All schools and district facilities are closed Monday, January 18, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. School will resume on Tuesday, January 19.

November Community Mental Health Forum

How to Support my Worried/Anxious Student Presentation (General Session):  Recording of General Session

How to Support my Worried/Anxious Student General Session PPT Slides:  PPT Deck from General Session

Small Group Registration (Follow-up from General Session) :  Link to Small Group Session Registration


如何帮助我焦虑的学生: Recording of Mandarin Session

社区论坛 – 焦虑: Community Forum Anxiety Presentation Mandarin

小组会议/讨论 如何帮助我焦虑的学生 需提前注册:  Link to Small Group Session Mandarin Speakers Registration


Cómo apoyar a mi estudiante ansioso/a:  Recording of Spanish Session

Cómo apoyar a mi estudiante ansioso/a: PPT slides

Sesión de consulta. Como apoyar a mi estudiante ansioso/a. Se requiere registro previo a la sesión:  Link to Small Group Session Spanish Speakers Registration




For additional supports: Parent & Student Resources