January 2021

How to Recognize and Support My Student Experiencing Depression: Recording:


November Community Mental Health Forum

How to Support my Worried/Anxious Student Presentation (General Session):  Recording of General Session

How to Support my Worried/Anxious Student General Session PPT Slides:  PPT Deck from General Session

Small Group Registration (Follow-up from General Session) :  Link to Small Group Session Registration


如何帮助我焦虑的学生: Recording of Mandarin Session

社区论坛 – 焦虑: Community Forum Anxiety Presentation Mandarin

小组会议/讨论 如何帮助我焦虑的学生 需提前注册:  Link to Small Group Session Mandarin Speakers Registration


Cómo apoyar a mi estudiante ansioso/a:  Recording of Spanish Session

Cómo apoyar a mi estudiante ansioso/a: PPT slides

Sesión de consulta. Como apoyar a mi estudiante ansioso/a. Se requiere registro previo a la sesión:  Link to Small Group Session Spanish Speakers Registration




For additional supports: Parent & Student Resources