high school so memorable for students. All students—not just the officers—learn leadership skills and civics lessons along the way.

In the first week of October, in our third-period classes, teachers and students are appointing members to our Student Senate.

Student Senate has a few primary responsibilities: –

  • Review and approve ASB minutes (fundraising and expenditures in ASB accounts)
  • Approve new club applications
  • Report back to home rooms and help facilitate communication
  • Bring concerns or topics of discussion to ASB

Student Senate should be composed of a representative of each 3rd period homeroom.  (We use 3rd period because it has an extra 10 minutes on Thursdays each week where the senator might provide information to students and/or get feedback).

We seek out senators who are stakeholders who represent clubs/activities and athletics as well as students in their third-period class, but that is not a requirement.

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