Watch this two-minute video to understand two types of skills students need now & later.

Advanced placement courses accomplish three important goals:

  • Help students prepare the independent learning skills they will need for the rigor, project learning, and collaborative learning in today’s college courses;
  • Demonstrate for college admissions that the student has the capacity and maturity to handle college-level learning and expectations;
  • For many colleges, students can take the AP course exam offered by the College Board and receive credit for a college course. This accumulation of the necessary credits for college graduation can save money and allow college students to carry a lighter load and have time for jobs, etc.

AP alone will not prepare students to succeed at college & career:

  • College freshmen can find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibilities of independent living and the independent learning necessary to live on United States college campuses.
  • Students need both learning and practice in the social-emotional skills that will support them as they transition to the competitive college learning environment.

This short video (2 minutes) can help you and your student understand why students must balance an AP course load in high school with other types of learning.


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