Senior year brings many opportunities for families to celebrate their seniors.

Use this calendar list to help you keep track of celebrations & required tasks you want to enjoy.

Check back frequently for additions and updates.

Class of 2023: Diplomas and yearbooks available in the office.

Class of 2024

NOTE: This is a living document. Updates issued monthly. Posted to

  • If you have trouble reaching any links, try logging in with your student’s id and password (which belongs to your student and to you).
  • This Senior Timeline combines
    • job research and planning,
    • school activities and celebrations,
    • college planning, prep, and financial aid, and
    • Applications.

Please look on our timeline webpage throughout the year. We will update as we receive specific dates from those responsible for planning and contracting for these items.


  • DEADLINE   Reservations and fees for AP Exams in May typically due in November.
  • DEADLINE  Early Decision and Early Action admissions applications due. Check your colleges’ websites for deadlines.
  • Apply for scholarships.
  • Double check application deadlines and requirements for every college to which you plan to apply. By now, their annual updates and changes will be posted.
  • Usually the first week in November:  Senior Class Meeting, which includes distribution of graduation materials and group photo of the senior class
  • Caps & Gowns: About a week after the Senior Class Meeting:  Josten’s first order deadline (only chance for free shipping) for graduation cap, gown, tassel, and stole
  • DEADLINE:  Due Nov  30. Use Thanksgiving Break as a time to write or select a Senior Quote for the yearbook. (Instructions distributed mid November.)

Generally in December

  • Admissions decisions can begin to arrive.
    • Most college admission webpages indicate when students can expect responses.
    • Carefully review acceptance deadlines and deposits for tuition AND housing.
  • Some students may be placed on waiting lists. If that occurs:
    • you will receive a letter;
    • Review that college’s policies and timelines;
    • If you want to remain on the wait list, you still need a guaranteed spot somewhere. Read admissions pages for that somewhere to understand policies for holding your admission, any deposits necessary, and when/if any refunds are available on deposits.
  • Order graduation gowns, etc. through Josten’sLearn more here.

Generally in January

Generally in February

  • DEADLINE   Senior Video  installments due:  Every class does this a little differently. Your student will receive instructions about now via Teams and email from their student class officers.

Generally in March

  • DEADLINE   Senior Video  installments due:  Every class does this a little differently. Your student will receive instructions about now via Teams and email from their student class officers.

Generally in April

  • DEADLINE   Senior Video  installments due:  Every class does this a little differently. Your student will receive instructions about now via Teams and email from their student class officers.
  • AP cape/Honor cord sales begin –The fee will appear on your Touchbase account. Learn about eligibility here.
  • Jostens Cap, Gown, and Graduation announcement distribution

Generally in May

  • AP Exams
  • DEADLINE   Senior Video  installments due: Every class does this a little differently. Your student will receive instructions about now via Teams and email from their student class officers.
  • AP Cape/Honor Cord Distribution continues
  • DEADLINE   Graduation Name Cards DUE– see BSD student email for link and instructions (how name should be read during the ceremony)
  • Prom Tickets go on sale


  • Yearbook Distribution
  • Laptop and Textbook Returns
  • DEADLINE   Final fees & fines due. 
  • Graduation ticket distribution; each graduate will receive ten (10) FREE tickets
  • Senior Finals –schedule TBD
  • Senior Prom – TBD
  • Senior Last Day of School – TBD (we must wait for BSD to contract for venue with University of Washington; the university won’t proceed until all college events are booked. We usually know by January):
    • Senior Awards
    • Senior Alphabet & Video
    • MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal – must attend before receiving graduation tickets
    • Rules for Decorating Caps
    • Senior Lunch
    • Farewell Assembly
  • Parking and Accessing Alaska Airlines Arena
  • Newport High School Graduation –The day after the last day of school at Alaska Airlines at University of Washington
  • Diploma Distribution – Time and Place TBD (we may have summer construction closures again one last summer in 2024)
  • GradKnight Celebration – Same day as graduation; Learn more here.

July 2024–Final Tasks for Class of 2024

  • Final transcript sent to ONE college, per your instructions.

Class of 2025: Don’t delay summer tasks

Naviance is a VITAL summer tool. While all students have received instruction in English class, IF your student doesn’t feel comfortable researching in Naviance:

  • Find details and instructions here.
  • Review the video instructions in Naviance.
  • Ask Fabian Rios for help before summer.
  • Parents:  Check that you have your access or ask our Counseling Secretary for help. Mai Tram Huynh.
  • Use the video instruction tools available in the Naviance application.
  • Try to relax. These are not life and death decisions. There always are options.

July & August 2024:

None of this is due in summer, but you do need to prepare:

  • This message is for students AND families. The best advice we can give you is to plan. You can’t do a good job of responding to the upcoming challenges if you have not thought about the circumstances you want to create.
  • All seniors MUST start this planning well before school starts in September.     
  • What you can’t work on because information or access is not ready, make a plan for when you will do it using information in the timeline below. Use those commitments to help you balance your time as the year progresses.
  • Discuss options; the economy and careers are changing and new cost-effective, innovative options are emerging.
  • Remember, we are here to help. Ask Lisa, Fabian, your counselor, or if you need help identifying who to ask, reply to these newsletters with your question. We’ll direct you to a resource.


  • Use Naviance to research careers and colleges: 

    • All students have had orientation to this tool.
    • All parents can find video instruction inside the Naviance application.
    • Ask Fabian Rios for help in June.
    • Use this College Research Worksheet to track information you collect.
    • The student login is meant to be shared with family. If you need help with your login, contact our Counseling Secretary Mai-Tram Huynh.
  • Review the Counseling Department Application Timeline

    • Watch the Counseling Department’s parent video lesson College Applications 101.
    • The lessons includes advice for
      • Alternatives to college
      • Alternatives to four-year colleges
      • Finding a good fit
      • Choosing regular decision, rolling decision, early decision, etc.
      • Composition of a strong list of target colleges
      • What tests to take and how to manage scores
      • High school credits earned in Middle School
      • Costs and how to reduce or cover them
      • Current Career salary and hiring statistics
      • Advice for each step in the process
      • Stress inducers and solutions
  • Encourage students to review the student College Applications lesson.

  • Review our Counseling Department’s list of links to College Planning Resources.

  • Visit the Admissions page of EVERY college to which your student intends to apply.

    • Each college has unique requirements.
    • NOT EVERY college uses the Common App.
    • Consider a visit to campus. Institutions track who shows interest in their programs with a personal visit.
    • Make notes of requirements for each application and make lists and plans for each. This form may help you track.
    • Consider advice in our Counselor lessons (student and parent) for finding a good fit.
  • In Naviance Review Tasks Required for Graduation:

    • Community Service Hours:
      • Find video instructions, service hour opportunities, etc. here:
      • Don’t leave to last minute. After student enters hours, the supervisor must verify the hours. Staff can change; submit hours immediately
      • 40 Required for Graduation and 140 required for the PTSA’s Knight Valor Award
    • High School & Beyond Plan
      • The state requires that students complete these planning steps before graduation.
      • It is NOT difficult, but it does take time to complete the work.
      • Finish it now, not in June.
      • Perhaps this Step-by-Step Guide  will help.
  • Consider Guaranteed Admission programs.

    • If your student plans to consider any of the following institutions, review these instructions to apply.
      • Central Washington University
      • Eastern Washington University
      • The Evergreen State College
      • Washington State University
      • Western Washington University
  • Complete the Bellevue School District FERPA release form.

    • By FERPA privacy law, students must give permission for Newport and the school district to release information to colleges for applications.
  • Complete the FAFSA and WAFSA:

    • The federal government is making changes to the FAFSA.
    • We will send information when we know the applications window has opened.
    • Otherwise, you can learn about what you will need on the FAFSA site.
  • Admissions Testing

    • Visit our Testing—Career & College Prep webpage for links, information, and schedules.
    • Visit the College Board and ACT websites for earliest information on SAT text dates. Register for tests there as well.
    • Each college’s Admissions pages will detail which tests they consider and which they require.
    • Some tests are given during the school day on Super Wednesday in October. We will send information in August.
    • AP Testing happens in May. Students receive registration information from their teacher in September. We also send that home.
    • For guidance on which tests and retaking to raise scores, have your student ask their Counselor during the Senior Blitz appointments in September and October (more below).
  • Letters of Recommendation

    • Visit our College Application webpage for details of obtaining Letters of Recommendation from Newport staff.
    • Decide which teachers make a good fit for your student. Select first, second, and third choices as popular teachers reach their maximum of requests quickly.
    • Review and begin to complete the Letter of Rec Packet (forms to request letters) included on our College Application webpage.
    • Students must complete a Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire to support their request for a letter. Included on our College Application webpage.
    • Our PTSA provides funding each year to extend the number of letters of recommendation that our staff can provide. Please support our PTSA with membership & donations.
  • Review the instructions for requesting a transcript.

  • Discuss how your family plans to pay for college:

  • Prepare for Senior Portraits

    • Remember that the School Portrait taken at Taking Care of Business Day is the only photo we can use in the senior class portrait pages of the yearbook. There is no charge for this photo unless you wish to purchase prints. More information on purchasing will be available in August.
    • Your family may purchase a Grad Ad space in the yearbook to include other photos and a message for the graduate. (Information in December. Deadline for these ads is in January 2024.)


  • Order your yearbook.
  • College and Career Center opens the first day of school for drop-ins and appointments via email.
  • Senior Parent Meeting with Counseling Department including advice, schedules, what to anticipate, etc.
  • In Naviance, begin tracking the dates of visits to Newport by college admissions counselors from universities
  • College Applications lesson during the school day presented by Counseling with additional instruction for post-graduation planning (including college applications, jobs, etc.)
  • In September and October, we hold Senior Blitz, when every student will meet briefly with their counselor to review progress toward graduation requirements and discuss post gradution plans and how to get there. These appointments are only for the student and counselor. Discuss the appointment with your student and follow up with the Counselor as needed.


  • Don’t sleep in. Be sure your college-bound student attends the Super Wednesday workshop with Newport English teachers to work on essays, to get ideas, and to receive feedback.
  • Counselors available for questions and guidance by drop-in and appointment (see Counselor’s email signature for instructions).

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.